The Whispers Season 1 episode 6 recap: The Archer

Scott Fishman
(ABC/Eike Schroter) LILY RABE

Claire hosts the weirdest play date ever with the children Drill has made contact with so far on The Whispers.

That is everyone, except Minx. Her mom Lena doesn’t feel comfortable having her daughter participate in the festivities. This was probably for the best after we hear Minx and Drill basically bashing Claire.

(ABC/Eike Schroter) LILY RABE
(ABC/Eike Schroter)

The episode starts when Minx’s dad Wes is on his way back home with the rock, blue substance and all. Of course, like most of us aren’t content just looking at things, we have to touch … and so does Wes. He’s is lucky nothing serious happened to him.

Dr. Tully is brought on board to investigate the origins of what she initially believes is a meteorite. The crew extracted a core sample of the rock. The outer layers are known elements, but they can’t determine the composition of the inner layers. The general belief is the rock is actually some kind of vessel.

Claire’s child summit gives us a few nuggets of information, but no concrete answer to the #WhoIsDrill question. The kids tell the FBI specialist that Drill doesn’t like it when they keep secrets from him. Harper says Drill is sad and misses his family. And there are apparently more of whatever Drill is, as he came first to find a food source, which we believe to be energy.

Then the lights flicker and eventually go out. The door won’t open when Claire and the kids try to get out of the room. A heat sensor picks up some sort of blip or liquid showing up around the children, specifically Henry. Claire is told through a child that she will not win. I’m thinking this Drill has seen Saw a few too many times.

(ABC/Eike Schroter) BARRY SLOANE
(ABC/Eike Schroter)

It turns out Lena makes the biggest breakthrough when she convinces Minx to let her play a game with Drill. She is pretty much the bravest mom ever, putting herself in the bathroom with Minx on the other side. They do a little Q&A session. Lena asks how many fingers she is holding up and what item she is holding in her hand. With Minx as the messenger, Drill gets the answers right. At that point, I think if I were Lena I would probably send my daughter off to boarding school and watch some cartoons to help me go to sleep.

Sean tells Claire he has a bad feeling he hasn’t felt since just after the crash. The couple convinces Wes to take them to the rock. When Sean comes face-to-face with it, he puts his hand in the blue substance. It looks like it accepts him and doesn’t zap him away like when Wes put his fingers on it. After the interaction he tells them he has his memories from before the crash back.

He remembers his wife Claire — but also Wes. Someone call Jerry Springer because we might have a story for him.

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