Skin Wars season 2 episode 3 recap – Musical Harmony

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Skin Wars season 2 episode 3 is a musical episode. We begin with a mini-challenge that sets up this week’s actual mini-challenge. It’s like a box of Cream of Wheat, with a guy holding a box of Cream of Wheat. Zendaya is with Rebecca and Ru and she’s brought a bunch of musical instruments. The artists have to play musical chairs to find out which instrument they must incorporate into their mini-challenge paint.

The artists need to create a front or back paint using the instrument as inspiration. They must bring the spirit of the instrument to life, not just paint the instrument. Fernello has no idea what to do with the accordion. Come ON Fernello! I have no visual arts skills and even I thought of something to do with the accordion. My wife & I went to Paris & she wanted an accordion player to follow us around so we’d have a Rick Steves soundtrack for our trip. An accordion player DID follow us out of the train station. He wanted a tip. Actual Parisians wanted him gone. A good time was had by all.

But I digress. Cheryl Ann instructs us that you can’t dull a diamond. Actually, Cheryl Ann, you could. It’s called dirt (if you mean dull does not equal shiny). Or another diamond (if you mean dull as in hardness). Or maybe medication (if you’re talking about Diamond David Lee Roth.)

The top 3 musical painters are Aryn, Rio and Lana. Cheryl Ann is a little bit shocked that she’s not in the top 3. Humph! Not a dull diamond! Rio is the winner. Hooray Rio!

Rio musical Skin Wars season 2 episode 3

Now for the concept challenge, the painters have to compete in teams of 2. Rio gets to pick the teams. He decides he’s going to shake up the beehive and wisely chooses Avi for himself. The other teams are:

  • Dawn Marie & Cheryl Ann
  • Aryn & Fernello
  • Kyle & Lana
  • Rachel & Sammie

Each team has to pick 2 musical genres & create 2 paints that mash-up those 2 musical genres. The 2 paints must create a cohesive whole. The selected genres are:

  • Hair Metal & Reggae
  • Country Western & Pop
  • Punk & Hip Hop
  • Latin & Psychedelic Rock
  • New Wave & Motown

Of COURSE Cheryl Ann picks Country Western. She can paint a horse! And she can paint the best horses, she really can. Her only wish is that she could control Dawn Marie. She has her own studio, you know. She can control everything there.

Fernello tries to convince Aryn tAryn Skin Wars season 2 episode 3hat Hip Hop & Punk Rock have one thing in common. The police. Huh? At first I thought he meant Sting. When the judges are around, Fernello decides that it’s gold & silver chains that unite the two genres. I suppose that makes more sense?

While working Cheryl Ann ‘compliments’ Dawn Marie by calling her a ‘good assistant.’  Dawn Marie doesn’t really take it as a compliment. To Cheryl Ann’s credit, she recognizes that it wasn’t a compliment & she apologizes by calling it a Freudian slip. Dawn Marie rightly says that actually makes it worse. Oh, Cheryl Ann. You’re not in your studio right now. Damn Dawn Marie for not being a robot! (Does anyone reading work for Cheryl Ann’s studio? I assume she’s not always this passive-aggressive? Please tell.)

On the mainstage runway, most of the groups get overall positive feedback, or at least that’s what Skin Wars shows. Although, the judges are getting pretty sick of Cheryl Ann’s horses. She puts a horse on it the way Portlandia puts a bird on it.

Rachel Skin Wars season 2 episode 3And then Fernello goes there. He thought Aryn would be hard to work with. Aryn looks like a ticking time bomb to him. Doesn’t she? Doesn’t she look like a TICKING TIME BOMB? All women are ticking time bombs. Didn’t you know that? I mean, I scare myself I’m such a ticking time bomb. There’s a lot of laughter, so I’m thinking this was not unexpected from him. Rachel does look like she’s  backhanding him from afar.  I’m loving Aryn even more as the judges asked her why she thought she would have problems with Fernello. She said it’s because he’s got dumb ideas. Awesome. Go girl.

Fernello and Aryn are safe. Rio & Avi and Lana & Kyle are the top 2 teams. Rio & Avi are the winning team and Rio is the ultimate winner of this week’s challenge.

Rio & Avi's winning paint Skin Wars season 2 episode 3

In the bottom are Cheryl Ann & Dawn Marie and Rachel & Sammie. Rachel’s been in the bottom every week, so I’m thinking it’s her turn to go. Cheryl Ann & Dawn Marie are sent to safety. In the end, Sammie is safe & Rachel is going back to Havaii.

Of COURSE the models ‘wash off their canvases’ together. Oh, Skin Wars.

What do you guys think? Are you as psyched as I am for next week’s episode? There’s some Laganja death-drop realness going on there! Click! Trill! Props to ya mawma! I saw I think Alyssa and Yara Sofia as well. Come on drag queens!


  1. I guess I did lose my first note so I’ll make it quick.

    I’m so excited for next week. I can’t wait to see the drag queens.

  2. I’m starting to love Aryn as well which is good because I’m not a big fan of most of the artists so far.

    I am really looking forward to next week and the drag queens. I’m even more excited now that you think you spotted Yara Sofia and Alyssa, I tried scanning the faces to see if any of Ru’s girls were there but I wasn’t quick enough.

    This is completely off topic but while I was watching the show tonight I realized that I found the idea of having someone paint your butt is really weird.

    • Your first comment got flagged as potential spam. My ‘real’ job here is actually the technical stuff on the website so I fixed it for you. Not sure why you got flagged – butt is pretty tame as far as spam goes 😉

      I’m liking Aryn too & I wonder if they’re setting up a win for her. I also love Kyle. He’s so randomly weird when he tries to put a narrative together but he paints well & I love his confessionals. He kinda reminds me of Joslyn Fox.

    • I’m thinking getting your stomach painted might be weirder – the tickle factor.

      OH – or under the arms. I’d have a hard time sitting still for that!

    • They are all Ru’s girls. There is Detox, Mariah, Vivienne, Jessica Wild, Tammie Brown, Alyssa, Yara, and someone else.

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