Alone, History’s bold survival experiment, premieres tonight!

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"I feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony. So much work to do." -Sam, Survivalist, Alone

If you were alone — REALLY alone — in the wilderness, what do you think would do you in first? The wild, predatory animals? The harsh terrain? Or the unfathomable loneliness that can only come from being totally cut-off from all of humanity? (I want to say the loneliness would get me, but I’m pretty sure I’d be mauled by a black bear before I had the chance to pine for human contact. But then again, I’m no survivalist. Thank goodness the contenders on Alone are, or this series would be done after day one.)

Tonight at 10pm ET/PT (9pm CT), History will air the premiere of Alone, a 10-episode series which places 10 hardcore survivalists into the wilderness of Vancouver Island with one, and only one mission: stay alive. History calls this “the country’s boldest and longest survival experiment ever captured for television.” I had the pleasure of watching the first episode early, and was pleasantly surprised: as promised, it’s not gimmicky, and is definitely grittier than the prettied-up reality television we’ve all come to expect.

Part of what makes the series so compelling is that there are no teams, no alliances, no producer-imposed challenges: each of the 10 men are completely and utterly alone. Divided by water or impassable mountains to ensure total isolation from each other, Alone‘s contenders don’t even have camera crews following them around. The self-documentary style of filming gives the show a bit of a Blair Witch feel, especially when the night vision cameras capture the fear of these men under the fall of darkness, as they work to keep away their predators: wolves, black bears, and cougars. (Vancouver Island has the highest amount of cougar attacks in North America.) Equipped with only 10 items for survival (in addition to their clothes), the goal for each man is to outlast the others, and the winner will receive a cool $500,000.

History Alone
Vancouver Island, though beautiful, is full of harsh and unforgiving terrain

Each contestant gets a satellite phone, and can tap out when he gets to the point where he simply can’t go any further; a rescue team shows up to remove him from the island. The first episode covers just a bit more than one day (my guess is that one person taps out per episode); however, one man’s personal goal is to make it to 90 days, so I wonder if this is more of a 10-day or a 3-month experience. I guess we’ll find that out in the 9 hourlong episodes that remain after tonight’s premiere (which air in the same 10pm ET/PT, 9pm CT timeslot as tonight’s episode).

Here’s a first look at tonight’s episode:

Head over to History’s Alone webpage (here) for a 10-minute sneak peek of the premiere, and even more info on the series. Here, you can see bios of all of the contenders … who do you think will outlast the others? Let me know what you think, in the comments.


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  1. The right man won. To all those who are questioning the tarp count situation. I think as a basic piece of survival gear they were given by the show was a tarp. They then could bring one and another. Personally I’d of like to of seen no tarps.

  2. Do you think contestant get a weekly stipend since they are not working while filming the series.

  3. everyone is making judgements about their survival skills based on very small clips of them, they are there around the clock dealing with weather etc. I don’t think that’s fair, everyone says they can do this or that until your in the situation you really can’t say what you would do. no one can control the weather, temp , fish or game animals. I just don’t think people should criticize until you walked in someone else’s shoes, just saying.

    • They’re in here complaint about 10 men whom survivor skills checked out. It’s easy for the real whiners/trolls to get on here & post “I can do this or that” lol. No doubt these men went thru a lot. I grew up on a farm & busted my butt but even when u was young & strong w/a lot of skills no way would that have made me capable of doing this & yes I grew up in the northeast where we get snow not in a rain forest or the warm coast. Big difference to 10-50 below & living outside w/no heat. & the real pansies whom don’t live thru snow, ice cold rain won’t make it w/out air or heat. I couldn’t. Plus your growing your food they can’t fruit loop dingus

  4. There is a lot of “big talk” about how wimpy those guys are, how easy the challenge is, and how you all could do so much better! Prove it! Do the challenge and then let’s talk about how well you did.

  5. Well let me say if you have never been totally alone 24/7 you don’t know how your mind will work and as for as the amount of activity you can do in a day depends on how well you are eating.i am 65 and would love to compete.raised in the swamps and woods in mississippi.cowboy/cattle rancher.if you want to see how it’s done $

  6. these guys are not survival experts try putting marine recon and a navy seal and a army ranger or a green beret then you’ll have a show about survivalist

  7. So Lucas makes a boat, and has two different camera shots from shore of him paddling, pretty amazing camera work, considering they are shooting their own scenes. Also curious how they recharge the batteries on the cameras, and how the rescue crew got onto an ISLAND by driving trucks to rescue Wayne in the middle of the night? Also wouldn’t the other guys hear a boat or helicopter coming in to pull someone that tapped out, especially if it is as quiet as they all keep saying? Just curious I guess, I love the show so far, far more interesting than the other reality survivor stuff that is on, and would love to give it a run too!! But for sure some HMMMMM moments…..

    • the island is Vancouver island, it is a large island with cities on it, the area these guys are in is located at the northern end. there are logging roads -miles- of them, all over the entire island. that is how the rescue team used a truck to get part way in. if lucas paddled about a mile or so east he would come to a small village.

      • no, I was wrong, just checked lucas’ location, he’s the farthest from the village.. sorry..

    • I’m just watching this show now as I was camping all summer so I PVR’d it. I live on Vancouver Island and was camping in a tent all summer with my kids. Yes we have bears and Cougars but they aren’t seen as often as the show makes it seem. Also there are hundreds of thousands of people that live on this island. It is by no means small. I know I wasn’t alone in my tent but our house is in the middle of the forest and we have never once seen a cougar here. Just bears that get into garbage. We get lots of rain and wind but not hurricanes or snow. It is a beautiful place to live and I have travelled so I do know what other places look like. I wouldn’t trade where I live for anything.

  8. Not sure what qualifies these guys as experts?? taking a course?? really? I grew up in northern BC, most of what I have seen is just common sense. Sad if you have to take a course to learn it. Some were lacking in it too. Kudos to them for trying though. I could thrive in that environment having grown up in a rain forest, but put me in a desert, another story.

  9. I would love to have a go on next show. Was a Marine in early eighty’s. Old country boy from Alabama. Know my way around the woods. Not scare of nothing. Bring it on.

  10. Lol, apparently most of us think alike! What a bunch of whiners! Look at the other show, “The Woodsmen” a few of them are “alone” and you don’t hear them walking around whining about this and that! And “hello?” I am a stay at home mother and even I know better than to draw water from a source so close the ocean…duh…my dad taught me to find “swiftly moving water” to drink from, preferably running over rocks. Granted this was 40 years ago and pollution is greater so boil it also but sheesh! Somebody else said a spike fence, again YES! Smh at some of these guys and their “oh I have all these survival skills”.

  11. these guys are panzies i would do this challange in a minute if you want a volintier call me 802-999-1299 im 52 physical fit 5′ 11″ 190lbs raised on a farm in vt This would be easy.

  12. I thought it was just me thinking “what a bunch of wimps” ! Lol Why would you set up camp so close to a bear den, or on a game trail? I’m no survivalist but I would damn well try hard for 500k!

  13. Sam, the one I thought would tap out first, seems to be thriving and actually having a good time. The other 9 men, I’m sorry but I’ve never seen such wimpy, babies and totally dumbdified as to how to live in the wild. Why did they sign up. When they actually get to watch there videos, there balls should shrivel up. Shame. This will actually become a great series to watch if the promoters learn who to pick out. Please no more wussies!!!!!

    • That’s what I’m talking about!! These guys shelters are mediocre to say the least.. and surrounded by water!! These survivalists don’t know how to filter ocean water?? Cmon.. I signed up!! In the running for season 3.!! If I have competition like this first season there will be no doubt I’d walk away with the cash!! I’m utterly disgusted in their skills.

    • Am I right to think a lot of mothers of multiple children would do well here? Not to mention enjoy being alone? Lol

  14. An entertaining show, but not to be taken too seriously. Viewers are lead to believe the locations are far more remote than they really are. For example, Wayne’s drop location was less than 400 yards from a named road (Koprino Rd), Josh’s drop location was within 400 yards of a recently logged clear-cut with access roads, and Sam’s site was only 500 yards from a logging road and within 1 mile of the community of Winter Harbour. Compare the drop location map shown in each episode with the Google Earth image for that same area to see what I’m talking about. It’s also apparent that each survivor was given considerable extra gear beyond their 10 survival items. Much is camera-related, and some (like the bear spray, satellite phone, and flares) are for safety reasons. That’s understandable. But the lists of 10 “survival” items are not consistent with what’s shown on camera. For example, Chris had no tarp on his list, but used at least 1 to make his shelter. Mitch had no tarp on his list either, but used at least 2 in the first 2 episodes. Sam used 2 tarps and a plastic sheet, though only 1 tarp appears on his list. Wayne had at least 2 tarps too, and Sam had more rope than just the paracord on his list. The title of the show is “Alone”, but not all survivors were left alone after their initial drop off. Sometime between episodes 1 and 2 Joe was moved nearly 8 miles from his original drop site to the same beach where Josh had been dropped. I guess they thought nobody would notice. But had Joe not lost his ferro rod there and tapped out, it could have been said he had an unfair advantage over the others if he had won. I wonder what other misleading information is being fed to the viewers.

    • Steve you are so correct, I was curious as to the canoe building ( which was awesome) and whether lucas would accidentally find winters harbour. But I still enjoy the show, and regardless of each guys outcome, they are there, trying. Taking “survival” courses in a southern state would in no way prepare you for the Island and it’s elements.

    • I agree. The one guy I thought would tap out first is thriving and having a good time. The others…. My God, what weaners!

    • Tell me how you feel when you got a hungry cougar sniffing you up when all you got between yourself and it is a thin tarp.

      • That’s because these guys wasted days not building a proper shelter! I would out do these so called survivalists any day!!

        • yah, i guess lucas should have just built that log cabin like he said he was going to and not just give up like he did in season 3.

  15. Survival experts indeed. A couple had trouble getting a fire going…yes its a rain forest..that just means yu look under logs for dry tinder. Then they were worried about fresh water…in a rainforest! And they all had tarps! Next was the fear of preditors…none knew enough to build a spike fence?? What did they do all day?? I have boy scouts that are more expert than these guys! I am going to watch with my boy scouts..its a good what not to do show for them…i guess they couldent get real experts in there or there wouldnt be much of a challenge…no challenge no show.

    • Kraig … fully agree, have never seen such wimpy grown men. TWO Experts leaving in the first 3 days should hang their heads in shame. Like you said most, but not all, the contestants spend more time crying and whining then doing any real survival. This show could have been a wonderful adventure to watch maybe they should have used the Wife’s Of L.A. … the crying and whining couldn’t be any greater but at least it would be entertaining.

    • Kraig, regarding the spike fence and predators… I live in northern BC, bears, on occasion have actually busted through peoples doors to get into the house, and into trappers cabins in the area, I highly doubt a “pointy fence” will keep a bear out, or a cougar. the only good it would do is give you a couple extra seconds to react.
      And , yes , I agree on the “experts” comment. Imagine how boring the show would be if they were actually experts? lol. season one guys were invited, based on their “expertise” and “bushcraft” skills… you tube pros.
      sad but true… just because you have a you tube video, doesn’t make you an expert. I hope your boy scouts enjoy the entertainment.:)

  16. To be alone, are you really alone, with nature, god’s creatures, clean air, untampered water. It would be a dream come true. Great idea for a show. Been there, done that. It was the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me. Alone? Impossible to be alone!

    • Jimmy, will you please sign up so we can actually watch a real survivalist thrive!!!

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