The Whispers Season 1 episode 5 recap: “What Lies Beneath”

Scott Fishman
(ABC/Eike Schroter) LILY RABE
(ABC/Eike Schroter) LILY RABE
(ABC/Eike Schroter)

More pieces of the puzzle as it relates to who (or what) Drill is fall into place on tonight’s episode of ABC’s The Whispers.

The episode kicks off with Claire and her son Henry being checked for radiation. They is no evidence of any radiation exposure. They theoretically should be dead. When Claire is told it was some sort of a miracle, she responds with, “I’m sorry doctor. I don’t believe in miracles.” I’m thinking Claire wasn’t a Disney kid growing up. Henry is under the impression that he can hear again because Drill can perform magic.

A new child under Drill’s manipulation is Ethan, who is seen putting together what we believe is some sort of device. Wes and the rest of the staff try to figure out how the energy got trapped from the meltdown and who is behind it. He then goes to question Sean Bennigan, who doesn’t remember much, aside from knowing Drill isn’t done. Wes tells his wife Lena Lawrence and daughter Minx to go to stay with grandma. Lena refuses. This is some sort of turn-on for Wes, as it leads to some kissy time. Lena notices Minx is slowly changing in her mannerisms and personality. She is concerned, especially because Minx tells her that she asked Drill to make her and Wes love each other again, and she got her wish.

Claire is also trying to take precautions for her family by installing a security system to keep an eye on Henry. She tries to get answers out of Sean with a questioning session of her own. Claire shows her husband pictures of their family to try to get him bring up any memories of his past. We find out Sean and Claire didn’t meet on Tinder, but were set up by Claire’s father. Wes goes to check on the polygraph reading and notices the pattern looks strikingly similar to the rock formation accompanying the plane crash in the desert.

(ABC/Eike Schroter)

Sean shows Claire his tattoos and how everyone represents some disaster or tragic event that has happened. Don’t think these are creations you will see on “Ink Master.”There was one he didn’t know the origins of…As 33. Claire must of paid attention to middle school chemistry and the lesson on the periodic table, remembering that As is arsenic with the atomic number 33. She decides that is a possible step in the right direction.

Later on, Claire finds As is in reference to a team with number 33 on a jersey belonging to a boy that turns out to be Ethan. When she goes to question him about Drill, he is working on a volcano. Ethan is actually son of Renee, who is Wes’ secretary. Ethan tells Claire he was told by Drill to build the volcano and call his mom at a specific time to get advice on making it work (oh snap!). If only children listened to their parents as much as they listened to their imaginary friend.

(ABC/Eike Schroter)

Claire is under the impression Wes is a target and calls Lena looking for him. Lena starts getting paranoid with her surroundings and puts a gun by her bedside table. Meanwhile, Wes is talking to African officials about wanting to go underground. The leaders tell him the site and what is contained there is their property.

Their feelings change when they get freaked out watching bulldozers go digging and find a mysterious rock illuminated in some blue substance. Simultaneously, Sean starts getting a bad reaction and feeling they have found something. Wes witnesses the lights flickering and the blue gets more prominent. This leads to the proverbial cliff-hanger. Who is Drill? We aren’t quite sure just yet, but I’m pretty sure he/she/it doesn’t have a Facebook profile. Believe me, I checked.

The Whispers airs Monday nights at 10/9CT on ABC.

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