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Alana Stewart has two dashing ex-husbands, three gorgeous kids and a multifaceted, four-decade career. Now the former Mrs. George Hamilton (he of the legendary tan), who next became Mrs. Rod Stewart (the Brit-rock bad boy turned debonair crooner of standards) and is currently enjoying life as a confidently independent woman, has a family-centric show on E! Stewarts & Hamiltons features George, Alana and her kids — reformed bad boy Ashley Hamilton, practicing bad boy Sean Stewart and single mom Kimberly Stewart — plus Ashley’s half-brother George “GT” Hamilton Jr., giving a frequently comic look at what life is really like for this tabloid-staple bunch.

“As difficult as it is living this life in the spotlight and all three of them having famous, successful fathers, the one thing that was really important to me was to try to keep the family together — to try to instill that family’s the most important thing and to try to instill some real sense of values into them,” says the 70-year-old Texas-raised beauty. So set aside what you’ve read about Sean and Ashley’s battles with addiction and playboy behavior or Kimberly’s own lively love life. Here’s how the proudly protective mom describes her brood:

Of Ashley, 40, who is now filming a Howard Hughes biopic with Warren Beatty, Stewart says, “He’s the intense, serious, artistic one of the group — really into his music and his acting. I don’t know if I should say this, but he has a little bit of that kind of James Dean elusive quality to him.”

As for 34-year-old Sean, who has battled learning disabilities and ADD, Stewart laughs, “From the time he was really little, he’s been completely unfiltered. I remember if I was going to have a date come pick me up at the house, I would be completely tense, thinking, ‘Oh my God, what’s Sean going to say?’ But he’s got the biggest heart. He’s totally lovable and I think that really comes across in the show.

“Kimberly is certainly more like me than any of my children,” says Stewart of her only daughter, who conceived daughter Delilah with pal Benicio Del Toro. “She’s very straightforward. She’s very strong. And she’s a very loyal person. We love each other very much, but we definitely push each other’s buttons. It comes out sometimes in funny ways on the show and sometimes in more serious ways. It’s something that mothers and daughters will definitely relate to.”


“GT is not my blood child, but he calls me Aunty Alana,” Stewart continues of the teen who plans to be president. “We’ve been in each other’s lives since he was born, so he’s very special to me — and he’s so different from the rest of the family! He’s 15 going on 45; he’s way more mature than Sean. [Laughs] It’s really funny putting him in the mix with the rest of the kids.”

Stewarts & Hamiltons will also spotlight George’s evolving parenting style with his sons. “He was the one that really taught Ashley his values,” says Stewart. “He was present in that way, but physically, he wasn’t present all the time. He’s trying to change that and do it differently with GT. That’s one of the dynamics that plays out in the show — and also, the dynamic between Ashley and George now. They have a lot of fun and they’re great to watch all together.”

As for her own relationship with Hamilton, whom she likens to Professor Higgins to her Eliza Doolittle, Stewart says he’s been her soulmate since the day they met. “Which doesn’t necessarily mean we’re soulmates that will end up growing old together — not that we have that far to go,” she laughs. “We’re soulmates in the sense that there’s a very special bond between us that’s really unique. We probably talk on the phone three and four times a day. We’re just very much in each other’s lives — so, of course, the kids are always going, ‘Why don’t you and George get back together?’ Even our friends say that.”

And her other famous ex? “Rod is in the first episode, in the very beginning, and we’re hoping that he will continue to show up from time to time because his kids are very close to him. I think he probably will.”

Stewarts & Hamiltons airs Sundays at 9/8CT beginning July 26 on E!

Image/video: E!


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  1. The relationship with Alana and George is endearing and an example to many on how to remain considerate even after divorce. BUT I happened to stumble on an episode (and assume all are similar) in that the behaviour of all the children, with the sole exception of Ashley is utterly appalling!!!. It is such a shame that this kind of behaviour is celebrated on Tv . Very sad. The disrespect shown at the vacation home of Bing Crosby … wow its a terrible example of how people like this seem entitled and dont consider other people. sad sad ….

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