Skin Wars season 2 episode 5 recap: You cannot do boom

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Ru's laugh Skin Wars season 2 episode 5Skin Wars season 2 episode 5 spans the emotions – starting with laughter and winding around to horror. The mini-challenge is to create a paint that makes RuPaul laugh. Cheryl Ann is a classically trained painter, not a stand-up comedian! Kyle’s also not sure about being funny, but thinks maybe going dirty will make Ru laugh. We’ll see about that.

Lana’s paint is all about RuPaul, destroyer of dreams. He pops the balloons of artists dreams. You cannot do boom to Lana! You cannot!

You cannot make Lana go boom Skin Wars season 2 episode 5

Rio goes all-in and creates the story of Cheryl Ann being thrown under the bus from last week’s drag challenge. Dawn Marie also paints Cheryl Ann on a horse riding away from the competition. Kyle’s ‘dirty’ under-the-sea creation is weird. Don’t ask Kyle to do things that require words or explanation. His brain doesn’t work that way.

Rio's mini win paint Skin Wars-season 2 episode 5

The top 3 painters are Lana, Rio and Aryn with Rio taking the prize. Jigsaw tells the artists that they will be divided into 2 teams. The teams must create cohesive paintings from horror & gore. Cheryl Ann is the only painter without horror & gore experience.

As mini-challenge winner, Rio gets to pick his team and he goes with Aryn, Avi and Kyle. That means Lana, Dawn Marie, Sammie and Cheryl Ann are the other team. Eesch.

Back at the house, the teams spend some time fleshing out what their strategy & theme will be for this week’s challenge. In each team someone feels like they’re being left out – Kyle & Dawn Marie. They take opposite strategies to deal with this perceived problem. Kyle speaks up, while Dawn Marie hangs back. No surprise, Kyle’s strategy is more effective.

Rio’s team goes with Kyle’s “crazy” idea of “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.” In the other team, the artists are having a hard time coming up with a theme. Ideas are brought forward and pretty immediately shot down.

The next day, we learn that Tobin Bell from the Saw movies is the special guest judge. We also learn that Kyle & Avi know each other before filming.

The group with Cheryl Ann, named Nightmare on Hill Street, is fighting any attempt to have her lead the group. She’s annoying, but is also occasionally bringing up good points – like the models should know what they’re doing on the mainstage. The other painters in her group brush her off & continue painting.

On the other hand, Rio’s actively leading his group Team Gore Lords, and they work well together. Unfortunately, he doesn’t spend enough time on his own paint so the entire team has to come together to help finish his work.

Mainstage time! We’ve got a couple of broken dolls/clowns from Nightmare on Hill Street & I’m having a hard time not comparing them to the Face/Off dolls from Darla and Sasha. Look below & see if you have the same problem.

Darla's Face Off porcelain doll


Sasha's Face Off porcelain doll

Way awesome

Dawn Marie's doll Skin Wars season 2 episode 5

Pretty good.

Sammie's losing clown paint Skin Wars season 2 episode 5

Cool face, meh body.

Right? I mean, I know the Face/Off folks have 3 days & sculpt stuff and the Skin Wars people have 5 hours & just makeup but the Face/Off dolls are SO MUCH CREEPIER.

The story Nightmare on Hill Street comes up with makes no sense. There’s a girl & a pole dancing brother & a vampwolf or a werepire or whatever it is is attacking them. Note to future contestants – when you have to read a manifesto to make any sense out of a story, it’s too complicated.

Rio’s team, Gore Lords, doesn’t use any narration, but instead has the models act out what happened. It’s easy to understand what’s happening & it’s way creepy.

RuPaul, destroyer of dreams, asks Nightmare on Hill Street who should win & who should lose of their team. He loves this crap. The show focuses on the losing, of course. Most of the women through Lana under the bus. The Gore Lords threw themselves under the bus instead of throwing each other. “No, MINE had less detail!” “I’m honored you would say that I should win, but I really think I had less detail…”

Robin thinks Skin Wars is changing Kyle’s painting for the better. No, Robin, it was just that it’s a horror challenge & he’s really into it.

Team Gore Lords is the winning team. No surprise there. Rio & Aryn are safe and Avi & Kyle are the top 2 painters with Kyle winning his first main challenge! Yay!

Kyle's winning paint Skin Wars season 2 episode 5

From Nightmare on Hill Street, Dawn Marie & Cheryl Ann are safe, leaving Sammie and Lana up for elimination. In the end, Sammie is the one going home. Also not surprising since we’ve seen a lot more from Lana than we have Sammie.

How much longer do you think they’re going to keep Cheryl Ann around for good TV? I mean she can paint, but she’s not that good. What kind of challenge further Drag Race-crossover guest Carson Kressley will bring? We’ll find out next week on Skin Wars!


  1. This response is for the robot challenge. The judges in this show suck! Once again they allowed Cheryl Ann to stay on the show. She did not complete the challenge for the robot and she keeps doing this over and over. Do you keep her for the drama? I do not watch this show for the drama but for the amazing artists. In fact I HATE the drama and it makes me not want to watch this show any more. You guys really made a big mistake letting Reo go instead of her. Maybe my opinion doesn’t really matter.

  2. Welcome back!

    I would love to see Michelle as well. I guess we have to wait and see. I get the feeling that Ru has more say in regards to the show then they let on.

    Don’t you get the feeling that he has a lot of power? He has come so far and been so successful. I loved the Drag U episode where they dragged up his sisters. I had tears in my eyes.

    I’m with you on the body painting as a job. Each episode I watch amazed at how Avi can blend a woman into a food display or similar and I wonder how many jobs are out there for body paint. I just want an admin job. 😉

    • I have a feeling that he’s taken a little more control of the show since the first season. Maybe it’s because the body painting judges really aren’t showing much personality, at least to me. I think Craig Tracy is the only person I haven’t heard use a Ru-ism so far.

  3. Both Rio and Lana had the best first challenges. I enjoyed the digs at Cheryl Ann. I did think that her team could’ve made a story that made sense and I didn’t like Lana’s zombie stripper , I like her .

  4. I loved Rio’s mini challenge paint. He definitely had the best story.

    Having said that, he went overboard with acting as the team leader and it showed with his model.

    I was happy for Kyle that he won. I didn’t care for Lana’s paint and I really didn’t like Sammie’s so I can see why they were the bottom two.

    So far we’ve had Ru’s girls and now we’ll have Carson; I won’t be surprised if Michelle Visage shows up.

    • As you can probably guess, I would LOVE it if Michelle would show up. I don’t think Rebecca wants to share Ru, though.

      While Rio should’ve used some better time management, he did do a good job leading his team, which should serve him well in a real job. I have no idea how many body painter jobs are out there, but that’s part of the fun for me. Things that make me go – Wow, you can make a living doing that? That’s awesome!

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