Scream episode 2 recap: Private caller

Scream-EP2-RachaelIt’s only the second episode of the new MTV series Scream which means there’s a lot of room for this story to develop. The thrills begin right at the start of the episode with Audrey’s girlfriend receiving a phone call from Audrey. Audrey tells her to play along with the game to meet her outside her room for some company. Unfortunately, when Rachel goes out to look for her, she doesn’t find Audrey but something else — a noose hanging from her balcony. Once she pulls the noose up Ghostface appears and puts the noose around her neck, sending Audrey’s once-girlfriend plummeting down to her death with a snap of the neck. So it looks like Audrey is the killer and Ghostface — or this new Ghostface — also has access to a voice changer like the one in the movies did.

Something is up with Will and his fellow jock best friend, Jake. Will seems worried about having a connection with Nina’s murder through some evidence that Jake has on the computer. He wants to make sure Jake deleted the evidence connecting the two to Nina but I’m not sure if Jake really deleted all the files. Things really start to point towards Will and Jake being the murderers once Jake finds blood near his truck in the school parking lot. Turns out it isn’t blood, and was just some red paint spelling out the word “DOOSH” on the side of his truck. Later we come to find out it was Noah who wrote it. Nice job at some viral payback, Noah!

Will tries talking to Emma about his past with Nina but fails epically. He tries telling Emma that he feels Nina had such strong feelings towards him because she was jealous of Emma. So he’s basically trying to put the blame for his cheating hookup session on his at-the-time-Scream-EP2-Textgirlfriend, Emma. You can imagine how well that didn’t work out for him. Especially once Kieran comes over to end their conversation by telling Will to leave.

Just as Emma tries to talk with Audrey about her and Nina filming Audrey and Rachel’s video, everyone in the school receives a text message. When they open it up they find a gif of Ghostface taking a selfie with Nina’s dead body floating in the pool. There’s also a message in the text warning them about how much of a pain payback can be — to put things lightly. Emma notices that the mask is the same as the Brandon James one. If I were those kids, I’d be freaking out instead of just looking at my phone all puzzled.

While in class, Noah gives another one of his twisted lessons on murderers 101. He thinks that the reason behind this murderer selfie gif is because they want everyone else to see what they’ve done too. Noah makes a great point of how in today’s society we live in a world where people are consumed by Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Snapchat. We have constant access to what other people are doing around the world and the murderer knows this too. That’s when the news of Rachel’s murder gets out. Audrey called Rachel’s phone and got her mother on the other end. She told Audrey that they found Rachel hanging from her ceiling fan. Why would Ghostface cover up his tracks by making it look like a suicide when he’s sending out selfie gifs of him at Nina’s murder scene?


Somehow someone is sending messages from Emma’s phone. Will shows up at Emma’s work and scares her. He tells her that he’s only there because he got a text from her telling him to meet her there. She tells him that someone is trying to fool others into thinking it’s her because she knows she didn’t send any text to him. Will tries to patch things back together with Emma by apologizing. While it’s not an apology I would accept, Emma agrees to try and make it to Will’s game the next day.

Scream-EP2-BodyEmma shows up to her mom’s work with some coffee, just as Maggie is working on Rachel’s body. Emma sees cut marks on Rachel and Maggie confirms that Rachel was a cutter, suffering from depression. When Maggie asks about a cyber-bullying issue that Rachel’s mother brought up, Emma breaks down. Emma tells her mom that she was the one who caught Audrey and Rachel and allowed the video and harassment to happen. She leaves in tears knowing she caused Rachel harm.

Maggie tells Sheriff Clark Hudson that the injuries found on Rachel don’t match where they found her. Her neck snapped meaning that she died from a higher altitude than her ceiling fan. Maggie then tells Sheriff Hudson that Emma confessed to being able to stop the video from being uploaded. The sheriff tells her to take as much time as she needs with this case, but Maggie is almost completely certain that Rachel was murdered. I hope she doesn’t think her daughter had something to do with this.

Noah heads to the game to help Audrey film some highlights. He’s worried about Riley not texting him back, until he gets a text from her telling him to meet her out at the football field. Surprisingly Riley does show up and Noah gets a bit of action. At the game, Kieran tries convincing Emma that Will is just using her. What he says starts to make sense to her but Will tries to change her mind by kissing her after the game. Looks like Emma isn’t ready for any relationships at the moment because she basically turned Will down after that awkward kiss.


Emma is at home by herself when her alarm system goes off letting her know someone has entered through her kitchen door. Sure enough, when she checks the door it’s wide open. I don’t get why she didn’t grab her car keys and call the cops as soon as she heard that alarm go off. Any little noise I hear in my house when I’m alone, I freak out! Once the dogs start to bark I immediately have my dad check or leave my house. Emma gets a call from the security company right away but that voice sounds oh-so-familiar that I would be willing to bet it’s not the security company. The voice on the other end lets her know that an officer is only 3 minutes away but Emma does something I would do and asks for the person to stay on the line with her until the cops arrive. However I would like to think that I would be smart enough to remember that voice being the one who harassed me before because it’s most likely Ghostface.

The voice starts to ask Emma what types of shows she’s interested in and recommends the horror genre. Emma notices the things this supposed security company operator is asking are way too odd. She sees that one of the windows in the house is open so she goes to close it. Just as she closes the window, the voice tells her that she should be asking herself whether she just locked them in or out of her house. Emma threatens to call the cops but the voice reassures her he’s got everything planned out so it’d be useless for the cops to arrive late to the party. He wants her to stay on the line with him so she asks what he wants. He tells her that he knows who she really is and wants to tell her the truth. The voice then tells her about her mother being rather promiscuous and how it all started with her but it’s now going to end with Emma. They disconnect the call and Emma is left inside her home with a baseball bat, hoping she’s alone.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Scream? Do you think you know who the murderer is yet? After Rachel’s death it seems like Audrey is now another suspect. However, I can’t imagine her killing someone she cared so much about like that. What do you think Will is so paranoid about that Jake has connecting them to Nina? I haven’t excluded them from the suspect list at all! After the call Emma got in tonight’s episode, I think the killer is going to have a similar background to the original Scream killers. The voice on the phone mentioned some rather unpleasant words about Emma’s mother and how it was going to now end with Emma. This sounds very familiar to the original movie’s killers’ motives. Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.

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