We talk TLC’s I Am Jazz with transgender teen activist Jazz Jennings!


When Jazz Jennings was 6 years old, she showed Barbara Walters and a 20/20 crew her ultra-girlie room, then warbled a bit of her favorite song, “In My Own Little Corner” from Cinderella: “In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be. On the wings of my fancy, I can fly anywhere, and the world will open its arms to me.”

It was a poignant moment for reasons well beyond the charming sight of a pretty little girl singing a princess song to her famous guest — because Jazz Jennings was born an anatomical boy, but knew from the time she understood the difference between genders that she is a girl. And from that time on, she’s been on a mission to make the world open its arms to her and to the rest of the transgender community, exactly as they are.

Determined to help that mission, Jazz’s parents, Greg and Jeanette Jennings, quickly enlisted a team of specialists who diagnosed Jazz with gender dysphoria and are helping her navigate the path to adulthood in a culture that can be cruelly narrow-minded. And Jazz? Jazz has shown the world a beautifully feminine face, sparkling personality and empathetic soul that make her a natural and energetic spokesperson for the transgender community, even at her tender age.

“Sometimes it is overwhelming when so many people look up to you and you have a lot riding on your back,” the now 14-year-old admits, “but then I realize this isn’t just about me. It’s about my message and it’s about the community all together. We’re working together, hand in hand, and we’ll do this together and accomplish our goals of overall love, acceptance and tolerance.”

But Jazz also wants her fans — especially other transgender kids — to know that most days her life is a typical teen mix of school, friends, sports, crushes and hanging out with her mom, dad and three siblings. And sometimes getting completely bummed out. Beginning this month, she’ll get the chance, starring with her close-knit clan in the new TLC reality series I Am Jazz.

“When I’m out there speaking, I really don’t display my vulnerable emotions because I want people to think of me as strong and a role model,” says Jazz, who has her own popular YouTube channel on which she talks candidly about her life and shows off her considerable creative flair. “I think that once they see that I also have my moments when I cry, they might admire me as a person more because they will realize that I’m human and that I make mistakes, too.”

But mostly she’s a whole lot of fun, says her proud mom Jeanette.

jazz-jennings-all-that-jazz“When she’s speaking, she’s very serious. People think of her as this serious, focused child who just makes speeches and does great in interviews,” Jeanette says, “but that’s just a small part of who Jazz is. I think people will be surprised to see just how goofy she is. Jazz is a full-blown, goofy, big-personality person and that will come across in the show.” Along with the fact that the little girl who has always known exactly who she is, is growing up quickly.

“I want everyone to understand that this is who I am,” says Jazz, who is now taking testosterone blockers and considering what the future holds in terms of a full transition. “It’s not a choice; it’s just the person that I am on the inside. I think an overall message of the show at first is me transitioning from a boy to a girl and then a girl transitioning into a woman. I’m really excited for people to follow along that journey with me as I approach womanhood.” With a proudly supportive family and a growing network of fans from all walks of life.

“She is a natural-born leader,” says Jeanette. “She is a natural-born speaker. We didn’t know that when she was only 6 years old, but she’s evolved into this wonderful young lady who is a spokesperson for all transgender youth. As long as she wants to keep being an advocate, we’re going to be right there by her side.”


I Am Jazz premieres Wednesday, July 15 on TLC.

Photos courtesy of the Jennings family


  1. I cannot put myself in young Mr Jazz Jennings shoes because he is likely wearing pumps.

    Susan please pray that God has mercy on this family. God does not make mistakes. God made this young person a male, NOT a female. If this family chooses to ignore God’s intent that this person be born, act and live as a male, then yes by all means pray for this family that God have mercy on their souls. The parents wil have to answer before God on judgment day for the manner in which they reared their children.

    Why are things in this world no longer black and white, right and wrong, truth versus untruth….? Why, because Satan has and is wielding his mighty power over unbelievers who refuse to follow the truth.

  2. I can not put myself in Jazz’s or her families position, I have not walked in their shoes. I do believe God loves us (all) of us. Jazz is a beautiful young lady, she is fortunate to have such a loving family. I wish you all the best. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  3. Jazz’s parents will be judged severely by God for allowing and encouraging their “son” to act contrary to The laws of God and the bible.

  4. the only logical person here is Larry, and the real moster of the whole situation is Jazz’Mother.

  5. Ps…, Jazz it’s not hatred but concern and compassion that drives people to want to help you see you are making a big mistake.

  6. It’s troubling to read all the hatered & people quoting the bible for their own need. Jazz , you are , courageous, inspiring, beautiful, articulate, honest. I wish you all the peace and happiness in the world . Whatever your searching for in this life, i hope you find it – you deserve it . Don’t give up & keep the faith ! I hope this little message can inspire you when your down

  7. Jazz is every bit the young lady
    As her girl friends . I definitly am not into reality shows but my fiance is so i find us watching this show about this young lady jazz and there was this scene were she and her mom are having lunch and these two idiot punks walk by and call her a freak . Had i been there i dont think i could have kept my cool but i think i would have cooly taught them a lesson in humility and choke on their own insensitivity . I was a teenager once and had my share of jerks like that and at the age of fifteen began formal martial arts training at the age of forty seven am still studying . I tell ya buddy we all put up with crap at that age . That doesnt mean you have to take it and any young man should be happy to have you on his arm .

  8. “This child deserves respect”?

    Sorry Jessica, you could not be more wrong. Respect behavior that is condemned by the bible?

    I feel really sorry for you Jessica, as you are totally brainwashed with today’s liberal, immoral thinking. Compassion for this person, yes. Pray for this poor soul that Fod has mercy on him while he is acting contrary to
    God’s law, yes.


    Keep thumping your bible Jessica.

    • Good luck on your quest to rescue this world from its madness! By the way … ISIS is always looking for a few good recruits. Then you can really show the infidels a thing or two … heck, you already have the damning people to hell on the Internet down pat. You should be proud of yourself … to bully a child like Jazz no doubt takes a real man with true courage and strength of conviction. I stand in awe … along with all the angels of heaven. How’s that for thumping my bible? Cool, eh??

  9. Ok Jessica, then what do you say about Jazz’s actions? Do you condone it, do you support it, what are your thoughts about what he is doing?

    It’s fine to hide behind quotes from the bible, but have some guts, take a stand and explain what position you take on his actions. Otherwise you are a coward hiding behind biblical quotes.

    • Do you remember what it was like in high school? Did you ever experience any sort of confusion? For whatever reason, the Father chose to allow this child such a circumstance in their life. It is not my place to judge His wisdom in the challenges we face as human beings. Life is certainly not fair at times. We all need to face our challenges – whatever that may be – including that which this child now faces – with faith in Divine Providence. That He that began a good work in you will … well, you know the rest.

      In the end, I have no right to judge this individual by condoning or condemning. It is their path … not mine. Christ reminded us to be in this world, not of it. To stand in judgement is definitely being of this world – and unfortunately – all if its chaos. If you think you can somehow straighten out this very sick world by ‘making a stand’ … good luck with that.

      Compassion – the hallmark of Christ’s ministry on earth – seems to be lacking in your soul. We are reminded to work out our salvation with fear and trembling – not to heap this distress on others. When the scribes and pharissees tried to ‘trip up Jesus’ by asking ‘what about this law, and what about that …’ his response was simple – supreme law, “To love your God with all your heart … and your neighbor as yourself.”

      To encourage this child to seek guidance/counseling since your faith does not support their decision is one thing. It’s an entirely other ‘kettle of fish’ to condemn a person to eternal damnation. Only Christ can do that … or, perhaps I missed the memo – and if so, please accept my humble apologies … Larry, too.

      This is a child that deserves respect … and help along the path … not hell-fire damnation because our egos demand to ‘play God’. Please try to see this from a much, much, much higher vantage point. With the eyes of Christ … if you will. But then … only the Holy Spirit can reveal this to you – not me …

  10. Jessica, when Christ saw wrongdoing he mightily complained about it ( for example the money changers in the temple). We as Christians are not supposed to sit idly by when scandal, immorality and perversion run rampant.

    I don’t judge the person, I judge the act. This kid should not be supported in ANY way as regards what he is doing. It gives bad example to others.

    Big difference Jessica between judging a person and calling out sinful behavior.

    • Christ also saved an adulterous woman from stoning by challenging the would-be assassins, “Let he without sin cast the first stone.” He did not ‘mightily complain’ about her behavior – nor begin hurling stones – since he was clearly without sin.

      Why then, are we so quick to ‘throw stones’ – damning people to hell, etc.? Hatred of any kind is simply part of the dark kingdom. You counter … we are called to action and not sit idly by! We are called to be responsible for our own actions … not to ‘play God’ and save the world. That was his son’s job.

      Remember, Christ also said, “In the last day, there will be those who will say, ‘Master, we did (this) in your name … and (that) in your name … and (the other) in your name – save me Lord!’ And I shall respond – depart from me … I never knew you.”

      • In closing … remember – this is a child we’re speaking about – one that obviously deserves eternal damnation in your estimation. A child that you have no doubt hurt …

        Mt 18:10 Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.

        Mr 9:42 And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

  11. Christ admonished his followers, “Judge not … lest ye be judged. You seek to remove the speck from your neighbor’s eye … first, remove the plank from your own.” Judgement of this child’s path is reserved for divine providence – period. Remember, we shall all stand in judgement one day. It is sad to see self-proclaimed followers of Christ post such vicious, hateful comments here – may God have mercy on your soul.

  12. Dear Es (reply below to Amanda), I am glad you wrote your message because you demonstrate the flawed thinking that many people also make.

    God gave everyone a gender accompanied by the correct anatomical organs. God does not make mistakes. People make mistakes, often due to ignorance or the influence of Satan. This poor soul is totally disregarding God’s plan and is causing scandal by acting in a way contrary to the way God made him. The bible says that the effeminate will be cast into hell. God’s words, not mine.

    By supporting this poor soul, you are assisting him to spending eternity in hell. Real charity is helping souls get to heaven. False charity is assisting them on their way to hell.

  13. Sorry Cali mama, it is actually who are the dangerous one. Oh really, Jesus forgives all sins? Where did you come up with that one? The bible, the word of God, tells us that he’ll awaits for sinners who do not repent and give up their sinful ways. By supporting and promoting what this poor soul is doing, YOU are acting unChristian by supporting and encouraging this poor soul on its way to hell.

    I am so sick of the vast majority of misguided people today who tell people to do whatever they want, as long as they don’t “hurt” anybody, or that Jesus will forgive them. This is actually the language and conduct of Satan. Yes, Jesus will forgive our sins, IF we repent and are truly sorry for our sins, doesn’t seem to me the “it” is repenting for his sinful ways. I pray for this poor soul to stop his sinful ways. Remember, love the sinner, hate the sin.

    • Larry,

      You are a seriously disturbed individual and a fraud.

      How is calling Jazz an “it” and delivering hate-speech loving the sinner?

      My deepest sympathies for anyone who has the misfortune to share their life or home with you. Although, I won’t let that keep me up at night because it is clear that list is quite small. I pray for you to find enlightenment and acceptance and to stop living your life as though the world would be perfect if everyone would just listen to you. Because that my friend, is arrogant and tiresome.

  14. I have never been so horrified in my life as to see the comments here. Anyone of you calling yourselves Christians are total frauds. The good news is that Jesus forgives you of your sins even though you can’t possibly comprehend the sin you are committing.

    Jazz – if you are reading stop here and now and do not continue. These people are ignorant, let God do what he needs to do with them.

    • A-mutherfreaking-men!!!! If I were Jazz’s mother, I would file serious lawsuits against some of the people commenting, this is borderline threatening and harassment. Jazz is an amazing, BRAVE, beautiful young lady, no way in hell does she deserve this kind of hate. It’s bad enough that she has to face it from people she meets on the street, but to have to read about it online, from people who have NO idea what kind of life she has to deal with every single day???? Makes me absolutely ill and blood-boiling angry to see the crap that so called adults post about a CHILD. And yes she is a child, for F”ck sake, leave her and her family alone!!!!!

  15. Open questions to “it” Jennings:

    So you taken blockers. You can’t mastrubate or hae orgasms like normal females can. How then can you call yourself a female?

    You still don’t have a vulva and definitely not a vagina (vagina is internal freak). So how can you call yourself a female?

    You wont be able to menstruate. Girls your age, real girls, face normal changes and mood swings and have to use pads and tampons for real. How can you call yourself a female?

    • Hi Amanda, I’m glad you asked. It’s good to ask questions.

      What you’re doing is making the common mistake of confusing a person’s sexual organs with their gender. Gender is an identity that goes beyond a person’s sex organs, as I am sure you agree. I recently had a hysterectomy, but I am nonetheless a woman. I’m just as feminine now as I ever was. And I couldn’t be a man if I tried!

      That’s because I was lucky enough to be born with a gender identity that matches my sex organs. Jazz was not so lucky. But she IS lucky that she lives in a country and at a time where she is able to express her God-given gender identity even though it conflicts with her god-given sex organs. More power to her!

  16. I’m 100% in agreement with you larry because EVERYTHING your saying is true and in the bible. You people need some serious help to think that messing with gods creations are ok. You all need help and i will be praying for you all

    • You’re just words on a screen, rude and disgusting. You have absolutely no room to judge her for being open and honest with herself because odds are, you’re not perfect. If you wanted to get your point across, try correcting your grammar. You sound stupid.

  17. I hope one day society can be as accepting of stay-at-home Moms. I have a dream that the stigma attached to that term will dwindle and that we can all live in acceptance of one another.

  18. And another thing……..Satan has convinced the majority of the world today that homosexuality is acceptable. Meanwhile, the Bible is replete with messages condemning homosexuality. Homosexuality was classified until recently as a “mental disorder” by the AMA. Homosexuality is a crime against nature. We are taught in the Bible that unrepentant
    Homosexual sinners will burn in hell for eternity.

    Whether you people realize it or not, supporting and encouraging homosexuals is a very unchristian act and is actually assisting these poor souls in spending eternity suffering in hell.

    • Plesae tell me where in the bible homosexual is mentioned. Again look up the term hermaphrodite.

    • Larry,

      You are clearly repressing something pretty huge. Get some help and find your own personal freedom, in the meantime stop cyber bullying an innocent child.

    • Larry, what if the God you worship really is a loving God, and when you get to heaven you find it full of gays and sluts and freaks who are beautiful loving people beloved by a loving God.

      Won’t you be PISSED?

  19. Hi Jazz let me tell you are a Beautiful young Lady ,with a very promising Future, I totally get that you knew and a young age you were born the wrong gender and yes God does make mistakes ,we all do my middle Grandson Logan was at a very young age when we knew he would be Gay at the age of around two he loved the colour Pink ,Pink crocks, pink sunglasses , and he was always and still is very femine and know he is 13 and told his parents I am Gay, and asked how we all felt and the word is PROUD of my Grandson he knows and the Family knows he is who God made him to be and we are all over the Moon in Love ,now he knows how we all feel and he can Venture out into the World s his own self,There is no Shame in being and leading your Life to the full extent of who you , and all the other Transgender and Gay People there are in this somewhat Cruel World ,I Salute you Jazz and My Handsome Grandson Logan for being the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE you,se are Best of LUCK to you and all your Future Endeavers xxx Wendy

    • What a dumb comment. GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES AND YOU NEED NOT FORGET THAT. EVERYTHING HE DOES IS FOR A REASON. You should be very ashamed.

      • Then I am sure the reason God gave Jazz this TV show is to help people understand what it means to be transgender and to accept and love this exceptional, talented young lady.

  20. Yeah right, so are you telling me that God made a mistake? Listen up folks, God created us all, and in his infinite wisdom he knew what he was doing when he gave us a gender. Now if some little freak wants to mess around with God’s plan for him, then we should not celebrate what “it” is doing to itself.

    Another sign that we are in the end times and that Satan is ruling society

    • Larry, your perfect god made this kid the way he was supposed to be. The only ” freak” here is you. I’d like to reiterate the sentiments of the others and say Shut the F up.

    • Since you point out God makes no mistakes, why would you try to prevent Jazz from expressing herself exactly the way God made her? It sounds like you’re trying to make the beautiful variety of God’s creation fit into your narrowly defined little boxes.

      I think perhaps you need to trust God a little more, Larry, and have more respect for his creation than that.

    • Larry, the “only mistake” God ever made was creating you! Shut-up you F#$#ing idiot!!!

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