Scream episode 4 recap: Missing files

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Scream-EP4-MaskNow that MTV Scream’s death toll has reached an alarming number of four young teens, everyone is on high alert. The cops think their problems are all over once they find Tyler’s car, crashed in a ditch. They aren’t one hundred percent positive if the body found inside the car is indeed Tyler because the body has been decapitated. The police think the incident occurred during the crash but we all know that was Ghostface’s doing. One officer finds a clue that could connect all the murders together with Tyler — the Brandon James mask. The mask was found near the car, which would appear to have belonged to Tyler. Don’t think all your problems are over just yet, citizens of Lakewood.

At a town meeting, Sheriff Hudson lets the public know that Tyler attacked Riley outside the station and fled the scene. Riley died as a result of her injuries before the paramedics arrived. The security footage shows that Riley’s attacker was wearing the same mask as the one worn by the person who murdered Nina, and which was later found in the wreckage of Tyler’s car. They are running forensic tests to make sure the body they found in the wreckage is Tyler’s, but are certain they’ve found their guy. Audrey and Emma still want answers because the pieces aren’t adding up to have Tyler be the killer. Even though they both want this to all be over with, they don’t believe  Sheriff Hudson.

Scream-EP4-NailsWhile shopping for nail polish online, Brooke gets an unpleasant notification on her phone. It’s not something as simple as being tagged in an ugly photo — at this point she’s probably wishing it was. She finds out that people are voting between her and Emma for who is going to be next on the chopping block. So far, she’s winning the race, but this isn’t a game she wants to be winning at. Yikes!

When Emma comes home there is a mysterious package waiting for her. It’s an old yearbook that includes her mother and father. Some photos are cut out, indicating they were victims of Brandon James. The photo that catches Emma’s attention is her father’s. It’s crossed out and a secret message is written inside — “The truth lies where the mask was made.” So does that mean Emma’s father is the one who created the Ghostface mask?

Emma shows Audrey and Noah the yearbook and gets some new information. Noah tells her that the mask Brandon wore was rumored to have been a surgical mask made by a hospital that closed down a few years ago. The mask was made specifically for him in order to keep his disfigured face together. Yuck; glad he had that mask on. Emma lets Audrey know that she’s going to the old hospital to investigate, but Audrey isn’t letting her go alone.

Great news: Will got into Duke. Bad news: His dad won’t cosign for student loans, so he’s going to have to fork out those huge tuition fees every semester. Jake is happy for his best bud, and even more excited that there’s an opportunity for Will to continue what Nina and Tyler started — whatever that is. All we know so far is that Nina has a video of some guy who she had been blackmailing. Jake lets Will know that he has an extra copy of that video so if Will is interested in some fast cash, they can try to blackmail this guy into paying up. I wonder what’s on that video.


Emma and Audrey head into the boarded-up hospital, equipped with only a small stun gun and a crowbar. They find a trail of blood on the floor that looks like someone had been dragged in. The trail leads to a door with a blood-painted Ghostface on it. The open the door, determined to find answers but only find a pig. The pig is gutted and is also missing its heart and head. Now we know where Maggie’s pig heart came from. They turn the lights on and find x-rays of Brandon James surrounding them in what appears to be an old operating room. Emma finds a book detailing the custom-made masks for Brandon after each of his surgeries. Awesome, now there’s more than one.

Scream-EP4-HeadThe girls hear someone coming and quickly hide. Unfortunately, Noah almost gets tased in his man parts which would’ve made things even worse for him. Noah inspects the place and lets the girls know that everything has been staged to appear as the killer’s lair. He even compares the lair to A’s in PLL.

They find the missing yearbook photos hanging and also find out that the killer has Emma as the new star. They find Nina’s laptop which includes files for almost everyone in Lakewood. Instead of taking the laptop, Emma has Audrey use her SD card to download everything onto it. As they’re leaving — and before someone comes in — Emma finds another one of Brandon’s masks. She goes to grab it but as she takes it, a decapitated head falls to the ground. That was one of the creepiest things I have seen so far!

Somehow they’re able to identify that the head is Tyler’s and make a quick run for it. They run into Sheriff Hudson who stops their little thriller party. He lets them know that the cops received an anonymous tip from someone who said they saw them breaking in. Apparently the cops did a clean sweep of the hospital weeks prior but came out empty handed. I think the Sheriff should really be thanking these kids for finding all this incriminating evidence against whoever the real killer is.

Looks like Brooke’s father might be the one Nina was blackmailing with the video. Either way, someone is sending Brooke’s father some unpleasant messages. They let him know it’s not over and demand another one hundred grand by tomorrow night. Let’s hope this doesn’t involve Brooke and her safety.

Scream-EP4-VideoAudrey and Noah immediately check on the contents they downloaded from Nina’s laptop after leaving the Sheriff’s. Noah finds out that they ejected the card too soon and were only able to download one file. Noah works his magic of hacking into her password protection and boom!

It’s an intimate video of Will and Emma, which immediately makes Audrey uncomfortable. She tells Noah to turn it off but instead, he somehow uploads it. Turns out that Noah couldn’t stop the video from uploading and it sent to a list of people that Nina had set up already. I think that list just about included everyone in Lakewood so, good luck with that one Emma.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Scream? Do you have any new suspects now that Nina’s laptop has been found? It’s crazy because it seems like she had dirt on everyone in town! Who do you think Jake and Will are trying to blackmail? Do you think they are the ones demanding money from Brooke’s dad? Who do you think will be the next victim? By the looks of that poll, it’s going to be Brooke. Do you find anything suspicious about the Sheriff? Something about him doesn’t sit right with me, so I’m keeping my eye out on him. What do you think will happen now that Emma’s private video was leaked? What else could Nina have on her laptop? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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