Devious Maids Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Adios, Mama

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP5-AdrianNow that Spence and Rosie have agreed to help Ernesto stay in the US longer, they have to work out the issues of co-parenting. They’re off to a rocky start already when Spence and Ernesto argue whether or not the topic of being damned to Hell should be brought up whenever Miguel swears. I’m sure they can overlook that issue but one that Ernesto can’t look past is that his son hasn’t been to church in a long time. He promises that he’ll be in charge of keeping the faith alive in Miguel by taking him to church on Sundays. However, Sundays are Spence’s special one-on-one days with Miguel so now Rosie has to get in the middle of her two husbands, yet again, to sort things out.

Now that Carmen has agreed to be Adrian’s private dominatrix mistress, Sebastien is even more furious with Carmen. He tries to get her to stop what she’s doing with constant text messages but the money is too hard to turn down. However after an unannounced visit from Marisol, Carmen and Adrian’s little secret isn’t one they can keep between just the two of them anymore. Marisol had stopped by the Powell’s home to check in on Carmen but instead saw a rather unpleasant sight of Carmen in a leather suit, whipping Adrian. Carmen comes over to visit Marisol at her home and that’s when Marisol lets her know she needs to immediately stop whatever it is she’s been doing with Adrian. Carmen agrees but nosey Adrian won’t let her off so easily.

After Genevieve wasn’t very open with the cops about her and Louie’s past relationship, Zoila demands answers as to what happened that made their past so horrible. Genevieve finally tells Zoila the truth and lets her know that she and Louie had made a sex tape. Yeah, I didn’t think that was going to be her answer but Genevieve says that’s not even the worst part. I got pretty nervous as to what the worst part could be. Turns out the horrific part is that the two tried a sex move that involves one to be quite flexible. He ended up showing all his buddies at the tennis club which rightfully so, made Genevieve furious. I would go to the cops just as Zoila advised Genevieve to do but you know Genevieve- she’s always worried about her reputation in the community. She’s afraid to tell the cops about Louie’s private screening because if any news leaks to the public, she’ll be the town’s laughing stock. Plus now that her doctor Christopher, has awkwardly confessed his true love for her she’s afraid he’ll run away.


Zoila calls Carmen for some advice about Genevieve’s sex tape and ends up spilling the beans on who was involved in the tape. I don’t know why Zoila thought Carmen of all people would be able to keep a secret but she tells her anyway. Of course, I know Carmen too well and she ends up telling the secret to Evelyn- who already wants to get revenge on Genevieve for having the cops investigate her about Louie’s murder. It was either Carmen loses her job for ruining another shirt of Evelyn’s with her horrendous ironing skills or release the dirty secret. Zoila’s in trouble now.

Rosie goes over to Ernesto’s place to see if she could sort out who gets Miguel on Sundays. When she’s greeted by Ernesto he’s only clothed in a towel. You bet Rosie forgot everything she went there for and was stumbling to find her words. Eventually she got around to the question of asking Ernesto whether or not he could switch days and he immediately agreed. It was really nice for Ernesto to agree to switch days but with the way Rosie was thinking, she had to run out of his apartment immediately. Rosie can’t seem to get over the trip she took to Ernesto’s because she had one steamy dream while she was sleeping next to her new husband. This spicy dream involved Spence being gone and Ernesto coming over to Rosie’s and seducing her without much resistance. Wow Rosie, you sure have a rough life with two men willing to do anything for you to show how much they love you- not! But I guess it is hard on you because you have to make a decision at the end of the day because you’re technically married to two men, right?

Adrian already knew that Carmen was involved in a relationship with a married man but never could get her to tell him who he was. He started to get more and more nosey and discovered that he already had met the man. After having a private meeting with Sebastien about looking for a new house that would be able to include a dungeon for his S&M pleasures, Adrian realizes Sebastien is the guy Carmen is with. Adrian noticed Sebastien getting upset after he asked for his dungeon and later saw the couple kissing in the hallway as he spied on them. With this new information, Adrian had the upper hand when Carmen tried to tell him she wasn’t going to be involved in his mistress acts anymore. He told her that if she stopped doing what he asked, he’d let everyone know about her and Sebastien’s secret little relationship. You sure did it now, Carmen.

Now that Carmen has let the cat out of the bag about Genevieve’s special film, Evelyn immediately took action. She went to the tennis club to talk to one of Louie’s friends and paid him to show her the film. She ends up seeing Genevieve at lunch with Christopher and sends the video to everyone at the restaurant through a text. Genevieve is horrified but Christopher lets her know he’s not concerned about the film because he knows everyone has a past. After finding out Zoila broke her promise by telling Carmen, Genevieve lets her know she’s going to go to Greece with Christopher and leave her alone with the new baby. It broke my heart to hear Genevieve say that to Zoila. They’re such good friends that I hope Genevieve realizes what she’d be doing and comes back home. I don’t trust that wacko doc!

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP5-JesseA new relationship might start to bud as Marisol and Jesse’s relationship has crossed the employee-employer line. While Marisol was talking to Carmen about Jesse she mentioned how gorgeous she thinks he is and that she has to always remind herself to look into his eyes and not his chest when she’s talking to him. Jesse just so happened to be cleaning the vents at that time and could hear everything the two were talking about. He let Marisol know but the warning was a bit too late. Marisol tries letting Jesse know that she doesn’t want him to feel unappreciated after what she said and he hints to her that he’s happy she said those things because the feelings are mutual. I say go for it, Marisol because if you don’t someone else will soon!

Michael was able to get a contact number for Blanca with Marisol’s help. He contacted Blanca’s sister in Arizona and found out that they too haven’t been able to contact her. Her sister tells him that they checked her bank account and found out that the Stappords had been giving Blanca extra money. When Michael comes to Taylor with all this information she’s very hesitant to respond. She eventually answers the questions about the extra money by telling him she was helping Blanca pay for college. Taylor says Blanca was doing such a good job that she thought it would be the right thing to do. Michael catches Taylor in her lies because before this conversation, all Taylor could do was complain about how unfit Blanca was. Michael pushes Taylor by letting her know that he thinks she was paying off Blanca because she knew what happened to Louie.

Taylor tells Michael once again that she never was having an affair with Louie and Michael knows she’s telling the truth. Michael then lets out a shocking confession- he knows Louie was at their house the night of the murder because he sent him there. I definitely didn’t see that one coming! It was the night of Marisol’s book party and the night Michael was leaving town for a business trip. Michael had met up with Louie at the party to give him a key to their house and money so he could spy on Taylor. Michael thought Taylor was having an affair and paid Louie to spy on Taylor that night and get proof. He knew it’d be the perfect night since he was leaving on business. Taylor is shocked to discover the news that Michael was trying to spy on her. Michael is so frustrated and upset that he leaves his house to stay at a hotel.

Katy overhears her mom yelling on the phone at someone about what happened to Blanca, which wakes her up. She sees that her mom is so upset so she tries to step up to the plate and help since daddy isn’t there. Katy notices the bottle of “happy pills” as Taylor referred to them, sitting next to her wine glass on the table. When Taylor leaves Katy gives her mom an extra dosage of happy pills by putting almost the remainder of the bottle into her wine glass. Well I can already guess how this one is going to play out and it’s not going to be good. Now I can confirm we have a murderous child on our hands. Marisol stops by the next morning to see how Taylor is doing but is greeted at the door by Katy. When Marisol asks where her mother is Katy tells her that she hasn’t got up from the couch yet. Panicked, Marisol runs in to find Taylor unconscious on the couch. Marisol immediately dials 9-1-1 and we’re cut off until next time. How could you leave us with such a cliffhanger?! The good thing is, if Taylor is dead this seems purely innocent. I just hope this apple falls very far from the tree and doesn’t end up in more murder business like mommy.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Devious Maids? Were you as shocked as I was at how much went down in this episode? I couldn’t believe all the drama they were able to pack into one episode. Bravo! Do you think Rosie will ever be able to pick one husband and stick with him? What do you think Carmen will do now that Adrian has warned her about leaking her and Sebastien’s secret? Maybe this is a good thing because if the truth comes out Sebastien won’t be stringing his wife along. How will we know where Blanca is if Taylor is dead? Do you think Michael will help investigate since his wife was behind all of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney