Lifetime Film “Perfect High” Explores Teen Heroin Addiction

Perfect High
Perfect High
Bella Thorne, Ross Butler, Daniella Bobadilla and Israel Broussard star in Perfect High
Photo Courtesy of Lifetime ©2015

Lifetime presents a gripping new drama that explores a danger that is reacing epidemi status amongst American teens: heroin addiction.

In Perfect High, Bella Thorne plays Amanda, a high-school dance star who starts using prescription painkillers after a knee injury. When a popular group adopts her, what was once medication becomes recreation when pill sharing leads to an even more dangerous addiction.

“The film shows that heroin can affect anybody and how addiction is a steep, downward slope,” says co-star Ross Butler. “It will derail your life.”

Butler calls his character, “A party guy,” who is part of the new crowd that Amanda joins. Butler has recently appeared on K.C. Undercover as K.C’s (Zendaya) partner/love interest and in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach 2. But he is especially proud of Perfect High because he thinks the film, which is based on real events, is a cautionary tale that teens need to hear.

Photo by Duane Prentice © 2015.
Photo by Duane Prentice © 2015.

“Perfect High deals with the heroin epidemic that’s going on in America,” he says. “For some reason, the drug is making a comeback. There is a crazy statistic that I heard that says a large number of American teens think it’s okay to try heroin once or twice and think that they won’t have any consequences. This film addresses that. Not only the dangers of heroin, but also the fact that anyone can be pulled into addiction.”

Perfect High > Lifetime > Saturday, June 27 at 8pm ET/PT



  1. I was horrified at watching this film about how easy it can be for a young person to easily become drawn into the web of drug addiction. This movie was very well done atgiving us a perfect example of how this can happen to the nicest and best of any young adult and that they can come from the best of homes and families.please let me know if I may purchase a copy of this film. I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely Elaine Wilson

  2. The movie was excellent in showing the dangers a young teen or young adult can get themselves into in today’s world of prescription drugs. I would like to know where I can purchase the movie Perfect High. Thank you Elaine Wilson

    • Karen,
      I will check tomorrow when I’m in the office and will let you know!!

  3. The best movie I’ve seen so far, truly a life lesson that more teens need to put into affect

  4. Pain killers r a problem. The fact of that physical rehap should b done every time pain is felt not pain killer.

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