New CNBC Series Highlights Blue Collar Millionaires

Blue Collar Millionaires Kellie Freeze
If you've got cash, Nick and Omar have College Hunks Hauling Junk!
Blue Collar Millionaires
If you’ve got cash, Nick and Omar have College Hunks Hauling Junk!

An inspiring new docuseries proudly proclaims that the American Dream is alive and well as CNBC introduces viewers to regular folks who have made millions by getting their hands dirty. These Blue Collar Millionaires founded empires in everything from taxidermy, concrete pouring, and pest control to worms, waste management, and hazmat services. Learn how they found success through a mixture of hard work, determination and a little luck.

These successful businesspeople still drive pick-up trucks and roll up their sleeves, but now they end their day at palatial mansions and surrounded by some pretty sweet toys. They are the epitome of the adage — work hard, play hard!

Blue Collar Millionaires
When you make your living like Brittany Pozzi, there’s always time to horse around!

In the series’ premiere episode, “Trash to Cash,” meet a concrete pourer who has gone from sleeping in a shack to kicking back in a mountaintop mansion; a young woman who turned her childhood love of horses into a seven-figure steed empire; and two best friends who threw away their cushy corporate gigs so they could throw away junk. (8/15 at 10pm ET/PT)

Next, in a second new episode, “Just Killin’ It,” meet a Texas man who makes a killing cleaning up stuff that can kill you; an exterminator who squashes bugs … all the way to the bank; and a couple who have reaped a fortune glitzing up the grimy tattoo industry. (8/15 at 10:30pm ET/PT)

Don’t get jealous, get inspired … then get rich!

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