Skin Wars season 2 episode 4 recap: The Drag Queens are here!

Cheryl Ann's lumpy ass Skin Wars season 2 episode 4

I have a Skin Wars question – are we ever going to learn who did the body painting for the intro? Was it Craig Tracy? Robin Slonina? Some freelancer that didn’t want to audition? I’d like to know.

Ooh – I actually found out on Twitter. Rebecca was painted by last year’s winner, Natalie!

Skin Wars season 2 episode 4 begins with a bathing suit paint inspired by exotic locales. Aryn gets Miami. Miami? Exotic? Rio gets Louisville, Kentucky. With a barn? They know Louisville is a city, right? Dawn Marie gets outer space. That’s a weird exotic location that would actually be fun. The artists with typical exotic locations – Phuket, Great Barrier Reef – will probably more difficult to make unique & special.

The top 3 painters are Aryn, Avi and Cheryl Ann. Avi wins $5000 in glitter!

Avi's winning swimsuit paint on Skin Wars season 2 episode 4

We quickly move away to the concept challenge. This time it’s an apparel look for male models – not any male models. Drag queens! I see some AWESOME queens that are going to mess with these painters heads. Who’s walking children in nature? Anyone? The pairings are:

Where’s Shangela? She’s all healed up after breaking her leg on that death drop. Come on 3/4 of the Haus of Edwards!

Alyssa Edwards wonders what's going on with Vivienne's Ass Skin Wars season 2 episode 4

The painters have to transform their drag queens into their female icons. Kyle & Avi school the other painters back at the house at just how long drag queens take on just their facial makeup, so to do an entire look in 5 hours is damn near impossible. Peanut butter gonna be crunchy, y’all.

Aryn looked at old pictures of Detox (as I assume most of the painters did) and based her look on one of Detox’s existing outfits. Why? Because she’s smart.

Cheryl Ann's lumpy ass Skin Wars season 2 episode 4Cheryl Ann is creating a Nicki Minaj ass with felt & something else that looks like a lumpy shelf. She obviously knows what she’s doing – she just has to paint over it. Trust her Vivianne! There’s no starting over & more than that she doesn’t need to start over, thank you very much.

Note to everyone else: when the drag queen tells you something is bad – outfit, makeup, the butt padding, you best believe & adjust. No ham, no pam, no thank you ma’am!

The drag queens school the painters on how to do drag makeup vs beauty makeup vs body painting. Alyssa wonders what’s up with the shower at the end of the room.  When she learns it would be for her to take a shower should her painter lose, she’s not having it. No, honey.

Alyssa Katy Perry comparison - Skin Wars vs Drag Race

The Shade!I know it isn’t about the drag queens but it’s too bad we didn’t get to see how weird Tammie Brown is. I would’ve also liked more shade. Let’s throw some, shall we?

Cheryl Ann keeps showing off Vivienne’s ass like it’s great. Not sure why. She must be going with the tactic that if she oversells that ass, someone will like it. Vivienne tells it like it is & reads Cheryl Ann the house down. Girl, it was bad. Cheryl Ann thinks Vivienne should’ve at least tried to like her ass.

Stop trying to sell the ass Cheryl Ann. No one likes it.

Laganja does her signature, patent-pending death drop with a “let’s get sickening!” Kyle is all over playing her backup dancer. The Ru cackle in response is awesome. I need it as a ringtone.

Kyle Skin Wars season 2 episode 4

Back in the painter’s lounge – Cheryl Ann is still refusing to listen. She doesn’t know why anyone wouldn’t like any of her paints. The paint wasn’t bad, Cheryl Ann. It was the ass. And the attitude. When Fernello tries to tell her that she doesn’t listen & has a habit of bullying, Cheryl Ann just think’s that’s Fernello’s problem.

Ahem, Cheryl Ann, Fernello just told you you don’t listen. FERNELLO! It’s that bad.

Aryn's winning design Skin Wars season 2 episode 4

Kyle and Sammie are safe. Avi, Dawn Marie and Aryn are the top 3 painters of the week. The winner is Aryn. In the bottom 4 are Rio, Lana, Cheryl Ann and Fernello. Cheryl Ann and Rio are sent to safety. It’s down to Lana and Fernello – with Fernello going home. The details didn’t say “This is Janet, not Latoya” and that’s a problem.

Fernello's eliminated design Skin Wars season 2 episode 4

Hopefully Fernello takes this experience & grows from it. I think Cheryl Ann should’ve gone, but Cheryl Ann can paint. She just can’t listen. That’s going to bite her, hopefully sooner rather than later. Fernello gives Cheryl Ann a final “listen to the client” on the way out. Doubt she’ll listen. And it looks like next week is a group challenge. Fun!

Who do you think should’ve gone home? Do you agree with Aryn’s win? Are you worried that the season will be downhill from here with the lack of drag queens?


  1. Cheryl Ann should have gone home. Her painting was awful and she should be thrown under a bus for that a$$. It was awful.

    I’m glad that Aryn won. She did a great job. Detox looked good.

    Bring back the drag queens, we need more royalty.

    I love when RuPaul bursts out laughing.

    • I need to make that into a ringtone. Seriously. I’ve got Alaska saying “Can I ask you a question?” as my text ring. Ru would make my phone complete.

      • That would make a great ring tone. I love the show where they roast RuPaul and he is sitting there hysterically laughing. I love him when he finds something really funny.

  2. Cheryl Ann should have left. She doesn’t work well with others,the client is always right and twice now she’s accused someone of being paid to throw her under the bus. Maybe she should be thrown to the bus, she’s not that good.

  3. Oh I sure wanted to see more drag queen … but this is a different show 🙂

    Carol Ann is either being edited into the villain or maybe she really is that arrogant, I’m not sure. Either way, it was a pleasure to see her (deservedly) read for filth. Tammie Brown was far too quiet … she’s nuts, wish the producers had let her out to play more. And I’m glad to see Dawn Marie step out and deliver a great piece.

    I am enjoying the season. Frenello, I think, was the right choice. Carol Ann makes for good TV, which to me says she’ll be around longer. But she won’t win.

    • yeah, I definitely think they’re setting up a whole ‘redemption’ or ‘justice’ scenario with her. Either she’ll suddenly become nice & win or she won’t & will go out with a blaze of glory.

      At least, that’s how I’d do it 😉

  4. Vivianne Pinay beautiful and she rocks !! … CherylAnne is a royal pain … she should have listened to Viv … CA is so arrogant and full of herself … yack !! I think her art is borrrrring … so much for “classical training” …….. fooey ~

    • Yeah, for ‘classical training’ she repeats a lot of themes & shapes. We’ll see how long she lasts, but I have a feeling it’ll be awhile.

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