Showtime’s Masters of Sex recap: Season 3 premiere

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Masters of Sex Season 3

In the Season 3 premiere of Showtime’s Masters of Sex, “Parliament of Owls” (July 12), there’s a time jump to the mid 1960s. At the forefront of the Sexual Revolution, Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson are about to publish their study, Human Sexual Response, finally removing the shroud from the work that’s consumed them for the past decade. As they face the press for the first time, they flash back to a summer vacation the year prior in which Virginia is faced with parenting struggles, Bill is finishing work on their book and Libby Masters is pulling herself out from beneath a deep depression.

Need a little Season 2 refresher before getting it up for Season 3? Here you go:

Season 3 premiere preview:

Best Bedroom Talk: “You should stop talking so I can fuck you properly before we try to sleep.”  — Bill

Worst Bedroom Talk: “Sergio who does my alterations, sometimes he brushes up against my rear and it can feel a little bit exciting.” — sex therapy study subject Linda

Henry Had Himself Quite a Day: Virginia’s son Henry, age 17, quit his job driving an ice cream truck. But he’s been getting real busy at the lake house! He’s getting it on at the house with slightly chubby (single?) mom Tina, getting hit by a car, and trying to convince his parents to sign his military enlistment papers just in time for the Vietnam War.

Better Living Through Chemistry: Libby’s been depressed and is taking meds. She’s having trouble processing the daily news, like violence in the civil rights movement. Just wait until she gets a load of Vietnam …

Ewwww: Virginia’s daughter Tessa broke into the liquor cabinet, got loaded, got nekkid and tried to get it on with Bill. Making matters worse (HOW COULD IT BE WORSE?), Bill’s son John got an eyeful of the event. Which leads to …

The Lesson: Kids are a huge pain in the ass. Too bad that Ginny is PREGGERS!

Let’s Just Relax And See Where This Goes:

Masters of Sex

You can watch Season 3, Episode 1 (an edited version) for free here:



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