Vote for the TV Show You Want Back in 2015

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Vote for the TV show you want back because it was canceled too soon by clicking on the image below.
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  1. My vote is for Forever. It deserves a second chance. Too many unresolved questions when it ended. Please bring it back.

  2. C’est impensable que Forever qui a un nombre incalculable dans le monde entier soit annulé. C’est une histoire originale avec un casting extraordinaire. Il faut la saison 2 de Forever . We want Forever !!!!

  3. Forever was one of the absolute best shows to appear on television in a very long time. Characters were so very well played, premise was so unusual and captivating; story line begged for much more than one season. The interactions between the characters begged for more! I cannot believe they take a real quality, clean, show with a good backstory off after one season and keep all the trashy reality shows on and on and on. Maybe that’s what the preferred demographic ages (18-49) likes; but there are many more people in many other age groups that prefer a quality show like Forever. Hoping and praying another network picks it up; shows it at a reasonable time; not when most working people have to go to bed; and also advertises it to generate interest and more viewers. It appears ABC didn’t want it to make it to season two since it wasn’t advertised nor is a proper time slot. Someone…..please pick up this show!

  4. Forever is such a great show! My girls say it is like our American version of Sherlock. I love it because it is something we can watch together. We love the characters and want to see more of Henry and Jo’s story.

  5. Forever is the greatest tv show there is in the whole world.
    It`s interesting, it`s funny, it`s awesome.!
    I`ve watched it three times already and I still can`t get enough.

    We want season 2. !!!

    Please, please, please.

    • Es la mejor serie en años enamoran todos loa actores es familiar es auténtica emotiva y da amor y enseña.valores… va más allá de un entretenimiento Barcelona España.

  6. Bring it back ABC, anyone! This was such a quality program, with good story lines that were enhanced by the flashbacks to earlier times and experiences in Henry’s very long life. Then there is the broad spectrum of characters with the debonair and refined Henry, the recently widowed Detective Martinez, the humour and light of Lucas, the grounding that Abe brings to Henry’s life along and the menace of Adam, not to mention the chemistry/ (aka, underlying sexual tension) between Henry & Jo. This show has it all, except for a channel to see it on! Bring it BACK!

  7. Best Show is Forever. “It’s a long story” and is not enough for 1 season! Actors have amazing chemistry there and well played. Please bring back Forever!

    The TV Channel that will take it back on will be a winner.


  8. Love this show !! All the actors had chemistry together and it was fun !! Please…please…please bring it back ♡♡♡♡

  9. I would love to see Forever returned! Obviously, 91% at this point want it. It was a great show and loved the chemistry the actors had, and was quite a unique story. I hope ABC or some other channel will bring back this good story. Too much reality crap on!

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