Devious Maids Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Need a hand?

On this week’s episode of Devious Maids, we finally find out who the severed leg found in the Powell’s garden belongs to. But before we get into the juicy details of the murder, let’s talk about Ernesto and Rosie reconnecting for the first time.

This is the first time the two have met to talk since the wedding incident that left Rosie unconscious. Rosie shows Ernesto a picture of their boy, Miguel, and lets him know that he’s doing well. She’s just not too sure what to tell Miguel about Ernesto because she herself isn’t certain what the heck is going on.

Ernesto tells Rosie that he was working undercover with the cartel, when someone tipped them off about Ernesto’s true identity. That’s when they took him away and since most cops are corrupt and work with the cartel, it was easy for Rosie to believe Ernesto’s partner’s lie about Ernesto being dead. He tells her that the only thing keeping him alive the entire time was the thought of Rosie still being somewhere out there waiting for him. Whoops, looks like he got a reality check once he found out Rosie moved on. Can’t blame her though; she thought her husband had been dead for years.

As Jesse is taking care of the flowers at his new job working for Gail Fleming, he makes a horrific discovery. There is apparently yet another dismembered body part to add to the collection so far found on Devious Maids Season 3! Jesse finds a severed hand in the bushes at Gail’s home, something which she wants absolutely no part of. She tells Jesse to throw the hand into the Powell’s yard since they already had a leg. Who knows — maybe they were looking for that hand this whole time.

JDevious-Maids-Season3-EP4-Handesse goes to Marisol with the information about Gail wanting him to “relocate” the hand and she’s furious. She goes over to Gail’s house to “give her a hand” about what she should do with the situation. Since Jesse already had the hand in his possession, Marisol takes the hand over to Gail’s and tells her she has two options, both of which involve the cops. Gail eventually promises to put the hand back where she found it so she can then call the cops. Unfortunately, Jesse loses his job for telling Marisol everything which only further proves what a horrible person Gail is. No need for Jesse to worry about finding another job, though — Marisol kindly offers him a position working for her. She could really use his help.

Ernesto meets again with Rosie, but this time Miguel accompanies the two. It doesn’t seem like Miguel quite understands what’s going on, which is normal since I still don’t fully understand and I’m an adult. Rosie tells Ernesto that while she’ll always love him, she’s now with Spence and chooses him over Ernesto. I think Ernesto knew that was coming, but he asks Rosie for a favor since he has already lost her. He asks for Rosie’s permission to allow Miguel to go back with him to Mexico to live with him. I’m shocked that he asked her that since he just showed up in Miguel’s life once again and now wants to take him away from a stable environment in another country. Rosie is also surprised by his request but leaves without giving him a full answer. I can’t imagine Rosie willingly giving her son to someone else!

Taylor Stappord appears to be more and more suspicious as the season continues. When Carmen comes over asking for Blanca — and more importantly the dress she lent her —Taylor tells Carmen that Blanca left. She says that Blanca just quit the night before for no reason and took everything with her. She also mentions that Blanca might have moved back home to Arizona, but I know Taylor only said that to keep the people away from searching for Blanca.

Michael has also noticed the odd behavior that his wife has displayed since he’s been home. He goes to his daughter Katy to get more information. It’s sad he’s using his daughter but hey, at least he’ll hopefully get some answers. Katy eventually tells Michael that Taylor had a guy over late at night while he was gone. She was hesitant to say so at first because she thought she’d get in trouble for telling him, since she was supposed to be asleep when Taylor had a visitor. Michael reassures her she’s in no kind of trouble but I’m not too sure if she’s safe from her mother.

Using the information he received from their daughter, Michael tells Taylor that he knows about her cheating on him. He says that his thoughts about her having an affair were verified once Katy told him about the man coming over late at night. She tells him he’s being ridiculous because she’s not having an affair. In fact, the man that came over was the Thai food delivery guy. It may be true that she’s not having an affair — because she’s too busy killing and kidnapping people. Michael tells Taylor that he’s okay with her answer now because he will get to the bottom of everything that’s been going on. I just hope he makes sure to do so quickly because he may not have as much time on this Earth as he thinks.

Rosie talks with Spence and tries to convince him that they should try moving to Mexico to start over. I’m not sure what she’s worried about running away from in the U.S. but it’s clear she’s trying to compromise for Ernesto. Spence also realizes what she’s doing which makes Rosie break down and tell the truth behind what she said. She feels bad about leaving Ernesto without Miguel since that’s all he has left. She also feels like it was her fault that she didn’t know about Ernesto being alive and is now punishing herself. She knows she can’t keep Ernesto away from Miguel but doesn’t know what to do. Poor Rosie, it’s not your fault! How were you supposed to know that your dead husband was actually alive this whole time?

After speaking with Miguel, Spence comes up with an idea to help Ernesto out in order to keep him in the U.S. longer. This way Ernesto would be able to spend more time bonding with Miguel instead of the boy having to move to Mexico. The couple invites Ernesto over to tell him about the great news, but he doesn’t seem too thrilled. They tell him that they’re going to help extend his Visa and find him an apartment close by so he can spend all the time he wants with Miguel. Ernesto seems on edge when he finds out that all of this was Spence’s idea. I don’t blame Ernesto for feeling that way since this might just be a cover up way for Spence to keep a closer eye on him. Either way I hope Miguel benefits from this.

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP4-GenevieveAfter getting the fingerprints off of the severed hand found in Gail’s yard, the cops were able to I.D. the person the hand belonged to. After speaking with Gail, the cops find out that the deceased man had a past romantic relationship with Genevieve that didn’t end too well. Immediately the cops head over to Genevieve’s house to ask her questions, but I know there’s no way she was the one who murdered Mr. Becker. As the news stations are covering the latest information on the case, Taylor seems to be getting more and more nervous as she’s watching TV. The reporter mentions that they are closing in on a suspect now that they have identified the victim which makes Taylor pop some sort of pills into her mouth.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Devious Maids? Were you shocked to find out that Spence was willing to help Ernesto spend more time with Miguel in America? I’m sure he wants to help out Rosie and Miguel but I think he’s glad he can keep a close eye on Ernesto. Plus, now he doesn’t have to move to Mexico anytime soon — or be worried about his wife leaving him. Do you think Michael will find out what Taylor has done since he’s been gone? I think he’s going to investigate a little too much which will only make Taylor angrier. She’s not so pretty when she’s angry! Do you think any incriminating evidence will pop up against Genevieve? I really hope not because I love Genevieve — even if she’s been linked to over a dozen relationships. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Devious Maids airs Mondays at 9/8CT on Lifetime.

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney