Devious Maids Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: It’s a girl!

Devious-maids-season3-ep6-zoila-hospital Amanda Watter

This week’s episode of Devious Maids is off to a shocking start — pun intended.

Now that Adrian has power over Carmen by knowing of her secret affair with a married man, she has to obey whatever he says. Yeah … no matter how crazy Adrian’s new S&M ideas are, Carmen must go along with them. For instance, she has to electrocute Adrian with the new toy he’s purchased. Carmen is hesitant at first but ends up obeying commands taking it a bit to the extreme. She manages to pull off the dial that controls how much electricity is running through the device and fries Adrian before ripping the cord out of the wall. Adrian passes out in his leather outfit and chains that were handcuffing him to the device — truly a horrific scene.

Carmen doesn’t know what to do, so she calls Sebastien for help in moving Adrian. The two manage to change Adrian into some more civilized clothing and prop him on the couch before the ambulance arrives. Carmen tells Sebastien the dirt Adrian has on them and how she is forced to continue with these shocking sessions to keep it a secret. When Evelyn arrives back at the house, she is beyond grateful that Carmen “found” Adrian. Apparently the paramedics believe that Adrian had a seizure, which Evelyn finds quite odd. Either way, she tells Carmen what an angel she is to have been able to save her husband’s life. Yeah, we’ll see how much of an angel you think Carmen is once you find out the truth, Evelyn.

Devious-maids-season3-ep6-rosieMichael meets Marisol at the hospital and surprisingly Taylor is still alive. Hopefully after the scare of almost losing her life she’ll fess up to everything she’s done. Where is poor Blanca?!

Marisol tells Michael that the doctors were able to pump Taylor’s stomach, making her stable, but now they’ve ordered a psych evaluation because of the amount of pills they found. Maybe while they’re at it they can make her crack on what secrets she’s hiding. Michael tells Marisol how guilty he feels for the way he argued with Taylor before he left. He asks if she’d be able to take Katy home and watch her for the night. Marisol agrees and promises to help find Michael a new maid to help out during this time.

devious-maids-rosie-ernestoRosie drops off Miguel at Ernesto’s place where he makes things adorably awkward. Ernesto gives Rosie a flower that reminds him of the one she was wearing in her hair the day they got married.

As if the flower wasn’t already adorable, the reason Ernesto was giving Rosie the flower is because it’s their wedding anniversary. Whoops, looks like Rosie completely forgot about that one. But the feels are still there and so real!

At the hospital, Adrian’s doctor reveals some information that tips off Evelyn that Adrian hasn’t stopped his S&M activities. They found bruising all over Adrian’s body and at first tried to blame poor Evelyn for the bruises. Adrian tries to make the doctors believe he’s the victim of an abusive relationship, but with bruises on his buttocks, I’m not sure how far he’d get away with that.

Evelyn tells Adrian to confess his hobby to the doctor and he eventually does. Then she tells her husband that he needs to stop his side activities immediately and the doctor couldn’t agree more. He tells Adrian that his blood pressure is through the roof and this S&M stuff is doing great damage to his health. I doubt Adrian will let a doctor tell him what to do. I’ll believe that when I see it.

Devious-maids-season-3-episode-6-zoila-reinaZoila’s sister Reina dropped in unexpectedly, supposedly to help with the baby but Zoila doesn’t seem too thrilled to see her. Zoila thought she could handle a few days with her sister but it looks like she’ll be staying for a lot longer than she expected because Reina is actually going through a divorce. Poor Zoila. With that woman around, she’ll go into labor early!

Zoila tries to mend her sister’s relationship by going over to Reina’s soon to be ex-husband, Victor’s house. She tries convincing Victor to take her sister back, but Zoila is clueless as to the true story is behind their separation. Victor tells Zoila that her sister has cheated on him numerous times, but Zoila tries to have him look past that just so she can get rid of her sister. Victor knows what Zoila is trying to do so he decides to tell her some heartbreaking news. Turns out one of the guys Reina cheated on Victor with was Zoila’s own husband, Pablo. Oh boy. You do not want to piss off an already angry pregnant lady! Things aren’t going to turn out so good, I can already tell.

Marisol comes home from watching Katy to find Jesse still at her house with a home cooked meal waiting for her. He even tells her that she can leave the dishes in the sink for him to wash tomorrow. Where in the world can I find my own real-life Jesse?! After serving Marisol what looks like some delicious lasagna, Jesse starts to leave but then returns when Marisol invites him to join her. Get it, Marisol!

As the night continues, Jesse begins to tell a quite tipsy Marisol how amazing she is and that’s when Marisol makes her move. She leans in for a kiss but surprisingly Jesse immediately retreats. Yeah, that’s not awkward at all.

As Michael is cleaning up Katy’s room before bed, he finds Taylor’s pills. Gasp! Michael immediately goes to ask Katy why she has them and she lets him know that she was helping mommy because she was sad. Michael realizes that Katy was the one who drugged Taylor and begins to yell at her. I feel pretty bad for Katy — even if she just almost killed her mom. He then tells her how they’ve risked so much for her that she should feel guilty. Ouch, Michael, go easy on her she’s just a kid! You should really be getting upset with Taylor.

Not surprisingly, Katy runs away. Like most children, she doesn’t venture off too far, but she ends up in the least expected place — the Powell’s front stoop. Evelyn is the first to discover Katy and judging by their conversation, sometimes it’s really hard to remember Evelyn was once a mother. After trying to offer Katy coffee, Evelyn is actually able to be the person Katy needs to hear her out. Evelyn surprises me when she is able to console Katy as she cries in Evelyn’s arms over the fact that her daddy doesn’t want her anymore. Evelyn reassures Katy that none of that is true and returns Katy to her father at home. Good work, Evelyn!

Devious-maids-season-3-episode-6-rosie-ernestoSince Rosie hasn’t been able to get over the fact that she has major feels going on for both her husbands, she goes over to Ernesto’s to ask him to sign an annulment for their marriage. Ernesto won’t agree to sign it, since the annulment states that he would’ve had to have tricked or forced Rosie into their marriage, which they both know isn’t true. Ernesto questions why Rosie even stopped by to ask him when she knew his answer would be no. She tells him that she wants to be seen as only being married to Spence in the eyes of God. That’s when Ernesto leans in for a kiss but Rosie pushes him away telling him she needs to listen to her heart. But I guess her heart was rooting for Team Ernesto at the time because she leans back in for that kiss she missed and throws in a few more behind Spence’s back. Yikes!

Things get ugly when Zoila returns home from Victor’s and tries to throw Reina out of the house. She tells Reina what she discovered about her at Victor’s and demands that she leave. Reina doesn’t seem too apologetic for what she did, but instead is upset that her sister found out about the affair. Wow, what a great sister. While the two are playing tug-of-war suitcase, Zoila goes flying backwards, sending her tumbling down the stairs. She hit each one of those stairs with some pretty hard force. Please let that baby be okay!

Devious-maids-season3-ep6-zoila-hospitalAt the hospital, the doctor tells Zoila that nothing is wrong with the baby.  The doctor also spills the beans on the sex of the baby — it’s a girl! I’m so excited for Zoila but since she can’t put any pressure on her ankle, that means Reina will have to take care of her for a while. Reina’s track record isn’t the greatest— it includes them being in the hospital in the first place!

Marisol meets with Evelyn and Carmen to tell the truth about Adrian and Carmen’s S&M activities. Evelyn immediately fires Carme, but Marisol warns her that she could lose millions by going to court for wrongful termination. Of course, Evelyn immediately hires Carmen back. Unfortunately, Carmen would rather be fired and have that cash.

Evelyn tells Adrian she knows about him and Carmen. But she also got a bright idea after spending some alone time with Katy: She’ll allow Adrian to do whatever it is he pleases as long as he gives her a child. We’ll see how that all works out!

Rosie is honest with Spence about her feelings towards Ernesto ever since he came back. She tells him that she doesn’t know who she wants to be with anymore, but she knows Spence doesn’t deserve a wife who loves someone else, too. Spence is obviously hurt by her words but is willing to fight for the woman he loves. Can we ever have a happy ending in this show?!

Devious-maids-season3-ep6-jesse-marisolTurns out Jesse was simply trying to be a gentleman by rejecting Marisol. He thought he would be taking advantage of her, since she had a few to drink and he wanted their first real moment to be a memorable one. Really, can someone ship a clone of that man to me ASAP?! After hearing that, things get pretty steamy between the two. I think it’s safe to say they’re willing to give this dating thing a try. So does that mean Jesse gets a raise?

Carmen tells Sebastien that she confessed everything to Evelyn. That’s when he mentions that he might not need to be married anymore. In fact, he’s been thinking about this for a while and apparently has a plan on how he could end his marriage and not worry about the prenup. I don’t like where this is headed at all! I’m definitely worried about what exactly his whole plan includes … such as another murder.

Michael ties to have a hear-to-heart conversation with Katy, asking for her forgiveness for yelling at her. He tells her to never run away again because bad people are looking for her. Hmm…that’s not creepy. Things get stranger when Katy questions if Michael will always call her Katy now. He confirms that Katy is her name from now on. What the heck?! We’re definitely missing a huge something here! But there’s a visitor at the door and, to my surprise, it’s Rosie. She lets Michael know that Marisol sent her over to be their new maid. No! What were you thinking, Marisol?! If Rosie dies, this one is on you.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Devious Maids? Do you think Carmen will have to continue her S&M sessions with Adrian? I guess that all depends on if he’ll be willing to give Evelyn what she wants, a child. I’m not exactly sure if the Powell’s should be raising a child at this time. Do you think Rosie will ever make her decision on who she wants to be with? She not only has herself to worry about but Miguel too. What do you think the Stappords are hiding about Katy? Is she the daughter of someone that they killed and now they’re taking care of her because they feel bad? Are you as worried as I am about Rosie being in that murder house? I hope she doesn’t ever bring Miguel! Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Devious Maids airs Mondays at 9/8CT on Lifetime.

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  1. I Love Devious Maids.
    Yes I think Carmen will continue S & M with Adrian, although he should get this from his wife…
    And yes the Powell’s are to old, and to snooty too raise a child at this point…
    Rosie is a lil weak, well her character is… she should make up her mind, and do what’s best for herself, and her son…
    And maybe putting her into the
    Stratford’s house is a way to kill off her weak character…
    I’m a lil iffy on Katie’s background, still a mysterious subject (which is good)…
    Please Continue the Good Writing…

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