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Mike Holmes, the expert licensed contractor who created and hosted reality series including Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection, wants a deserving family to win their dream home. But first, they have to put in a little sweat equity. “The American dream is to own your own home,” says Holmes. “But it wouldn’t be right just to hand a free house to someone, now would it?”

On his new FOX reality competition series Home Free, Holmes challenges nine couples to revive houses for others in hopes of winning their own dream abode. Mike explains, “The rules are, you’ve got to help me renovate eight houses, from top to bottom. We’re going to turn a disaster into a dream. Every house is going to be for a deserving family, so not only do they have the possibility of being home free, but they’re helping people in need.”

Each week, Holmes will present the couples with tasks designed to test and challenge their DIY skills. And to ensure that their fixes pass his strict standards, Holmes shares his expertise and guidance with the contestants as they make their repairs. “The only way to do this is to make them work for it and make them appreciate everything they’ve done. If you make it to the end, you deserve it.”

And since competition fuels the spirit (and TV ratings!), the couples with the best work will move forward in the competition, while the couple who doesn’t perform up to code faces elimination. Of course, Mike Holmes isn’t the type of man to crush people’s dreams, so even the show’s “losers” end up winners. Check out the below clip to learn the show’s big twist.

For those still in the competition (and the only one’s not in on the secret), once the tough and sweaty work is done for the day, the couples don’t have far to travel to rest their heads … because not only are they restoring a home together, they’re also all living together. “They have about four trailers in a circle. They have outdoor showers and bathrooms. It’s almost like they’re camping right beside the house,” says Holmes. But being so close to the project site means their work — and their dream — is literally looming outside their doors. “Imagine, they’re getting up at 4:30 in the morning. They’re starting early. They’re sweating all day long until nighttime and then they get to bed late,” says Holmes. “They are going to live, breathe and eat — 24 hours a day — on the construction site.”

Home Free is a fun premise for a show and it’s satisfying to know that everyone’s hard work will ultimately be rewarded. And can we talk about the moment when the adorable couple learned that they were the owners of that beautiful home? Priceless. We will definitely need tissues nearby for the last few minutes of each episode. And a notebook, so I can write down home repair tips from Holmes.

Home Free > FOX > Wednesdays at 9pm ET/ 8pm CT, beginning July 22


  1. Dear Mike Holmes:

    Love the show: Home Free. Best show ever, wished it had stayed on all the time. 8 weeks wasn’t enough for me, the last show I set and cried tears of joy!!!! for all these families. Just hated to see it end so quick. I really got hooked on it!!!

  2. I want to thank you Mike my husband and I watched every show and we both agreed that this is was the best show we had ever seen on any TV network!!

    I guess you won’t be of the do it again because it won’t be a surprise I am disabled but my husband and I would love to do something like that but we also love watching that you do also !

  3. I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Mike Holmes and Fox for Home a Free. Home Free without a doubt is the BEST TV show in years. PLEASE REPEAT! Thank you!

  4. Mike, it was great to see you back on TV. The wife and I really enjoyed your new show “Home Free”. We watched every episode. The fact that you gave each one of those couples a new home and made their dreams come true was amazing. We hope there will be a second season.

  5. Hey Mike. We love your new show as well as your other show. My husband and I would to be on the show. We live in Woodbury, Tenn. We have been trying for several years to buy or build us a house. We would get so close and be put down again. Thank you for the show.

  6. Hello Mike Homles I was trying to see what I have to do to be on the show? My family really needs our house redone so can you please help me out.

  7. I would love to know how my husband and I can get on the show . It seem really like the show , we have a niece that we need to give a bedroom and would love to see her grow in a nice home we can leave the home to her .

  8. I would love to know how my husband and I can get on the show . It seem really nice and a lot of work , I would love my husband to be good at something , and no we don’t have a home . Sad , could afford one .

  9. I love watching the show. I would like to know how you get the houses that people are fixing up each week.

  10. I am greatly offended by you having that muslin couple on your show. Did Mike not have any control of who would be on his show? No, it is the brainchild of fox operating exclusively under an entertainment license and not as a news station. Surely, Mike realizes there will be retribution to Mike from the muslin community if this couple looses. Beheading, burned to death in a cage, stoning, ? Oh wait, Mike just gave away another house to losers. Can we assume that he checked out that area to insure that a Mosque was nearby, so this Muslim couple can listen to the local, unregulated Imam on how to properly raise their 2 daughters to be suicide bombers. Can we see the background investigation of this couple including their clan in america and who knows where ? Why weren’t they interviewed as to their thoughts about the 3000 + lives that they killed. were they dancing in the streets, Death to America ? It’s to bad this a one season show. Season 2 will all know that whatever they do, they win !

    • I was going to rip you a new one for what you said. But, the more I thought about it you are right.

      • Your so messed up in the head your mom and dad must really be proud of you. You was probably born queer so they put you up for an adoption!!

    • I am only an American mutt, with dirty German blood, Irish blood, who knows what married to a man, also a mutt 1/4 American Indian with a dash of this and that…no Muslim. ..not a drop…bet you are true and true perfect person. I am sorry your world is so small & your mind…& your heart

    • What happened to you that your head is so messed up with hate? The people in your life have seriously destroyed your ability to think straight. Here’s hoping you get the help you need someday.

  11. Hi Mike, I’ve seen ur shows and how u approach and tackle work and the way of doing it…the right way. I respect you as a person and admire you as a fellow contractor and carpenter. I would love to be a part of ur crew to help make dreams come true. Im currently sub-contracting for lowes out of littleton nh, usa sheds, and have my own clients through word of mouth. I get slow sometimes in cold month’s so if u need a hand on projects in winter give me a call (603)-991-7911..thats my cell thanks for ur time

  12. Hey mike I need your help my double wise is going to leaves. I’ve tried so hard to do things to it but I don’t have any ideal what I’m doing I have very little money I really would appreciate your help thank you very much

  13. Mike, I’ve enjoyed all of your shows, and I am glad that you are back with youf new show.I do miss whatching you, and your family, and friends on the previous shows.I always wanted to meet you, and your family.I live in the buffalo, ny area, and would like to take you, and your family out for some refreshments. Your parents would be so proud of you for all that you do.My wish before I leave this earth is to meet you and your family.Best wishes to you and your family.

  14. Hi mike
    Reason I’m e mailing you regarding my in laws My father in law is sick with cancer I don’t know how much longer he ll live, he bought the house since 1956 I notice it need a lot work they re in 75 and 85 yrs old, living on their retirement. I wish I have a lot of money to help them out. I would like the house look nice and roomy and space they
    deserved it. My in laws is my husband s step dad and mom. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Sincerely ,
    Lisa Gage

  15. My wife and I have watched all your shows and some of them 2 & 3 times and have been educated on the right way to do repair work. Also like seeing the tools you use which we did not know about sometimes.

  16. We just bought a tiny house , did a little renovations but still have lots to do with no money. We could use help, inside & outside house.

  17. I am so happy and excited to see Mike Holmes back on TV I enjoyed everyone of his programs and I did not miss a single program. Fox and Mike you have made my day…. I will be sitting in front of my tv July 22 @ 8 pm!!!!!!!’m

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