The Whispers Season 1 Episode 7 recap: Whatever It Takes

Scott Fishman

It was decision time on “The Whispers” this week.

Do you or do you not destroy the ominous rock that is linked to mysterious force known as Drill?

Drill communicates with children, believes it can only be in one place at a time, travels electrically and can be identified by a heat signature when present. Sean thinks the rock should be destroyed. Wes feels it can be used as a bargaining chip and should stay in their possession, but surrounded by magnetic towers, thus making it an energy dead zone. Upon seeing the rock firsthand, the president sides with Wes.

(ABC/Ed Araquel)

Sean may have his memories and military uniform back, but he is still looked at as a resource. The government officials give him the ultimatum of helping them or going to prison. Sean returns home for one day to his wife Claire and son Henry. However, just before the warm and fuzzy feelings start creeping up he tells Claire he has to go back to the black site.

This episode we are introduced to Cassandra, a new player in Drill’s game. She happens to be the president’s daughter. Cassandra leaves her doll in the car, which ends up being a calculated move. Meanwhile the First Lady is missing her phone. Later in the show, Cassandra goes into the closet of her room.

(ABC/Ed Araquel)

Minx and her mother Lena continue to communicate with Drill. Lena doesn’t tell her husband Wes of the developments. She tries to bargain with Drill to stay away from her daughter, but the “imaginary friend” is busy elsewhere to listen.

Sean goes to the site where he is questioned and studied by Dr. Tully. He tells her about his visions. These include going into his house, a playground and school where children look to have been, but aren’t physically present. Claire isn’t happy Wes didn’t tell her Sean was being further used in the investigation.

She leaves giving us those I’m going to do something crazy and highly illegal eyes. Claire puts on a protective vest and has items in her car before entering the site where Sean is being held. Claire’s FBI partner Jessup Rollins is tracking her moves and reporting back to his boss. Claire and Sean reunite, and with Dr. Tully, put their plan to destroy the rock in play. Wes eventually puts two and two together with the doll and cell being utilized by Drill as a tracker. Drill appears to be traveling through phone lines. He decides that the rock isn’t a ship or bomb, but like a communication device sending a single to call home (E.T. phone home!).

Men in uniform try to stop Claire, Sean and Dr. Tully, who is shot for her troubles. Sean says he forgave Claire (We assume for cheating on him with Wes.) and tells her to evacuate with Wes, who had arrived on the scene. Sean is alone in the room and eventually destroys the rock. There is a giant explosion, but he lives. They think it is mission accomplished. Wes insists Claire and Sean flee before the authorities arrive.

Cut to Lena awaking in her room to find Minx creepily staring at her. She says Drill is there, and he wants something from her. He wants to maybe make a deal. Rollins is given orders to pick up Henry.

So we are strung along further, left wondering what Drill will do next now that the rock is no more. I’m sure he isn’t happy. I know when I was a kid I lost my pet rock, and it was Armageddon. That’s childhood for you.

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  1. Contrary to what is posted in the recap, we do know who the child Jessup is supposed to pick up. Jessup is in his car outside of Claire’s house and us instructed by his boss to pick up Benningan ‘ son (Henry).

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