TNA wrestler Tigre Uno challenges Donald Trump

The backlash to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant — and particularly anti-Mexico — comments over the past month continues, as last night on Twitter, Luchador and TNA X-Division champ Tigre Uno, who resides in Tijuana, Mexico, made it clear where he stands.

Translation: I’ve been silent long enough! @fightbobby tell your good friend @realDonaldTrump that I am proud of my country. My people. My culture.


Translation: I’ll fix this myself. @realDonaldTrump if you are man enough to face me I am @IMPACTWRESTLING #TigreVsTrump

According to a Destination America release, the “usually mild-mannered” Tigre Uno plans to address his fans, the people of Mexico and Donald Trump directly on an episode of Impact Wrestling to air on the network July 22 at 9pm ET.

UPDATE 7/20/15: A new Destination America release says that Tigre Uno will be making his July 22 comments in an interview from his hometown of Tijuana.


  1. Tigre, you and yours stay in that great country you are so proud of. You are not needed in America!

  2. What Trump is saying is so true. It is a statistical fact that 95 percent of all illegal aliens in this country commit crimes. Why do you think Mexico got rid of those scum?

    We ought to round up all the illegals and feed them to the sharks.

  3. War on drugs; War on Rapes; War on Crime? Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina know Mexico is following in Castro’s footsteps. Remember the Mariel boatlift?
    During Jimmy Carter’s term as president, he went on TV and said: “We open our arms and our hearts to the Cuban people.” And they came. Millions upon millions of them. In rickety homemade boats, on jetskis, even in ingeniously crafted floating cars. Cuban refugees just poured into Miami and Key West, and completely swamped the immigration authorities in those areas. And Fidel Castro, that crafty old demon, emptied out all of his prisons, insane asylums and orphanages. And his soldiers forced all of those degenerates onto boats at gunpoint and shipped them to Miami. At that time Miami was the jewel of the East Coast, a prime tourist destination. Almost overnight Miami became a huge crime-ridden, drug-infested ghetto. Even the cops couldn’t take it. They pulled up roots, grabbed their families and fled north to find cleaner cities to work in. And they were replaced by Cuban immigrants. But this new breed of cops had grown up in Fidel’s communist regime, and corruption was a way of life to them. They dealt drugs, and even robbed and killed their own people. There was even a saying back then: “Will the last American leaving Miami please bring the U.S. flag?” “When the US government offered 100,000 Cubans exile, Castro emptied his prisons and mental hospitals rather than allowing families to leave. The move, which led to murderers and rapists emigrating to America, inspired the movie Scarface (Al Pacino starred).” Miami Herald. Note: When I retired in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, I left South Florida that same day, for good!

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