Gabi talks about her experience and exit on WWE Tough Enough

Scott Fishman

Gabi Castrovinci was given the boot during this week’s “Tough Enough” on USA Network.

Despite the elimination, the Brazilian beauty is not giving up on her dream.

“I’m not going to give up until they give me a spot on NXT and WWE,” she said.

“That’s the future. I’m going to be a diva and that’s it. There is no other option…I want to do this forever.”


The strong personality was seen as a regular antagonist on the reality show competition. She was often at the center of verbal arguments with fellow female cast members including Amanda, who like Castrovinci, is a World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) pro.

“We film so much, and I really hope to show the public another side of Gabi,” she said.

“I’m not only a drama queen. I do have an opinion and personality, but I’m not all bad. I am a heel. So I will probably keep that going because I want to kick some butt.”


The consummate athlete enjoyed the physicality of the challenge and in-ring competitions. She feels her diverse sports background ease the transition into the world of sports entertainment.

“Physically it came in handy to be in great shape,” she said.

“It helped me a lot. Booker T. always said the key to success in this business is preparation. I think I came here ready. I never stopped working out. My workout schedule is seven times a week, nonstop.

“…When we got in the ring with Booker T. and Billy Gunn, they are teaching us. I thought, ‘That is why I’m here.’ I’m here to learn. I want to be a WWE diva. I don’t know if everyone knows this, but every Monday we had one-on-one with Billy and an NXT superstar. We would go to the Performance Center and train for two or three hours every Monday. That was the best part of the week.”

Throughout the journey on “Tough Enough,” her husband was there every step of the way.

“He is the world,” she said.

“He means a lot to me. Everything I do, he is with me. That works vice-versa too. He is a great supporter. We are a team.”


Her name was called in the bottom three with Sara Lee and Tanner. After the announcement was made host Renee Young interviewed her. Social media became abuzz when Castrovinci said she was happy to be going home. She later clarified this was in reference to being tired of the drama, not the competition.

“Some people cry, but I just speak my mind and said what I said on the spur of the moment,” she said.

“I slept overnight and thought about it. Obviously, I’m not a quitter. If I stayed on the show, I would have never quit. I was just upset and that was my reaction. You will be seeing me around. That is pretty much it.”

The 28-year-old recalls falling in love with WWE when she moved to the United States 11 years ago.

“It just grew on me,” she said.

“I lived for WWE. Triple H and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin were awesome, but I loved The Rock. I can’t lie. We just saw a movie with The Rock, and that man knows how to do everything. He was a pilot, knew how to swim and all kinds of stuff.”

Castrovinci got the opportunity with the other cast members to attend “Monday Night Raw.” It just happened to be the same night of the much-talked about segment involving the NXT divas mixing it up with those on the main roster.

“It was breaking news,” she said.

“I was really surprised and happy for them. They definitely deserve to be a WWE diva. That is the next step. I can’t wait to go through NXT and become a WWE diva. They are such an inspiration….Paige’s history is very similar to mine, even though I don’t have that wrestling background. She is a humble person and speaks her mind. We are very similar in every single way. I saw her last night when we were having dinner after the show. We got to talk a lot. She said, ‘You know what. You are going to be a diva. I know that.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I know that. And I’m going to wrestle against you.’”

Castrovinci, who also has her own business, is looking forward to continuing her training and working with WWE again. Now that she is out of the competition, she says she doesn’t care who wins the two $250,000 contracts. However, Castrovinci is standing behind one person.

“I want my boy Patrick to win,” she said.

“He is awesome. He is so athletic. He is passionate about it. He is a huge fan. He knows more than Google, I would say. He knows everything. That’s my pick. I’m going to be voting for him if he ever gets voted into the bottom three. He gets my vote.”


Photos Courtesy: WWE

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