Skin Wars Season 2 episode 6: It’s Steampunk Time!

Cheryl Ann annoys the crap out of others on Skin Wars season 2 episode 6 Channel Guide Contributor

Cheryl Ann annoys the crap out of others on Skin Wars season 2 episode 6Skin Wars season 2 episode 6 is all about the accessories – jewelry to start and steampunk to finish. It’s an episode all about merging – merging jewelry into a paint and merging futuristic and steampunk.

The mini-challenge asks the painters to create a painting that offers a clear connection with a piece of jewelry. This design must also have a Victorian feel to it. Dawn Marie is totally into it. Avi is clueless again, so you know he’ll pull it out.

Or not, because his beautiful headpiece jewelry ends up on his model’s shoulder. Huh?

Cheryl Ann, Lana and Aryn are the top 3 painters of the mini-challenge. This time Lana’s the one on top – yay Lana!

Lana's mini-challenge winning paint Skin Wars season 2 episode 6

For winning the mini-challenge, she gets to take 30 minutes of painting time away from one of her competitors in the mainstage challenge. Oooohhhh… who do you think she’s going to pick? *COUGH* Cheryl Ann *Cough.*

When the painters are told that their mainstage challenge is to modernize steampunk, Dawn Marie is once again really excited. She’s done steampunk conventions for years. So back at the painters house she graciously schools the other painters on what steampunk is. I’m not feeling good for Dawn Marie.

The painters receive a visit from the judges, including this week’s guest judge Carson Kressley who apparently loves the steampunk. We get traditional steampunk from Dawn Marie. Another story painting from Cheryl Ann. This time with gears! Steampunk green fairy. Steampunk cyborg.

At some point in the middle of the paint, Lana lets Rebecca Romijn know who gets docked 30 minutes of working time. For the first time I’m enjoying Cheryl Ann. She’s totally embraced her villain edit. Going to take time away from me? Fine, I’m going to walk around & bug every other contestant and be able to study what they’re doing. Well done. Super annoying, but well done.

Cheryl Ann annoys the crap out of others on Skin Wars season 2 episode 6

“Hey, Aryn. What kind of airbrush do you like?” “Really, I like the other kind.” “This isn’t annoying, is it?”

The mainstage gives us a parade of steampunk. Some of them work; others don’t. Cheryl Ann is very impressed that she did the same painting she does every week in only 4.5 hours. She also doesn’t understand WHY Lana took time away from her. She should’ve taken the time away from Avi. Yeah, the guy that always finishes before time is called anyway. That make sense, Cheryl Ann.

Cheryl Ann is sent to safety first, much to everyone’s chagrin. She’s given the warning that she needs to push herself to do something different. We’ll see what she does next week.  The three strongest painters are Aryn, Avi and Lana, which leaves Kyle, Dawn Marie and Rio in the bottom. The winner this week is Avi. Of course! He always wins when he thinks he’s got no idea of what he’s doing. He also wins the air compressor he wanted.

Avi's winning paint Skin Wars season 2 episode 6

Kyle is sent to safety first (yay!). Dawn Marie is going home. Rio is told to work on his execution if he wants to stay. It really wasn’t so much his execution, it was his concept. Dawn Marie is upset, naturally, but she takes it well overall.

Dawn Marie's losing paint on Skin Wars season 2 episode 6

What did you think of the steampunk creations? Too much steam, not enough punk? Too much what the hell is that? Looks like we’ve got a team blacklight challenge next week. It could be a trainwreck! Of course, Avi says he’s worried because he’s never done anything like this…. pfft.


  1. Hey Ruthie Ru!

    I’ve been watchin even if I haven’t been chattin!

    Last week I was just through though, so amazing, so I was hopin this episode would step up the game, and I’m callin it early, Avi is bout to take the whole game with no problem! He may not “Know what he’s doing” half the time, but when he gets even a small clue about it…it comes out AMAZING! Kyle is great when he wants to be, sill amazing, but that horror challenge is what he likes! I don’t know what Dawn Marie was thinkin this episode, although her concept was ingenious, the use of nude tones and not even On the spot nude tones where the models flowers blended in…bad choice, and I’m shocked she didn’t see that b4 they got to the main stage, if I was her I would have quickly painted on some black and made a shirt. I feel bad for her though, she was sweet.

    Cheryl Ann is a total villain, but like you said she embraced it, and I’m glad the judges told her, ,the paintings are gorgeous but what else can you do?

    I want more from my Rio but I’m glad he was saved, he’s creative as heck so I want to see what else he can do, he’s one of those guys that needs to learn edit and execute ya know?

    • I would be surprised if Avi didn’t win, at least be in the final. I’m really unsure if they’re going to let Cheryl Ann get all the way. I would hope not because she’s really one-note and her edit has been so bitchy I can’t imagine that they’re not setting her up for a fall. Maybe 3rd?

      I’m also wondering if Dawn Marie got caught by the colors she chose looked 1 way in the workroom & another way on stage? I could see that happening. That said, she really didn’t take steampunk into the future, which was the point.

      Rio needs to also pay more attention to the assignment instead of getting TOO funky. He did the whole “I’m going to take this challenge & morph it into a concept I’m more comfortable with” and that doesn’t always work.

      And, come on Rio. Those boobs? Seriously?

      • OMG, those boob eyes…I mean WHY Ruthie WHY?!?!?! they weren’t even done exceptionally well for his standards,he truly dodged a bullet this time, but my boy better step up the game. I hope Cheryl Ann isn’t top 3, I’d rather see non villains win this!

  2. Cheryl Ann should have been told to hang out in the back room for her 30 minutes. Allowing her to walk around and irritate the other painters was obnoxious and shouldn’t have been allowed.

    I’m over Cheryl Ann. She has become the Shangela of Skin Wars (being kept around for the annoyance factor.) At this point I’m so irritated I’m losing interest in the show.

    Can you tell that I’m cranky? Ugh.

    Where is everyone?

    • I don’t know if Skin Wars is keeping the kids’ interest as the season goes on. Or it could be that everyone’s on a summer vacation. I know my commute to work has been blissful this week.

      At this point I need to see Cheryl Ann get some kind of comeuppance. She may be a fine person but we just don’t see it. Her edit is so bitchy.

      I like Shangela now – at least with the drag queens if you follow them after the show you can get to see their personality outside of the Drag Race grinder.

      That said, I think Cheryl Ann is a cross between Shannel (I should’ve won that challenge) and and Roxxxy.

      • OMG, Shannel was always saying I should have won that challenge. It was hysterical and probably a little irritating even though I did agree with her in some of the challenges.

        I had a strong dislike for Shangela on drag race but she has improved as a drag queen. I thought her aids awareness commercial was one of the better ones and I like her as her boy self. He was on Michael Urie’s Cocktails and Classics and forgive me for saying this but he’s not that bright. He is endearing in how naive he is. He didn’t know who Rachel Dratch was. He thought Rachel Dratch was a thing or something similar. It was pretty funny watching him.

        Don’t you lovevacations and faster commutes? Being in NY there is a large Jewish population and during the Jewish holidays the buses and trains are always empty and there’s less traffic. Every year during the major/religious holidays you always hear people in the office saying “Is it a Jewish holiday? The trains were empty.” It happens every year. You think we’d catch on sooner.

        • Ha! that’s funny – every city has its own ebb & flow as to when things will be busy. It’s festival season in Milwaukee so even if the morning commute is good, the evening heading into downtown will usually be crappy as everyone heads to the lakefront.

          Oh, Shangela. He did graduate from Southern Methodist, so he’s got a brain. Maybe it was a case of too many cocktails & not enough classics. How is Cocktails & Classics? Entertaining or meh?

    • Was anyone ever onboard with Cheryl Ann? I’m so sick of her stating she’s a classical trained painter. All I’ve seen is poorly executed illustrations for children’s books. She’s kept around solely for the bitch factor; so we keep wondering when someone will slap the paintbrush out of her hand. I feel sorry for Lana since so’s definitely a target for Cheryl Ann now.

      • I would pay to see someone slap the paintbrush out of Cheryl Ann’s hand. She went after Lana right from the start by taking away her food station and she has the audacity to get mad that Lana took 30 minutes away from her.

      • Yeah, Ru keeps saying “she can really paint” but she paints the same thing over & over again. Gradient background with floaty people and then some kind of curly-q swirl. Done.

    • I agree with what you said about Cheryl Ann. I think she should have gone home. She did not follow the guidelines of the challenge. She is a great painter but everyone else did a steam punk painting but her. She does what she wants and does her cutesy story and gets away with it. I’m sick of her and about done with watching this show if that’s the way you allow her to act. Also, she should not have been allowed to walk around the room and distract the other painters- it was rude.

      • Grown-ups are allowed to act any way they wish. Doesn’t seem to be in her best interests going forward after the show, but that’s her choice.

        That said, she’s got major balls for walking around the workroom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before. I appreciate that she wasn’t going to let being given a disadvantage be a disadvantage. But then she had to get all snotty about it in the painter’s lounge – gah! If she’s gonna own it, she should own it all the way.

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