Dance Moms Season 5 episode 23 recap: Chica Mica Meet Laquifa!

dance-moms-season-5-laquifa Lori Acken

Welcome back to Discord Central, Dance Moms nation. Everyone recovered from all of the drama (bra-ma?) that went down at the end of last week’s episode? Good. Because this bad boy is nothing short of a snooze.

We start out with a little confab among the girls in which they discuss whether Kalani is really gone for good and what is going on with Abby and the shout-fest that was last week’s competition.


Meanwhile, the Moms are in the Mom Closet talking about pretty much the same stuff.

Bad feelings. Bad feelings abound.

Let’s see if Gia has something reassuring to say. Well, she is stretching the girls right now, because apparently the Ross was out of yoga balls. And we’ll be going to Sheer Talent in Westminster, where it is solo week. Everyone gets one. Ohhhhhhhhh!

Turns out the solos are to determine who does one at Nationals and even though Abby is not here in the flesh, Gia is certain that she will still see them. Somewhere. Nheh.


In the Mom Closet, Holly and Jess say the girls all deserve equal practice time and equal choreography if this is about Nationals. Well, maybe except for JoJo who just revealed to Gia that she is the opening act for KidzBop at whatever downtown Disney is. Jess says they are equally important … but they’re doing Disney.

Gia says she’s going to start with the Golden Child who got third place last week. The solo is actually called “Golden Girl,” The moms are magnanimous about it — Maddie does have a lot put on her, after all. Being Abby’s favorite isn’t easy.

Kendall’s solo is called “Welcome to My Life” and it’s about what happens in Kendall’s life on a daily basis in the wonderful world of Abby. And hey Kendall, you lost to Maddie AND Nia last week. You always lost to Maddie. But not Nia. And you lost to Nia. And Abby’s not even here. Jill says poor Kendall never knows what she’s going to get. But hey, she’s No. 1 in Ireland, so woot!

While we’re on the subject of music, Holly says Mikey Minion Minden wants Nia to collaborate with Coco Jones on a rap tune. She never really thought of Nia as a rap artist, but Coco is a Disney star, so she’s open to it.

Jess says she doesn’t want Abby anywhere near anything JoJo does outside of dancing for the ALDC. Jill says she won’t badmouth the woman who put her kid on the pop charts. Jess says putting your kid in Abby’s hands might work on the short-term. But long-term? Probably not.

Holly/Nia field trip!


We Skype Coco in and play the beat and both ladies decide they want the song to be about what every girl wants to do. Which is slay. Not the kind that will get you imprisoned. The kind that will help you take a good selfie. The stuff I miss not having kids in the house anymore!

Oh. Well look who’s here.


That was a short-lived walkout. Maybe they heard Abby isn’t here. Kira says Kalani really wants to finish the season, but one more pop off from Abby and that’s it. Jill thinks she should call Abby and tell her she’s back. Yeah, no, says Kira. OK, then Jill will do it. Except that Abby’s not taking calls from anybody right now.

Jill says that makes her lose respect for Abby. Call her and tell her that, Jill. Ok, then I will. Except that she’s not taking anybody’s calls.

Well … what shall we do now? I know! Let’s pick on Holly and Nia for taking an opportunity during the week that Kendall’s single drop. It makes sense to Melissa anyway.

Time to rehearse Mack’s solo. Nia says she has to stop dancing little because she’s little and dancing like a “Superstar.” I mean after all, she did beat the Golden Girl. Nheh.


Problem is Mack keeps running out of breath while she’s dancing.

Meanwhile, Kira tells the other mothers that on the way home, Kalani said something really funny. Which is that instead of learning how to act like an adult from her dance teacher, she’s learning how not to act. AHAHAHAHAHA!

Kalani’s solo is called “Reign” and it’s pretty and regal and Kalani knows that it takes to rule, so that’s why.

Nia’s solo is called “House of Voodoo” because we’re never going to let Nia forget how evil she and her mother are. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

What would someone say could liven up this thing up.



 We haven’t seen Laquifa, who is actually Shangela, who is actually D.J. Pierce, since Season 1 when little teeny Nia learned her signature death drop from her.

Jill is not the least bit happy to see her now. It’s Kendall Week. Tough noogies if Nia needs some pointers on rap. Take this nonsense elsewhere.

But first, let us dance!


You try it, Jill.

Shangela — Laquifa if she’s rappin’ — says Nia needs a rap persona, too. Well, says Nia, her mom used to call her Chica Mica.


Good enough. Chica Mica she is. And her eyebrows are on fleek-a, which is apparently how the little slayers are saying “perfect” these days. Nia and Laquifa enjoy a little throwdown. I think I am going to enjoy hearing Nia rap.

With one day to competition, no one has still heard from Abby, although I’m not entirely convinced by Gia’s halfhearted headshake.

Let’s do the solos for the Moms and talk about why they are so important, because, gosh, that’s news.

Good God, this is a dull episode (and yes, I CAN hear Jeff Collins snickering and going, “Well, you guys said you wanted more dancing and more kids, so mleeeahhhh.) Let’s bring back Shangela. Or we could let Jill bitch some more. This time about how Kendall’s solo isn’t on par with the other girls’ and that Abby hasn’t even bothered to check in with anyone about how the girls are doing.

Unless she has.


Don’t look at me, man. And let’s not talk about it in front of the children. Melissaaaaaa! Come oooooon! OK, well maybe Melissa’s friends went out with Abby last night and maybe Melissa happened to hear that she’s fine. Gisoni out.

Come competition day, there’s a smart ass in the cheering throngs …


… and Nia’s costume is going to give me nightmares.


Speaking of which, Gia tells the girls that even though Abby’s not here, she’s watching them. She’s always watching Muahahahahaha!

Lez dance!

Kalani first. She’s dressed like a Disney princess who forgot most of her skirt and her dance is silky and pretty and Maddie should probably be happy they are not in the same age group.


Mack goes next. Melissa hopes she shows enough emotion. She’s mostly smiley, but chock full of spunk, so that should be good enough.


Or … not.

Plus, Jill points out that she came down funny and stubbed her toe. Mack says the same thing Maddie backstage. Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Ziegler first says, “No you didn’t. It was good.” And then, when Mack repeats that she fell:



Kendall’s next. Jill reminds us that everyone and everything, including this solo, has been crapping all over Kendall Week. Welcome to your life, Kendall. But hopefully you can rise above it.


There was nothing wrong with that solo. Nothing at all.

Backstage, there’s a hearty round of good-jobs and Gia says Mack worried to her about the stubbed toe. Yeah, Jill saw that.

dance-moms-season-5-not-talk-about-it under-the-bus

The girls are excused and the mothers take Melissa to task for what she just said, which was a bunch of crap. OK fine, Melissa is sorry she said that but it’s because people were talking mean about her in front of her kids the other day. OK well, Jess called her a liar, anyway. Kira points out that she called herself a liar. Ok, everyone just shut up.


Holly just loves Nia’s costume, which makes one of us, but the dance is entirely fabulous and Nia owns it.


Maddie looks like a mini Bond girl and her dance is 100% Grade A Maddie Dance. Pass the trophy.


Awards time.

Mack gets first in the Junior Solo.
Kendall gets third in the Pre-Teen Solo.
Maddie wins because of course she does.

Nia gets second in Teen Solo.
Kalani wins.

What we have clearly learned here is that everyone does much better when Abby goes away and lets Gia handle things. But let’s call her anyway. From Maddie’s phone. Because she always answers for Maddie. She’s sounds sedated when she answers. But she answers.

Kendall says that when Mack was first on the iTunes chart, she got a cake and balloons. Abby didn’t even show up for Kendall, never mind the treats and inflatables. We all know how Jill treats balloons anyway.


Can Holly just say how much she loved Nia’s dance?!

No. No she cannot. It makes Jill very mad. Everything makes Jill very mad right now.


Wrong. We should all be celebrating Kendall because it’s Kendall Week. Not just Abby and Jill. Well, I agree with you to an extent, Mrs. Vertes, but ya coulda bought a damned cake yourself. You’re the one who proudly toes the Abby line, so don’t blame the other ladies when you stub it on that sucker.

Next week on Dance Moms, Abby’s back and woe be upon Kalani for it.

So what say you, Dance Moms nation? If we finally got an episode that was lots of kids and dancing, couldn’t we have kept it about kids and dancing? Was Jill right in that Kendall’s iTunes success got shortchanged? Did Holly have every right to celebrate Nia’s new horizons? Is Melissa the worst liar this side of a busload of three-year-olds? Was it weird to see Laquifa again? Sound off in the comments section below.

And one last thing — I’m headed west to cover Comic-Con and then Hubby Rik and I are headed off into the sunset to celebrate ten years of marriage with ten days of badly-needed vacation, so I will not be recapping the next two episodes. Feel free to tweet me what I’m missing — @ChannelGuideLLA. And when I get back, I’ll make the next one extra-special, promise.

New episodes of Dance Moms premiere Tuesdays at 9/8CT on Lifetime.



  1. I’m reading this now because this is the episode that is due in Australia tonight. I like reading your recaps first, somehow they add a certain fillip to the show! I also keep butting up against our shared language. When I was a small child, in a tiny town hanging grimly onto the south eastern coast of Australia (only just), to “pop off” was our polite way of saying “you farted”. I suppose that the hallmark of English is its very flexibility and ability to evolve, but sometimes an old-fashioned childish expression can be surprisingly apt. Anyway, it added to my enjoyment of your recaps. Love your use of language (and I taught English at all levels from start to finish at school for 35 years). And I’m gobsmacked by Christian’s use of language. All in all, this Aussie says goodonyamate. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Lori I am having recap withdrawals. It’s just lonely in recap world without you.

      • I will be lying in an angst-ridden crumpled heap on the floor until you get back, Lori. 🙁 I am looking forward to extra-snarky, giggle-worthy recaps! I truly hope your vacation is wonderful! Or, perhaps, “on fleek”? 😉

  3. A couple of things I need to get off my chest…

    What a hypocrite Abby is…and that save your tears for your pillow…I kept waiting for one of the moms to throw it back at her!

    I have been doing a little creative forecasting, and I would love to see Maddie leave ALDC….I thinks the big Abs has done all that she can…the kid needs new teachers and new techniques! I watch SYTYCD every season, and have NEVER seen a lyrical dancer end her routine with that tired back of hand resting against the cheek!

    I am a great believer in loyalty and karma, and in spite of Abby’s protestations of everything she does is on behalf of the those kids, she does not return the loyalty and respect that she demands from the kids…but instead sets them up for failure again and again.

    I think Nia deserves better and just as Chloe has gone on and is dancing beautifully, I think Nia would do the same.

    All of the girls have received a measure of fame because of the show…not because of Abby, but by virtue of being on the show. It could have been any other dance studio, and their dancers would have achieved the measure of fame accorded to ALDC select team dancers. Cathy was just beside herself that HER studio was not selected!

    Scuttlebutt online suggests that this might be the last season of Dance Moms. I have enjoyed the many seasons of the show, but have reached the point where I can not abide the favoritism and bad behavior. I think the girls all deserve better. The sooner Abby falls on her face, the girls all leave for bigger and better opportunities, the better!

    • I could not agree with you more, you hit the nail right on the head with every point.


    Everybody’s a dreamer
    And everybody’s a star
    And everybody’s in videos
    It doesn’t matter who you are

    There are stars in every city
    In every house and on every street
    And if you walk down Santa Monica Boulevard
    Their names are written as elite

    Don’t step on Maddie Ziegler as you walk down the Boulevard
    She looks so weak and fragile that’s why she tried to be so hard
    But they turned her into a princess
    And they sat her on a throne
    But she turned her back on stardom
    Because she wanted to be alone

    Everybody’s a dreamer and everybody’s a star
    And everybody’s in show biz
    It doesn’t matter who you are

    And those who are successful
    Be always on your guard
    Success walks hand in hand with failure
    Along Santa Monica Boulevard

  5. Once again we see that the girls do much better without Abby threatening them right before they perform with her typical, ‘you’re all replaceable’ pep talk. Or the, ‘you better get first place or you’re through.’ I’ve never understood how all the girls can get first place when there are two or 3 of them per category. Even if they all perform in the same category, there can only be one number 1, and that is always reserved for Maddie. I was really happy to see that each category win was shown this time instead of just the overall. It gives such a much better picture of where they girls really place each week. Just have to say ‘wow’ over Maddie’s remark to Kenzie after her slip. You can really tell that she is bitter that Kenzie beat her. Maddie has really been showing her poor sport colors a lot lately and it’s sad.

    As for Jill…well…I just think that she wanted her chance to get to say, “I’m through!” All of her ‘this is Kendall’s week’ was just a crock. All the girl’s had solo’s, so it was everyone’s week! Her getting all upset that no one celebrated Kendall’s new song coming out, or her getting on the charts, or whatever it was, was nobody’s fault but Abby’s. She wasn’t there to direct it. I don’t recall Jill bringing a cake for Nia at any time or her supporting Nia in any way, so why should Holly not take advantage of good thing’s for Nia because in Jill’s mind this is Kendall’s week. What a crock. I feel really bad for Kendall that her mother made her feel bad over nobody making a big deal about something they probably wouldn’t have even known about if Jill hadn’t mentioned it. Without Abby there to make a fuss about stuff, no fuss gets made. Get over it, Jill. You danced with the devil and now your girl has to pay the piper. Show of hands…does anybody think anything is going to come of Jill saying, ‘I’m through!’? Kendall’s dance was very lackluster this week. She always seems to do an OK job, but it always looks like she’s working hard but her heart’s not in it. I think that if Jill said ‘you can give up dance and all of this stuff tomorrow’ , Kendall would happily give it up. There is very little joy in the dancing anymore. There will certainly be repercussions for Kilani dancing this week, too. I saw something on the preview about Kira asking Abby if Kilani was being punished. Of course she is, Kira. Abby will NEVER forgive Kilani for being on the Matty B video and now her campaign of abuse begins.

    They ran an old rerun from season 3 right after the current episode this week. It showed Abby in full punishment mode with all of the girls’ for the big ‘walk out’ when all the mom’s supposedly supported Kelly and the Hyland girls. All of Abby’s attention was on one of the Elite girls and even Maddie was punished. Chloe’s solo wasn’t finished being choroegraphed until they were just about to get on the bus, yet she was expected to win, and to her credit, she came in third to the elite girl who had worked on her solo all week. But you could tell from watching the dances back to back how little effort Abby put into the solo. It was sort of the beginning of all of this punishment stuff that Abby gets off on so much now.

    I love that Nia is just taking advantage of her solos and dancing her heart out no matter what. Every week she is scoring better and better and the sad thing is that Abby will certainly come down on her for coming in second, yet she was pitted against Kalani who was also expected to win…so once again how is it that everyone can come in first?

    Lori, I am so going to miss you, but hope you have a wonderful time. Congrats on your Anniversary!

    • Thanks, Kathryn! I’ll miss you guys, too. Don’t let anything good happen without me.

    • I think Kendall like being there, but I you are right about Jill wanting it more. I think Jill is the biggest stagemom, even more than Melissa. Something I always notice in Jill’s asides is that she always says “I need for Kendall to… (get first, nail this solo, ect.)” It is never about what Kendall needs or wants but what Jill needs. I think Melissa pushes Maddie and Mackenzie just as hard, but when she talks she usually says “Maddie/Mackenzi really wants…”

      • You hit the nail square on the noggin with Jill needing it to be about her, rather than Kendall. Even back when Kendall first joined the team, rarely was it ever just about what Kendall wants, or what will be best for her, it was “I need for Kendall to make this team, its important for ME”. Not even Melissa is that self-aware, but then I don’t think she knows the meaning of the word team, it’s always about Maddie, even at the expense of her other girl. Maddie made me want to punch the tv when she made that comment to Mack, what a selfish, arrogant little biznatch. Yup I just called a 12 year old a B*tch, sue me. That kid is old enough to be held accountable for the things she says, she wants to be treated like a professional, she can take a little heat instead of letting her mom or Abby make excuses for her.

        Can I just say how much I LOVED LOVED LOVED Nia’s solo AND her costume? I know it creeped you out Lori lol, but really, could anyone else have pulled that off without looking like an idiot? That routine was made for Nia and I think she should have finished ahead of Kalani, she absolutely nailed the character, and her moves were amazing. Kalani is reminding me more of Maddie every week, same tricks, same jumps, same turns, blah blah blah. I’d like to see her do something other than lyrical, just to see what the kid can do when challenged.

        Not sure how Mack won her category, she was easily 5 beats ahead of her music, and rushed through the entire thing. I almost prefer her doing lyrical because it forces her to listen to the music and sloooooow down her steps. She has the lines now to do it, and is too old for the cutesy acro dances where she does the whole kissing-lips and hip shaking, she outgrew that when she was 8.

        • I so agree about Mackenzie! I forgot to mention in my rant, that once again she was put in the pigtails! Abby is always talking to her about how she wants her to grow up and be like Maddie or whomever she wants her to be like that week, but then they go and put her in the pigtails and give her the same ol’ acro moves. She does seem to be enjoying it more and her zeal is what I think is leading to her wins. Maddie is always so angst ridden that it’s refreshing to see a big smile and what appears to be enjoyment once in a while instead of the ol’ Maddie ‘stank’ face. (sorry…couldn’t resist that one)!

          I so agree about Jill and her always saying, ‘I need’ instead of, ‘Kendall needs…’ The reason that I said what I did about Kendall not wanting it is because of all the times she has said she wanted to just quit. She doesn’t say it as much now, but I think that is more about her ‘singing career’ than about anything else. Unfortunately, as soon as the kid is off the show, the singing career ends. Look at Brooke. Although she wasn’t the greatest singer, she really wrote some good lyrics. It is sad that those girls were seemingly forgotten. Chloe has her YouTube channel. You see some videos with Chloe and Paige there, but not many with Brooke. I hope that she is still dancing. I saw some pictures of her yesterday that showed her at 17 posing in a standing split with her foot above her head on the wall. I hope that means that she is still dancing somewhere and not that she has just managed to stay flexible.

          • I saw a Q and A video on Paige’s channel and they talked about how because of Brooke’s back problems she doesn’t dance as much. Not surprising considering the kind of stuff she had to do, that was enough to put anyone in permanent traction.

        • I’ve always thought Maddie was an arrogant little turd. I actually kinda hope she fails.

          • I wouldn’t go so far as hoping she fails, but I hope there comes time, and soon, that someone tells her that she isn’t God’s gift to the dance world, and doesn’t win every audition that she goes to. Her world is the epitome of rose colored glasses/everything she touches turns to gold and it would do her, and her mother, a world of good for her to NOT get chosen, or awarded first, or be doted on in the REAL dance world.

  6. In getting ready for this episode I had several things I was looking for. First, a conversation between Gia and the Moms about the mutual respect they have for each other. Next, Gia working with each girl and giving them the mental strength to get through this rough period at the dance studio. Next, the girls and then the moms welcoming back Kalani and Kira.

    Well I got very little of what I was looking for in this episode. The producers chose to let Gia go on as normal and not show any emotional connection to the dancers, just some general limited talk and technical advice. The storyline was more focused on Gia going it alone without Abby.

    We got a short scene with the girls and Kalani but no talk about how they would encourage her. I guess we have to wait until next week’s wrath of Abby show.

    I was surprised that JoJo was off doing her thing, but this is her time to shine. So it seems Jess is going for the gold and left behind JoJo’s “It has been my dream to dance with the ALDC” desire.

    Jill is just crazy in her “why doesn’t everyone see how great Kendall is” mantra. Jill, when is the last time Kendall won at a competition? Holly gets that you do not have to be a great competition dancer to have a successful career in entertainment. Nia has narrowed her focus and is scoring higher in the competitions. Kendall’s skillset is limited and she is all over the place with her execution and effort. This is why she is inconsistent with where she places at the competitions.

    Dances – I loved Mackenzie’s hair and routine. I still have not figured out how she is doing her new trick. She does a front flip but lands on her legs, more specifically her heels and butt. I have never seen any other dancer do this move. I loved Kendall costume and her dance had more arm movements than normal. Kalani was lovely as always. Nia was fierce, gave great face and had a great costume.

    You just have to shake your head when you watch Maddie. She is technically perfect with a wide (and always expanding) range of skills. She just has the knack of being in sync with the music. She has great face and commits to every movement. So 1st was a given for her dance.
    I am not looking forward to the train wreck that is coming around the bend next week.

  7. I’ll be at Comic Con. It’s my vacation. Then I’ll be recovering from my vacation in the fetal position.

    From the rehearsals I didn’t think Kalani’s dance looked like anything special. But the actual dance at the competition was my favorite of the week. Mackenzie and Kendall’s were all they ever do, no more, no less. I would have liked to see Mackenzie without the pigtails. The most interesting part of Maddie’s solo was she didn’t end with her right arm on her left shoulder. After the first few seconds I was only interested in what the end pose would be sans Abby. So in that sense it did not disappoint.

    Nia’s solo was what we’ve seen from Nia lately plus 20%. Unlike Mackenzie and Kendall who have pretty much always done acro and jazz respectively, Nia started on the show with musical theater, acro, jazz, even the “ethnic” dances that Holly complained about. It seems like Abby and Gia have found the niche they want from her.

    Accusing Melissa of having spoken to Abby was like the old time Dance Moms drama. Remember Christi and Kelly ganging up on her to make every little lie or omission seem like the worst crime ever committed? When you know she was shady but they took it so far you kind of felt bad for her too. I did agree with her that they didn’t need to talk about it in the room while the girls were stretching. But come on, those girls are on a reality show, they know why they’re stretching in front of cameras while their moms watch in the first place.

    And finally, Jill’s outburst to breakdown over “Kendall’s week.” Yes, that’s totally how both the real world and reality TV work. You get to claim an episode storyline for your child or favorite character, and everyone else will both put their life events on hold and also assure that their B plot does not outshine the forced accomplishment that you would like the highlight (and $ell) to the audience.

    • I’ll be the lost-looking chick with the Ballerina Alphabet computer bag, Jenny. Well, and the press badge that kind of says my name.

      • So far the weather is nice. My tips are to bring non-melty snacks. You can’t leave most rooms for food and the Hall H concessions are expensive and not that great. Bring a water bottle, there are water coolers in the panel rooms to refill. Sometimes they run out of cups. Stop for a midday Gatorade break, it helps. Bring extra batteries or some kind of external charger. I’ve heard that press can’t leave the rooms to file without waiting in line to get back in.

  8. What will I do without a Lori recap? *gasp*

    I enjoyed Nia’s solo the most along with Kilani’s, both were very well done. I won’t comment on golden girl, she gets enough attention and is turning into quite the brat. I know it’s a sister thing but seriously Mac supported her sister when she made mistakes in the past, mostly. Moving on Jill, Jill, Jill…..what can you say but yes, she was drinking the crazyade for sure. Is it really Kendall’s week? Do they pick which week each kid gets? Othewise it’s anyone’s week who takes advantage of the opportunities put before them.

    I love Jess and Holly’s attitudes on Crabby Abby and her non management style. Take control of your kid’s careers and do the best you are able to for them. Nia is going to go far and I think JoJo is totally a Disney kid. Love to see her on one of the Disney shows, she’d rock it with her ginormous bows.

    What I remember the most from this? Jill: I’m done, It’s Kendall’s week, I’m done.
    You’re not done, I’m done.
    You can’t be done because I was done before you.
    I’m done, your done, we’re all done. Pass the wine bottle. Or is it the whine bottle?

    I miss Kelly and Christi but not like I’ll miss Lori.

  9. What was that mess? Why did jill jump holly’s case because miller didn’t show up and throw a party for kendall? Jill is crazy. She thought sucking up to miller like an oreck like melissa does would actually work? jess said it best – “I don’t want abby anywhere near what Jojo does”.

    Have a wonderful vacation Lori!! You deserve a break from this, insanity. 🙂


    I’m joking (kinda) but I hope you do have fun


    Even though we won’t see it…I respectfully request you take a picture on the beach in a Maddie ending pose…angst ridden crumpled heap or over-the shoulder-completely satisfied smile! It’ll be HILAR!

  12. Hey Lori,

    First things first…HAPPY EARLY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! That’s awesome, double digits? Now he’s gotta start steppin up the gifts (cough cough DIAMONDS cough cough RUBIES cough cough JEWELS!) and bra-ma was genius, you should trademark the term!

    Second thing….I think we both agree that instead of a refreshing glass of wine before bed, Jill was CLEARLY sippin on some HATER-ade! She was makin faces all through this episode and true she wasn’t quite in her true POT-STIRRIN form but still rather than seeming like a frustrated mom (which she probably was cuz Kendall ain’t getting the star singer treatment like Mack) she was appearing bordering on upset that Nia had something goin on again and Kendall didn’t. I mean…was it REALLY Kendall’s week? I mean MAJOR KUDOS for her getting on the charts, that is no small feat, but ALL the girls had solos, so it was technically it was ALL the girls week. It’s not bad to share what the other girls are doing but like we said before Lori, The other girls exit stage right and Nia exits STAGE LEFT ONLY. Oh well, at least that drama stays between the moms and the not the girls. Maybe Jill and Holly should just dance moms fight club it out and then agree to just never bring up anything unless asked specifically in written and verbal form!

    Third thing…what I thought was hilarious about Shangela visiting is that she was probably like WHO ARE ALL THESE KIDS? Cuz the last time she saw Nia and the girls it was a completely different team! hahaha

    Fourth thing…the solos were GREAT, I mean VERY GOOD, I truly enjoyed Nia’s and Maddie’s the most, I really feel like they both LISTEN to the music and beats and try to convey what they’re doing even though Maddie can sometimes be a bit repetitive her style in undeniable and why can’t Nia get more creative solos with technical aspects? Homegirl ROCKED it! But ALL the girls did great, I’m sad Jojo didn’t do one, I would’ve loved the girls all together solo stylin battling it out but we can’t have everything!

    *One thing I was frustrated with though is Mellissa’s selective memory, ummm if memory serves correctly, although Maddie was INDEED workin with Sia, the big mess was that Abby was goin to give Maddie a solo but she would have to take away one of the other girls, and Maddie bein the mature girl she is said, not doin it, that’s wrong, those are my girls. So I wish Mellissa would have just said, Maddie turned down solo, but she has had the chance.

    5th thing….We are ALL gonna miss you LORI….2 weeks without you?!?!?! But we know you need a break from the madness, take plenty of pics with your eyebrows on FLEEK!

    • You guys are so nice! Thank you. And the hub is gift in and of himself. On fleek, if you will. Unlike my eyebrows, which are just sad.

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