WWE Total Divas Season 4 Episode 2 recap: She Said She Said

Scott Fishman

WrestleMania week is upon the cast of “Total Divas” with each diva dealing with their own issues heading into the biggest event of of the year.

Trinity standing up for Eva Marie has created a rift between her and the other ladies. At the top of the list is Alicia Fox, who was not happy to find out Trinity told Eva what the divas were saying about her. Trinity trying to be Switzerland with all the drama going on is clearly not working. You could see the hostility building on the subject of Eva.


This became especially evident during a night out (Emma sighting!) with a little bit of alcohol in their system. Whether you like the red-haired beauty or don’t, everyone has an opinion. Coach Brian Kendrick’s advice is to phase out the haters and to focus on her training. There needs to be more Brian Kendrick on WWE TV.


Paige gets some fashion advice from Alicia for the red carpet WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony. She tries on dresses and even receives a spray tan.


However, a fan reveals Paige was an inspiration as she was overcoming an eating disorder. The meeting got the diva rethinking why she was trying to change her look, even for a night. Paige prides herself on embracing individuality.


Brie Bella has gone from “Brie Mode” to “Baby Mode” when she thinks she might be pregnant. When she gets her period, she tears up with disappointment. Brie and her husband Daniel go to get their fertility checked. During the episode Stephanie McMahon asks Daniel to induct Connor “The Crusher” Michalek into the WWE Hall of Fame. Before losing his battle with pediatric brain cancer, Connor bonded with Daniel. Witnessing their interaction reinforced Brie’s idea that Daniel would be a terrific father.


Natalya is excited to find out her father Jim Neidhart was invited by WWE to participate in WrestleMania festivities for the first time in more than a decade. Despite the good news, “The Anvil” is still battling his demons at a treatment center. Natalya begins to worry about how her father will do with the temptation of alcohol and unique atmosphere of WrestleMania events. It’s brave of Natalya to be open and public with what she goes through as her dad’s struggles.


The episode concludes with Eva entering a charity event, which also has many of her detractors in attendance. The fireworks next week apparently aren’t only coming from Levi’s Stadium and what went down at WrestleMania 31.


Photos Courtesy: WWE