WWE Total Divas premiere sets the tone for explosive fourth season

(Photo courtesy of E! Entertainment)

The battle lines have been drawn, and the claws were out for the season premiere of  “Total Divas.”

Eva Marie’s red hair matches the heat she is generating from the other lionesses in the locker room. The source of their hostility stems from the fact the company has gotten her a private wrestling coach in Los Angeles. Usually, WWE has their newer superstars hone their skills at its Performance Center in Orlando. The anti-Eva club feels she is getting special treatment and don’t share the same passion they have for the business.

(Photo courtesy of E! Entertainment)
(Photo courtesy of E! Entertainment)

Eva begins working with Brian Kendrick and honing her skills. The bruises and intense regimen have her briefly in doubt, but she gets motivated by her husband Jonathan to keep going because it’s what she wants.

Nikki and Brie Bella contemplate their future after telling talent relations’ Mark Carrano they plan on leaving WWE behind. Nikki’s dinner with momma Bella gets her rethinking the career move. The Divas’ champion ultimately decides she wants to stay for three more years to help build up the division. Brie isn’t on board because Mrs. Daniel Bryan is ready for motherhood.

Elsewhere, Natalya is looking to change her persona on television to what she describes as a cat lady meets dominatrix. With that, I picture Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in “Batman Returns.” The diva takes Trinity (Naomi) and her husband Jon (Jimmy Uso) with her to a sex shop to further research her potential character. It’s as hilarious as it sounds.

Always one to take things further, Natalya then has an actual dominatrix visit her house. Adina, who is hearing impaired, begins telling Natalya and her husband TJ (Tyson Kidd) what it takes to be authentic in the role. They decide their “safe word” would be “cat.” The lady in leather tells TJ to get to the floor and act like a cat. Before the level of weirdness escalates even more, he storms off and leaves. Natalya eventually finds a happy medium for her new look, one where it’s sexy and different, but she doesn’t lose sight of her identity.

The fireworks really go off when ring announcer Lilian Garcia goes to Brie. Eva had told her the other girls were ganging up on her. If you’re keeping score, Trinity tries to be Switzerland with the whole situation. Eva eventually confronts the Alicia Fox, Paige and the Bellas, which leads to a verbal sparring match. The detractors feel Eva wasn’t upfront about working with a private coach rather than going to NXT. They also feel they have all paid their dues and believe Eva has not. At the same time, Eva doesn’t think she should be the subject to so much anger when it was the company’s decision.

Eva made a name for herself on “Total Divas” where the audience has watched her evolution in WWE. A reality show is certainly an unorthodox way to begin your pro wrestling career. However, she has thrived and made the most of the opportunities given to her. You can’t fault her for that. The other Divas’ passion for their profession is commendable. They take pride their road to success and are proud of their accomplishments.

The episode sets the tone for an explosive season filled with drama. The diva locker room is definitely a crazy place. Devoted viewers wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. Just watched the first episode of the new season. Won’t be watching anymore!!!!!!! They make it sound like they are so dedicated to the wrestling profession. What a joke. It’s about what is best for the company as far as publicity. I know it is just entertainment but I like something with a story line. Not about egos’! Like they have a say in what the corporation decides. Can you say “delusional”?

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