“We Bare Bears” Premieres Today on Cartoon Network

We Bare Bears Kellie Freeze

We Bare BearsCartoon Network’s newest animated series premieres July 27 (and airs weekdays at 6:30pm ET/ 5:30pm CT), and my kids can Bear-ly contain their excitement. We Bare Bears, is about a trio of Bay-area bears: Ice Bear, Panda and Grizzly who — despite their obvious difference of breed — are brothers.

The series is a charming, pop-culture laden series that I really enjoyed. It’s cute for kids, but awesome for adults because while the bears are sweet and good, they’re also pretty self- and socially aware.

We Bre BearsIce Bear (voiced by Demetri Martin) is a bear of few words who refers to himself in the third person. Panda (voiced by Bobby Moynihan) is pop culture obsessed and technology savvy, and Grizzly (voiced by Eric Edelstein) is the energetic and optimistic eldest brother.

The trio is always together and travels in a “bear stack,” with Ice Bear carrying his brothers, Panda and Grizz in a furry tower. I foresee “bear stacking” becoming a cultural phenomenon, akin to planking.

The bears also have a few charming friends: Patton Oswalt voices Nom-Nom, a koala internet celebrity; Charlyne Yi lends her talents to Chloe, a child prodigy who is the bears’ human friend, and Jason Lee is Bigfoot, the bear’s mildly-irritating neighbor who is eager to fit in and find friends. It’s almost an embarrassment of riches with the caliber of voice talent that this show has gathered.

As I’ve mentioned, my boys have been eagerly anticipating the series’ premiere since I brought home a We Bare Bears– themed Jenga set a few weeks ago. I’ve been delighted to find many, many bear stacks on my floor, usually discovered around midnight in dark, normally toy-free rooms. My kids get an “A” for grasping the concept of Bearstacking, but an “F” for execution.

Check out a clip of the We Bare Bears fun!

We Bare Bears > Cartoon Network > weekdays at 6:30pm ET/ 5:30pm CT, beginning July 27


  1. WOW they’re showing that we bare bears commerical where they say bears like 6-7 times because they’re trying to annoy me with it because I wrote them a letter a few weeks back about how the show is just pure garbage and called the real CEO a luciferian fool because that’s what they are, obviously showing nothing but satanic bs on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.
    Stupid Luciferian psyop agenda is so predictable I see right through it. I’m going to punch you right in the god damn throat you nasty luciferian freemason jews.

    • Listen dude, look at my name. Your an ass if you’re going to write crap about this show and it’s producers. Any human being is complete trash if they are going to rant about this show to its CEOs, and clearly you suck. You little bitch.

  2. I’ve been watching cartoons all my life I’m 63 and I love this one great job guys keep me coming.

  3. I’m 31 and can’t get enough of this show. It may be for kids, but I haven’t watched a better cartoon since the 90’s.

  4. Cute new show. Characters are engaging and episodes had new ideas. Hope to see more of it.

  5. I was very disappointed with how the show started out. The characters offered nothing to like, the plots were poorly written and there’s no character growth or development. Apart from the animation being okay, this show is just boring for kids and mediocre for adults. Don’t bother.

    • You are totally wrong, I’m a 13 yr old and I love this show. My parents are sophisticated people and when they watched an episode with me, they said they loved it. If you’re a person with no kids, obviously you haven’t watched anymore than this clip, so I would back off because many people like this show. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. ALERT: Anyone who read Benjamin Fenty’s comment should ignore it because this show is awesome!

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