Dating Naked: Playing For Keeps — Dare To Date Bare … Again.

Dating Naked Kellie Freeze

Last season, VH1 took dating to a whole new level with the series, Dating Naked where brave singles bared their bodies in the search for love. Host Amy Paffrath shared that for some of the show’s participants, being physically vulnerable allowed some participants to share the deep, dark crannies of their personalities, in addition to flashing their naughty bits. And to be honest, the TV experiment worked: the series boasts one wedding (so far) and several serious relationships — which is a better success ratio than any TV dating show I can think of.

Dating Naked

This season, TV’s favorite nude dating show is back with a twist —Dating Naked ​has added the phrase “Playing For Keeps,” and the change that the new title brings is a big one. Just like last season, singles are whisked to a romantic, tropical paradise filled with fun activities and loads of booze, but this season, the show will focus on two primary daters, Kerri and Chris, and their search for love. (Last season, we met two new primary daters each week.) Each week, 2 new men and 2 new women will strip down in hopes of making a connection with our primary daters and experience exhilarating and romantic (and naked) dates.




At the end of each episode, Kerri and Chris will each pick the one person they connected with the most to be their ‘keeper,’ and ask them to remain on the island. As sexy new singles arrive every week, the competition for coveted ‘keeper’ spots heats up, and initial connections and attractions are put to the test as deeper feelings begin to develop.

Dating Naked
I bet he can’t tell the color of her eyes, but he’d sure like to see her again.

What do you think of the new twist? Do you want to watch 10 episodes with the same couple? Who were your favorite daters from Season 1? Are you brave enough to strip down in search for love?

Dating Naked: Playing For Keeps > VH1 > Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT beginning July 22.


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  2. I am wondering why you keep throwing icky , awful guys to Kerri and sending beautiful girls to Chris….
    SEEMS VERY UNFAIR! REALLY????? ewwww! Bet you are a group of men making these choices….and, if not and you ARE women, then SHAME ON YOU! Throw a few dogs Chris’s way!

  3. Awesome show, a lot of the guys are hott. Chris is really cute. Hope it goes on and on I love this show. Let’s get Naked! Violet

  4. Excellent. I love this show. Its not about getting someone’s clothes off. You can actually relax and get to know each other. I like this and if I were 30 years younger id give them a run. Its a fun show and I look forward to ea new date to see who they pick.. Great idea!

  5. Bunch of immoral pathetic losers who want to exhibitionists instead of trying to find a tries soul mate ans life partner.


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