Catfish Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: Baby Daddy Drama

Catfish-season4-ep12-tianaWhile it was only a few months that we were left without MTV’s Catfish, it felt like it was almost a year. Finally the wait is over and the second half of the fourth season is on its way. During this somewhat second premiere episode of the fourth season of Catfish, Nev and Max get an email from a girl named Tiana. She is a 21-year-old from North Carolina who met her first love James, online through Myspace about 3 years ago. James is 24-years-old and also lives in North Carolina as a mechanic. I don’t see any reason why the two haven’t been able to meet since they only live about 45 minutes away from each other, but their story does sound fishy. Max immediately calls for a time-out when he hears that someone was using Myspace 3 years ago. I couldn’t agree more — people in this generation don’t even refer to Myspace as being a thing of the past anymore.

Turns out Tiana had lived in Washington when the two first started talking. At that time she wasn’t too worried about meeting him because of their distance and financial issues. However when Tiana mentioned to James that she had family in North Carolina he was thrilled. He even brought up the idea of them moving in together and marriage! Sounds like he was pretty dedicated, so where did things go wrong? Now that Tiana has been living in the same state as James, she still has yet to meet him. He always cancels whenever she sets up a time for them to meet and can never seem to video chat. She knows James is hiding something from her and wants answers.

When the guys Skype with Tiana it looks like she’s new to the whole Catfish scene. She’s not even sure who she’s talking to because she thinks Nev is Max and Max is Nev. You can’t mistake who that silver fox is and who that hairy chest belongs to, girl! The guys laugh it off and correct Tiana before asking her some more questions about her relationship with James. They find out that Tiana hasn’t exactly been so honest herself. She hasn’t told James that she has a daughter because she knows he hates kids and she’s afraid of what he’ll say. If I were Tiana, I would’ve just told James about having a daughter. If he truly loves her then he’ll be okay with her having a daughter. She doesn’t need to bring people that don’t care for her daughter into their lives.


Nev and Max head out to North Carolina to meet Tiana and introduce themselves since she really has no clue as to who is who. After Tiana explains to the guys the many times she’s been left to the curb by James, they question why she still wants to be with him. She tells them that she’s really connected to his personality because he’s able to handle her and her attitude unlike the many friends she’s lost over the years. Keep in mind, all things could change once they meet up and actually start dating in person. Tiana shows the guys the few pictures she has of James that he’s sent her. One stands out because it looks like it was taken during a photoshoot. Tiana thinks that’s a good thing but Nev brings her back to reality reminding her that this could mean he’s a fake. I question everything I see on the internet nowadays and dating would be no different.

The guys head out to a local coffee shop with free Wi-Fi and get started on their research. They run the photo that appeared to be a part of a photoshoot and find it connected to numerous music videos to an account located in North Carolina. The artists name is Klassified AKA Tipsytwist who clearly has a video camera and a video that includes himCatfish-season4-ep12-nev-max talking. The guys find an account for Klassified that includes more pictures of the guy that’s supposedly James and find out Klassified’s real name as Gregory Johnson. Things already aren’t looking too good for Tiana. While James said he didn’t have a Facebook account, Nev searches for an account for James Sloan in North Carolina anyways. They find many accounts but the one with a profile picture of an angry cartoon duck stands out to them. Tiana mentioned that James had a cartoon character as his first profile picture on Myspace, so she asked for a picture of him. Things only get more real when they find out that James is into cars and just so happens to be a mechanic. Max is excited when they find a profile picture of James showing what he looks like because they finally got their own How to Catch a Predator episode of Catfish. I guess I can understand how it might be a bit exciting to catch the 50-year-old online pervert who is creeping on younger girls. Will Chris Hansen make an appearance? This guy is pretty creepy looking and it would make sense why he doesn’t want children — he probably has grandkids.

Nev and Max meet up with Tiana and her best friend Aisha to let them know the horrible news they’ve uncovered. Aisha is a smart girl because she doesn’t trust James and wouldn’t allow herself to be in Tiana’s shoes. Nev plays the video of Gregory speaking for Tiana to see if the voice matches the one she’s been hearing as James. She immediately knows the two voices aren’t the same and that this love boat is sinking quicker by the second. They show Tiana the Facebook profile for James and while the two cartoon characters aren’t the same, she tells them the one on Myspace was also of a duck. Come on, what are the odds?! She’s clearly in denial trying to say it’s just a bird in the profile on Facebook. When they show her what he looks like she is in complete shock — probably because it looks like his mugshot.

The next step is for Nev to call this James guy and try to convince him to meet up with them. James is automatically defensive, wondering how Nev got his number. He tells Nev he’s at work and might need him to call him back. That’s when Nev lets him know that they know he’s been sending fake photos to Tiana but she still wants to meet him. He Catfish-season4-ep12-tiana-cryingagrees to meet up with them tomorrow and won’t ditch her because he does care for her. I don’t exactly believe that James will show up but Nev will make sure this man doesn’t get away this time.

They get a text back from James telling them to meet up with him at his shop which happens to only be 10 minutes away. Nev and Max head out with Tiana and Aisha to finally figure out what they’re dealing with. As they’re driving up to the shop, Aisha mentions how familiar the surroundings are. When they finally pull up to the shop Aisha tells them that the shop belongs to Ricky G, a rapper and her baby daddy’s cousin. What?! I was kind of hoping it would be the 50-year-old pervert for once. Maybe next time, Max.

They all get out of the car and walk out to meet with this mystery man. OMG! Things just got real! When they open the door Aisha immediately starts going off and freaking out at this man. Turns out the guy behind everything is named Trez who also happens to be Aisha’s baby daddy. I guess Tiana didn’t recognize Trez right away as being Aisha’s ex-man but now she’s worried that the two set her up. Aisha is a bit offended that Tiana would think of her doing such a thing to her best friend. She confirms that she had nothing to do with Trez being behind the James account.

Trez tells Tiana that he wanted to pursue her but he couldn’t because she was good friends with Aisha. His way of getting around this whole mess was by using the fake account so that no one knew his true identity and he couldn’t get into any trouble for talking to Tiana. Since the two girls are so heartbroken, they leave without talking to Trez about what he did.

Catfish-season4-ep12-tiana-nevAfter thinking about it for a day Tiana goes back to talk to Trez. Trez tries to get Tiana to crack by smooth talking her. He tells her how pretty she is and that he loves her and her personality. Max reveals the secret of Tiana having a baby which Trez didn’t know about. Trez agrees that he doesn’t want to have any more kids because he already has a whopping amount of 8 kids — biologically and non-biologically. Nev and Max leave the two to talk alone and judging by their conversation, things seem hopeful for the couple in the future. They will have a lot to work on in the trust department and I can only imagine how weird it’s going to be for the girls.

During a one month update Tiana tells the guys that she’s ready to move onto new people and couldn’t meet with Trez. Unfortunately Tiana and Aisha got into a huge argument and they are no longer friends. Aisha tells the guys that the reason behind her and Tiana’s fallout was because Tiana still believes that Aisha had something to do with her being catfished. Aisha only talks to Trez now whenever she calls for her son to talk to his daddy. It seems like Trez is now camera shy because after trying to reach out to him multiple times, the Catfish team couldn’t reach him. I would be pretty embarrassed if my life was exposed like that on national television too.

What were your thoughts on the return episode of MTV’s Catfish? Who did you think was going to be the catfish? I was actually starting to like the idea of an old man being behind the catfish account after Max mentioned it. I wonder if that James knows he’s been labeled as a potential 50-year-old pervert. Were you shocked to find out that Aisha’s baby daddy was behind the account the whole time? I definitely didn’t see that one coming! Right away I thought Aisha set up Tiana because we’ve seen it happen before. Do you think Aisha really knew or was clueless the whole time? Would you have continued to see Trez under the circumstances? Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.

New episodes of Catfish premiere Wednesday nights at 10/9CT on MTV.

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