WWE Total Divas Season 4 Episode 3 recap: Eat Your Heart Out

Scott Fishman

Emotions ran high on “Total Divas” this week as the ladies participate in WrestleMania and the festivities surrounding WWE’s biggest show of the year.

Eva continues to feel the heat from many within the locker room for her Instagram post. Brie especially took offense to it, thinking it was the red-haired beauty calling them all sheep. Her twin sister Nikki felt an obligation holding the diva’s championship to try to work things out with Eva.


Their talk only makes things worse with the two butting heads. Nikki says Eva is trying to present herself as the victim. She doesn’t look as a wrestler and feels she is in WWE for fame and not to wrestle. Eva lets it be known she is going to work hard and come for the title because Nikki isn’t getting it done as champion.

Their talk really affects Nikki to the point her confidence level takes a hit. Luckily, she has her sister Brie to give her a pep talk and build her back up again. Brie reminds the champ the positive impact Nikki has on fans.


Natalya was preparing her WWE Hall of Fame induction speech for Alundra Blayze. A producer tells her she has to take a particular story about veteran Arn Anderson out. Natalya then goes back-and-forth with whether to make the adjustment or not.


Ultimately, the third generation diva keeps it in and the audience, including Arn enjoys it. It was cool to have Alundra on the show. She helped pave the way for women’s wrestling today.


WrestleMania brings the tears of joy from the divas. Each of them reflects on the dues they had to pay to get to the grand stage. Their passion for their profession is evident, especially in the eyes of Paige. The 22-year-old participated in her first WrestleMania match. Alundra lent a little bit of advice before she went out to team with AJ Lee to face the Bella Twins.


Basking in the WrestleMania glow, Brie and Daniel Bryan find out the results of their fertility tests. The news is good, and they can have kids. Brie decides she wants to stay with WWE and on the road with her husband while trying to get pregnant.

Eva signs with The Rock and Ronda Rousey’s agent Brad Slater to open up a number of doors for herself moving forward in her career. She can see this adding more fuel to the fire when it comes to her relationship with her fellow divas.

The claws are out in the WWE diva jungle. Who is the lion and who are the sheep? I guess we will find out the answer to this question as the season rolls on.

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