Syfy Fourth of July Twilight Zone Marathon 2015 episode schedule

Jeff Pfeiffer

Ready to go back into that other dimension — a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind? Syfy is airing its annual favorite again, the Fourth of July Twilight Zone Marathon. At 19-and-a-half hours, the 2015 edition seems a bit shorter than in other years, and shorter than the New Year’s Eve marathon usually is, but it is a good chance to catch up with a number of classic Twilight Zone episodes, including “The Hitch-Hiker,” pictured here.


Syfy Fourth of July Twilight Zone Marathon 2015 Episodes (All Times ET/PT)

Saturday, July 4
8am: Little Girl Lost
8:30am: The After Hours
9am: The Little People
9:30am: Mr. Dingle, The Strong
10am: A Kind of Stopwatch
10:30am: A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
11am: Long Distance Call
11:30am: A Game of Pool
12pm: A Most Unusual Camera
12:30pm: Stopover in a Quiet Town
1pm: Number 12 Looks Just Like You
1:30pm: A Penny For Your Thoughts
2pm: I Sing the Body Electric
2:30pm: Five Characters in Search of an Exit
3pm: Nick of Time
3:30pm: Kick the Can
4pm: Where Is Everybody?
4:30pm: It’s a Good Life
5pm: The Hitch-Hiker
5:30pm: Third From the Sun
6pm: The Bewitchin’ Pool
6:30pm: The Masks
7pm: Eye of the Beholder
7:30pm: The Obsolete Man
8pm: The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
8:30pm: A Stop at Willoughby
9pm: Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?
9:30pm: To Serve Man
10pm: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
10:30pm: Time Enough at Last
11pm: Living Doll
11:30pm: The Odyssey of Flight 33

Sunday, July 5
12am: The Midnight Sun
12:30am: The Howling Man
1am: The Invaders
1:30am: The Dummy
2am: Dead Man’s Shoes
2:30am: Night of the Meek
3am: Night Call


  1. I just love the Twilight Zone Marathon!!!!!!!!! Wish it was longer than 19 1/2 hours, Thanks SyFy Network you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank u for this marathon, its great that this show can still be found on this channel

  3. “Third from the Sun” is great. Has a “Cold War” feel to it. “The Shelter” has great “Cold War” theme, but not shown this year.

  4. Thanks for running the marathon. I agree with others that it’s to short. Miss “The Hunt”. We’ll have it on all day today. Again thanks

  5. Thanks for this schedule! Now I know when I can catch my favorite TZ episode ‘The Howling Man’.

  6. I too, am disappointed at some of my favorites being omitted this time around: ‘The Obsolete Man’, ‘Jess-Belle’ (one of the hour-long episodes), ‘An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge’ (have never seen this one in any of the marathons–why not?), and others. Plus, it’s discouraging that the episodes themselves have been shortened from their original lengths, to get more commercials in. I’d rather see the FULL episodes, even if it means extending the overall time past the 30 minutes.

  7. Good God! Same thing year after year, but fewer and fewer. Again Mr. Dingle the Strong? Give me a break. It never WAS funny. Nut you NEVER show the 35MM Shrine, which was the first and still one of the best TZs I ever saw — it made me a lifelong devote. Ida Lupino and Marty Balsam and you can’t bring yourself to show it? I saw it just once again in the middle of the night sometime during a Marathon in the early 2000s, What do program directors have against it?

    This year no Last Flight? No Walking Distance? No Mr. Garrity and the Graves? Thank heavens for eerie ones like The Hitchhiker and Willoughby and the Midnight Sun, and the tongue in cheek ones like Will The Real Martian Stand Up and To Serve Man. But quite honestly, I’m sick to death of Burgess Meredith breaking his glasses and that ridiculous thing on the wing menacing William Shatner and those tedious ones like Nick of Time, Five Characters in Search of an Exit and Stopover in a Quiet Town and the ENDLESS Where is Everybody.

    There are so many Twilight Zones, that for the next couple years you could show ones that probably younger viewers have never seen. Why don’t you very the fare a little bit?

  8. Just give me “In His Image” and “On Thursday We Leave For Home” and I’ll be happy.

  9. Not only is it too short, the same episodes over and over and over. When PIX in NYC used to do it back in the 1980s, same thing. Later I got to know a syfy programming director and he tried to show the favorites but also ones that seldom got shown. He told me, verbatim, “we [syfy] do a much better job because we don’t only show the same episodes.” Well, now syfy is doing exactly what he said syfy would never do! Back when syfy first started doing it and this guy was picking the episodes, sure, you’d get the big hits but if you watched for a few 4th of Julys and New Years, you’d end up seeing ones you didn’t know. Now, that NEVER happens. The hour long episodes get short shrift. if they are shown at all. From Agnes with Love, starring the great Wally Cox has NOT ONCE been in a marathon. When was Sounds and Silence last been in a marathon, or Static, and two brilliant enigmatic episodes, The Parallel and A World of Difference. GET IT TOGETHER OVER THERE!!!!!!

  10. I enjoy the marathon each time no mater how long or short it is I recorded one in 1993 witch included the three one hour lost episodes it is to bad they allow less and less time each time but you know how it is no matter how long it is it is never long enough!!!

  11. I too was bummed to see that along with being shorter that alot of great episodes arent being shown, “midnight Sun “, ” i shot an arrow ” and other beloved episodes.

    • Hi,
      You missed the listing for The Midnight Sun on Sunday 12am.
      Enjoy! Happy July 4th!!!

  12. I am so excited!!! One of my favorite times of the year! Hate it is shorter this time. Bout to remind my big brother.

  13. This marathon is the reason that I refuse to travel during the 4th!!! Thank you SyFy…

  14. One of my favs is with Burgess Meredith and his broken eyeglasses.

    “To Serve Man” has the perfect Twilight twist.

    Enjoy looking for the sexy youngsters (in the 1960s) — Robert Redford and William Shatner!

  15. Thanks for the schedule. I will be following along with the help of my TZ boxed set.

  16. Thanks for the schedule . Sorry that the hours of the marathon are short and some great episodes will note be shown like’ Shadow Play’ , ‘ Perchance to Dream’ and ‘Passage for a Trumpet’.

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