TV Land’s “Impastor”: Clean Slates, Fresh (And Funny) Starts.

In TV Land’s dark comedy Impastor, Buddy Dobbs (Michael Rosenbaum) is a man on the run from violent loan sharks when a chance encounter leads to an opportunity to start over. An unfortunate (and so hilarious it feels wrong) death leads to Buddy stealing the identity of a gay clergyman and now the big-city con is reinventing himself in a charming hamlet surrounded by a delightful cast of characters.

Sara Rue plays Dora, the pastor’s assistant who is thrilled that her beloved but conservative church family has welcomed a gay pastor to lead their congregation. “I think that’s so wonderful that someone as devout and dedicated is also as open-minded and progressive,” the actress says of her character. She also reveals that her upbeat character ignores the disparity between the sweet pastor with whom she’s corresponded and the grizzled, unorthodox man of the cloth who arrives at the parsonage. “Dora chooses to only see the good, and to make lemonade out of lemons all the time,” she says.

Rue credits the series’ fresh mix of pathos and mirth to the vision and talent of show creator Christopher Vane. “He’s so good,” she gushes. “To be able to make stuff that normally is like, ‘Ewww,’ but to be able to have this element of this gritty, seedy underworld that is part of Impastor, but also to keep the comedy and the levity. To deal with the heavy subject matter in a light, fun way is really a testament to his talent.”

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