Killjoys – Syfy’s Latest Series Premieres Tonight

Channel Guide Staff

Syfy debuts its new series, Killjoys, tonight (June 19) at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT). Killjoys — formally known as “Reclamation Agents” — are bounty hunters, licensed to pursue different types of warrants (anything from reclaiming missing goods to assassination) in a galaxy far from our own. The series is set in the future — it’s not clear exactly when in the future — in a planetary system called The Quad (a dwarf planet and three colonized moons).

In the first episode, we meet Dutch (Hannah-John Kamen), a tough-as-nails, yet totally gorgeous Killjoy and her partner John (Aaron Ashmore – also totally gorgeous), who is both smart and sarcastic. When a death warrant is posted for John’s estranged brother D’avin (Luke Macfarlane), the duo works to save D’avin from his fate, and to save their own hides.

The show (from what I’ve seen thus far) is dramatic, peppered with a bit of humor, and easy to follow. They do a good job explaining the setup of the galaxy and the RAC (Reclamation Apprehension Coalition, for whom they work), without muddying up the storyline too much. It’s clear by the end of the first episode that D’avin, who is well-trained in combat (and suffering from PTSD as a result) is going to be a permanent fixture on the show, and the John and Dutch duo is going to become a trio. (I predict a love triangle, as well.)

The show was created by writer/showrunner Michelle Lovretta (creator of Lost Girl) and is produced by Temple Street Productions (producers of Orphan Black). Here’s Syfy’s trailer for Killjoys: