Roma Downey’s “Answered Prayers” inspires with tales of real-life miracles

Roma Downey Answered Prayers Ryan Berenz

Roma Downey Answered Prayers

Actress and producer Roma Downey (The Bible, Son of God, A.D. The Bible Continues, Touched by an Angel) presents an exploration into modern-day miracles in TLC’s inspiring new series, Answered Prayers premiering Sunday, July 26, at 10pm ET/PT. “It’s like a breath of fresh air,” Downey says. “It’s just a show that celebrates hope, and God knows we always can use some more hope in our lives.”

The six-part series blends heartwrenching interviews, thrilling reenactments and dramatic real footage, and introduces viewers to ordinary people who have experienced circumstances so extreme that their survival can only be described as “miraculous.” When each was faced with inexplicable tragedy or insurmountable odds — from a young boy buried for hours under 11 feet of sand, to a pastor stabbed 37 times, to a family that survived their car plunging into an icy river — prayer and faith became paramount to their survival. “You see that their prayers were answered, and it could only have been something deeply supernatural that moved in their lives,” says Downey. “Otherwise, it’s just inexplicable.”

“On Touched by an Angel, we used to say that coincidence was God’s way of remaining anonymous,” Downey reveals. “I think we have explored, through Answered Prayers, the God in these moments. I think — if we learn anything from this show — it’s just a reminder that we are not alone. That there is a God and he loves us, and he hears us when we cry out to him.”

Downey is proud to present family programming that serves as a beacon of inspiring good news. “I think you can’t turn on the news and not have your heart broken on a nightly basis,” she laments. “This show presents a reminder that whilst there are awful things happening in the world to good people, there are amazing things happening in the world as well, and that we can’t lose hope.”

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  1. Is Answered Prayers not coming on anymore? It seems every time a good show comes on it gets taken off.

  2. This was absolutely the best show…God is real and he does answer prayers…i dont know today where I would be without him in my life and these shows show everybody just how real God is…the world really needs that right now….as Christians we all need to stand firm in our beliefs because God does everything perfect, everything happens to us for a reason and on the perfect time and it may not always be a great thing for us in that minute or be something that we understand, but if we believe as we should he will always carry us through…he has always done that for me.. I really hope more of these shows come out…they are very inspiring…

  3. I really enjoyed this show, answered prayers. It really touched my heart and soul. I want to see more of these shows, I believe we all need some great TV in our lives now. Thank You

    • Hi Kari-
      I checked with someone in our listings department and it looks like TLC has moved the show to Sunday afternoons.
      Next week and the following week (8/23 & 8/30) it’ll air at 1pm ET/PT.

  4. I saw your show advertised
    On TLC on Sundays. Now
    I look on TlC on Sunday and don’t see it, can you tell me when it’s on and on what channel…

    Thank you,
    Carol Allin

    • Hi Carol,
      I checked with someone in our listings department and it looks like TLC has moved the show to Sunday afternoons, without explaining why.
      Next week and the following week (8/23 & 8/30) the show should air at 1pm ET/PT.

  5. This is going to sound crazy but it is true.

    So about a year ago I am riding an Amtrak train from Memphis heading north. I get up to go to the food car and as I am walking in between cars the train starts to shake violently. Just at that moment I was walking between the railroad cars. As the train shook it threw me off the train. Just at that moment the train was going over a bridge crossing the hoolawassa river. So I got thrown off the train, and fell onto the bridge below. But I hit the bridge and fell clear into the water below, about a hundred foot drop. Last thing I remember was hitting the water.

    Turns out that when I hit the water my jacket which was zippered all the way up acted like a life rast and carried above water down the river. Even though I was unconscience.

    Next morning a man walking his dog along the river found me washed up,on the river bank and called for help.

    I am now a believer.

    • I do believe you, Larry! God is amazing and He is all-knowing! He knew you would believe when He took care of you. He will use you in others’ lives. Praise Him!

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