Devious Maids Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: Who framed Blanca?

With Blanca’s death on the last episode of Devious Maids, the news reporters are now accusing her of being a murderer. All the news reports are calling Blanca a killer maid. They let the citizens of Beverly Hills know that they can now rest easy knowing Louie Becker’s murderer has been found after taking her own life. They can’t be serious, right? Rosie, Marisol, Carmen and Zoila can’t seem to believe the stories being told about Blanca and that’s because it’s all lies! The person who murdered Blanca even made sure to plant the Louie shrine there to make her look like some creepy obsessed person. What’s up with all these weirdos having sick obsessions in the shows I’ve been covering lately?


While the girls are out having their usual coffee and gossip session, Rosie brings up a valid point — the report claims that Blanca and Louie were lovers but she never once mentioned having a boyfriend. She didn’t even know this guy! That’s when they start to think of the possibility that Blanca was framed. Rosie still thinks that something bad happened to her at the Stappord’s house since Katy found her necklace left behind. Marisol tries to tell Rosie that if something did happen at their house then Michael and Taylor should know about it and Rosie should give them the necklace to take to the cops. Rosie doesn’t want to because they could be involved in Blanca’s death — at least,  it appears Taylor is. After listening to what their hearts are telling them, all the girls agree that Blanca had nothing to do with this murder.

Genevieve has some not so good news for Zoila — her new doctor beau, Christopher is back in town. Not only is he back from Greece, but Genevieve invited him to continue living with them in her home. Zoila isn’t a fan of Genevieve’s decision, because she wanted a nice quiet place for her and her baby and doesn’t think it’ll stay that way once the doc moves in.

While discussing Carmen’s new album with Jacklyn, who is also Sebastien’s wife, Sebastien can’t stop calling Carmen. She eventually answers the phone, and Jacklyn catches the end of the call. She tells Carmen that in order to get her to full stardom potential, she must go through a process to fully understand her. That’s why she needs to have dinner with Carmen and her boyfriend — the one she heard her speaking to on the phone. Of course, she’ll be bringing her husband Sebastien along so the two can go on a double date. That won’t be awkward for Carmen and Sebastien at all!


Marisol meets with another potential customer who seems to have the wrong idea. This time the client isn’t interested in one of Marisol’s maids but rather is interested in Marisol herself. He keeps pushing the boundaries despite Marisol telling him to stop, but things explode once Jesse notices. Once the client firmly grabs onto Marisol’s derriere Jesse swoops in and attacks the man and throws him out of the house. Jesse even threatens to kill the man if he ever returns. Yikes! I told you something was off.

Michael shows Taylor Blanca’s necklace and mentions that since the clasp is broken, Rosie thinks there was foul play involved. Immediately Taylor questions if he’s going to take the necklace to the police. She advices him not to because she doesn’t want them asking any more questions and is worried that they’ll find out how they really got Katy. Oh sure, I bet she’s really a concerned mother at this point — not! Michael tells Taylor that he’s always going to protect Katy, but if there’s something she knows about Blanca, she needs to tell him. He questions Taylor one last time, asking if she had any involvement with Blanca’s disappearance and she tells him that she’s just as shocked as he is about everything that’s happened. It’s obvious Michael doesn’t believe her since he’s had his suspicions before Blanca was found.

Uh oh! Ernesto gets an unwelcome visit from his old friend Hector. Turns out Hector has been watching Ernesto live his fairytale life in the US and knows it’s all an act. He asks Ernesto if Rosie still believes his story of being a prisoner of the cartel which means Ernesto has been lying — big time. Hector delivers a message from El Jefe letting Ernesto know that he wants him back because he was one of El Jefe’s best guys before he left. Ernesto tells Hector that he’s never going back to work for the cartel, which is something you never want to tell a cartel member. Hector tells Ernesto that he should reconsider his decision since Rosie would be such an easy target. You can’t always run away from your problems, especially when they involve the Mexican cartel! To think that I actually felt bad for you this entire time, Ernesto? How dare you!


At dinner, Marisol talks to Jesse about his altercation with the man he threatened to kill. She lets him know that if their relationship is going to work, she needs to know that he can take the high road. Right after Marisol talks about keeping things cool, a girl interrupts the couple and tries hitting on Jesse. When Marisol tries to confront her, the girl dismisses her “mistaking” her for Jesse’s boss and grandmother. Ouch, that one burns! After giving Jesse her number and inviting him out to the clubs later, the girl proceeds to grab his derriere. Marisol doesn’t seem like she can listen to her own advice, as she grabs the girl off of her man and shoves her into a table. Let’s face it, everyone can get possessive over their significant other — especially when someone is touching them like that!

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP8-DougCarmen is able to convince her admirer from the coffee shop, Doug, to go on the dinner date with her. While he impresses both Carmen and Jacklyn, Sebastien makes a complete fool of himself. When the waitress comes over to the table, Sebastien starts to flirt with her while the two start to speak in French. Jacklyn doesn’t know it but she lets Carmen in on a little secret — Sebastien has been flirting with everyone. Jacklyn leaves the restaurant in disgust, which is exactly what I would’ve done. Guess you’re not as smooth as you thought you were, Sebastien.

Since Ernesto knows the cartel is hot on his trail and Rosie is in danger, he decides to snoop on her while at work. Taylor notices someone outside her window and has Michael go outside with his golf club to investigate. One hit with the club and he finds out that it’s Ernesto. They all go inside and Ernesto apologizes for snooping but he was just trying to protect his wife. He said he was just making sure that Rosie didn’t end up murdered like their previous maid, which sends Taylor into a panic.

Rosie gets angry at Ernesto for what he did and tells him that she isn’t in any danger. When she leaves to get her purse, Katy walks in and sees Ernesto. I had a total WTH moment because Ernesto seems to know Katy, but he calls her Violeta instead. She tells him her name is Katy and proceeds to run away. How awkward was that? When Rosie returns Ernesto tells her that he thinks the Stappords are great people and that she should stay working for them. He thinks that Katy could really use her help. Rosie wonders why he changed his mind so quickly, but she’s not going to bother questioning him about it anymore. So now Katy is really named Violeta and was involved with the Mexican cartel before? This little girl seems to have been through a lot for her age!

When Marisol and Jesse return from dinner she tells him about how unlucky she’s been with men in the past. She’s just waiting for something to pop up with Jesse because that’s what happened with all her other relationships. She goes to jump in the shower and invites Jesse to join her. Instead of things getting steamy right away, things get scary. Jesse starts to remove his shirt while Marisol is already in the shower. We see him remove a gun he had tucked into the back of his pants. He takes it out and hides it in his backpack before Marisol gets the chance to see. Either this guy has some serious trust issues or he’s hiding a deep dark secret.

Since Christopher moved in he’s noticed that Genevieve and Zoila’s relationship is one unlike any other. He gets upset with Genevieve for discussing their personal information with Zoila and tells her that the relationship she has with Zoila is way too close. Zoila overhears their conversation and thinks Christopher might be right.

The next morning Zoila tells Genevieve that it might be best if she moved back into her old home. This way they aren’t into each other’s business too much and Genevieve and Christopher can have the house to themselves. I think it’s ridiculous that Zoila is going to move out, especially when she’s about to have a baby. Remi and Valentina are going to get married. Zoila and Genevieve are going to be family. This is a split that’s both hard for Genevieve and Zoila and myself. I think Christopher is the one who needs to leave!

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP8-CarmenAfter Carmen kicked Sebastien to the curb for his actions, she tries to convince Jacklyn to do the same. Carmen questions why Jacklyn would stay with him if she knew he’s cheated. Jacklyn admits she doesn’t have a reason other than she’s a sucker for accents. Carmen tells Jacklyn that women like themselves don’t deserve men like him and Jacklyn couldn’t agree more. I started to see Jacklyn eye Carmen up while they were talking but I didn’t think she’d actually go in for a kiss! Carmen thought she was just helping encourage Jacklyn but instead of just getting a friendly hug she got a kiss too. How do you explain that one?

As Rosie is making something for Taylor to eat, Taylor starts to cry. Is it just me or is this woman always crying? She tells Rosie that Michael left her and that she’s all alone now. Rosie lets her know that she’s not alone and she’ll help her get through it. I’m not so sure if Michael left her or if she just killed him off. Watch your back and stay smart, Rosie.

Ernesto meets with Hector to let him know he wants him to set up a meeting with El Jefe. Ernesto hopes that he’ll be able to negotiate a deal with him for his freedom from the cartel. Turns out El Jefe has been looking for Katy and Ernesto is willing to offer her up for his freedom. Let’s hope she doesn’t die in order for you to get your freedom, Ernesto. That’s not right!

What were your thoughts on this episode of Devious Maids? Can you believe that the press is trying to make it seem like Blanca was the one who murdered Louie? I know the girls don’t believe in the rumors but do you think they’ll be able to clear her name? Do you think Michael will help keep Taylor safe or rat her out once he gets more information? He seemed very interested in Rosie’s version of what happened to Blanca but that involves his home and family. What’s the deal with Ernesto? He wasn’t actually a poor prisoner but one of the best members of the cartel? How do you think he knows Katy or Violeta? Now he’s willing to sacrifice Katy’s safety for his, is this right? What would you do? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Devious Maids airs Mondays at 9/8CT on Lifetime.

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney


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