BOOM! Explosive New Game Show is Da Bomb!

BOOM! Kellie Freeze
Boom goes the dynamite chicken. image credit: Ray Mickshaw / FOX
Boom goes the dynamite … chicken.
image credit: Ray Mickshaw / FOX

On BOOM!, FOX’s new trivia game show, you either get money or you get messy! Teams of family members, friends or even coworkers try to defuse bombs by clipping wires corresponding to the correct answers of trivia questions. Those who correctly answer the increasingly difficult questions stay clean and earn cash. But a wrong answer turns sloppy; if a contestant clips an incorrect wire, the bombs unleash an explosion of gross proportions as chili, chocolate pudding or even pizza sauce bursts forth. “When you know you have a very physical manifestation of your wrong answer exploding in your face, it suddenly becomes very real,” says comedian Tom Papa, who hosts the high-intensity high jinks.

Papa reveals that, of the bombs that have exploded, a bomb filled with oatmeal was the worst. “The ones that gross me out are the ones with chunks,” he laughs.

Not only do Papa and the contestants get soaked in the explosive goo, but so does the audience, especially those in The Splatter Zone, where they gleefully await torrents of sloppy spray beneath rain ponchos reminiscent of a 1980s show of prop-comic Gallagher.

Host Tom Papa and a contestant wait to see if she gets money … or messy.
Image credit: Ray Mickshaw / FOX

I asked Papa what his strategy has been when dealing with the exploding bombs and in the image at right, he seems to be employing a “contestant shield”  i.e. using the contestant as a human shield. “My reactions are very real,” he says. “I don’t know what’s in the bombs, I don’t know the answers, I just know if they cut the wrong wire, we’re all in trouble.” And even if he ducks and covers, Papa reveals that he’s still gonna get soaked. He told me that he destroyed 20 suits shooting the show’s episodes, including one by a bomb that was so potent that, “Red, cherry filling soaked through my suit, through my dress shirt and the shirt I had on underneath and stained my skin! I was a very, cherry mess!”

In the final round, the Mega Money Bomb can multiply winnings up to $500,000 or unleash an epic torrent of mess. “These people have a chance to win real money; you really start to root for them,” says Papa. “I want them to win because I’m in it with them, but I know there’s a portion of the audience that wishes the bomb to go off.”

Papa also admits that he gets really excited when the contestants walk away with big money … most of the time. “There are people from all over — just a group of great characters. There are some people that you just fall in love with and you want them to win in a bad way … then there are people who you go, ‘Nah, I wouldn’t mind so much if a bomb went off.'”
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  1. Would love to be in the poncho splash zone love the show very exciting never miss it also the host is wonderful

  2. Hi, finally something worth watching on TV. My daughter and I watch BOOM every Thursday night and we love it!!! I would love to be able to be a contestant with my husband and mom, can you let me know how to apply? Thank you!!!

  3. The other day i watched the show cheat. A reindeer is faster than an elk and the game saod the elk was thats wrong that girl shouldnt have lost yall cheat. Not Fair.

  4. I would love to learn how to become a contestant for this intriguing new show.!Let me know how and where to sign up at.

  5. I cannot help but be disturbed by the complete and extravagant waste of food, while so many people suffer in hunger throughout the world. Can’t the producers think of a better alternative? Shameful.

    • would like to know how we can become contestants on this game show??? Can someone please let me know how?? Thank u very much

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