Skin Wars Season 2 episode 2 Sweet & Savory recap

Fernello Skin Wars season 2 episode 2 Channel Guide Contributor
Whatever, Cheryl Ann
Fernello Skin Wars season 2 episode 2
Amazingly, I agree with Fernello. Whatever, Cheryl Ann

So last week we said goodbye to creepy man Marcio. Now on Skin Wars season 2 episode 2 we open with a large cake and a bar full of candy in the workroom. Of course Rebecca pops out of the cake.  Ru is also present & he gives her a hand out of the tiered cardboard dessert. This week’s mini-challenge is a sort-of unconventional challenge. The artists have to create a dessert-themed paint and top them off with actual pieces of candy. I’d rather they have to paint with frosting or something. That would be a PIA. I’d love to see the meltdowns that could bring. Airbrush THAT! Ha!

We get to know a little bit more about some of the artists. We learn that Rudy has a colossal ego. Some would say he paints with the tears of his competitors. Eesch. Rio has a son and has been homeless before. Dawn Marie is a special-ed assistant in Madison. Aryn wants to fly under the radar.

Apparently RuPaul is the only judge on hand this day, so the decision is his and his alone. He doesn’t even consult with the other judges. The top 3 painters are Lana, Cheryl Ann and Avi. The winner is Cheryl Ann. Well that sets a weird precedence – paint the host, get the win. Unless Ru is trying to mess with the painters’ heads.

Cheryl Ann's mini-challenge winner Skin Wars season 2 episode 2I’m honored! No, I’m honored! Squeal!”

Back at the house, we learn that folks (at least according to Fernello) don’t really like Cheryl Ann and Rudy is polyamorous. Does he use the “tears of his competitors” line to make a move? Probably not. Cause it wouldn’t work.

The main challenge involves celebrity chef Cat Cora, various stations of food and the word camouflage. Models will pose in front of a food tablescape and the painters need to make that person disappear. As winner of the challenge, Cheryl Ann gets to take any of the tablescapes & boot the other artist out. So she takes Lana’s fruitscape. So Lana gets pasta instead.

The artists have to pose the model by looking through the camera & painting the model to blend in with the background. Rachel burns almost an hour positioning her model. Dawn Marie puts her model in a position that she can’t hold. She’s also never done camouflage. We learn Avi’s a bad Jew because he came to America & discovered he loved seafood. Welcome to shellfish, Avi.

Fernello also selects a pose that’s stupid hard to hold – the model’s hand is up. It’s something no one is going to be able to hold. When other painters ask how his model’s doing, he responds “I don’t care.” Nice, Fernello.

This was Dawn Marie and Rudy’s first shot at camouflage and it shows. Dawn Marie is scared, but Rudy doesn’t think he’s going home.

“This is not Excuses Wars.” – Craig Tracy to Rudy

Rio’s is half-good – the top disappears while the bottom is pretty obvious. Fernello is another weak performer. Aryn also hadn’t done camo painting before, but she was a strong competitor.

Our top painters are: Aryn, Cheryl Ann and Avi. The bottom painters are: Rudy, Dawn Marie and Rachel. Cheryl Ann gets psyched out thinking she’s the winner, but she’s just safe. Of course Avi is the winner. Clearly – you can’t see his model, fer crying out loud!

Avi's camouflage Skin Wars season 2 episode 2 Where’d Avi’s model go?

From the bottom, Rachel is sent to safety first. Second time in the bottom, girl – get it together! The painter washing off their canvas & going home is Rudy. He was probably gone once he told RuPaul that he doesn’t listen to the judges critiques when he designs. I’m enjoying the smarmy guy quick evictions. Fernello is the last one left that I know of. If he stays around, he’s going to have to get his stuff together. Of course, based on the preview for next week, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

My favorites so far are Avi, Lana, Rio and Kyle. Who are you guys rooting for this season?


  1. Cheryl Ann once she heard that Cat Cara would have the fruit table the brown nosing began. She thought if painting Rebecca got her such praise, than the fruit-scape would surely give her the win; her thinking, scheming, was clear from her reaction during the winner announcement. She isn’t leaving anytime soon, she is “good” TV. Such a shame. As a southern woman myself, she is far from being gracious, genteel and generous we are all taught to be.

  2. Cheryl Ann is vomitous. Does that sort of simpering cute-osity really work in the real world? I don’t think it would work even if she were 5 years old, and not 45. Out Out OUT!!!

    • That’s why I’m kinda thinking she won that challenge as a mind-game with the rest of the contestants. You can’t tell me Ru didn’t see through that. She didn’t fall like Fernello, and I have a feeling she’s going to last a little while. They may be setting her up to have a redemption arc – you hate her now, but here’s why you shouldn’t! Only time will tell!

  3. I’m so glad that Rudy went home. The judges were spot on putting Rudy and Dawn Marie in the bottom two. They should have sent them both home (in my humble opinion.)

    I was undecided last week about whether or not I liked the show but it’s definitely growing on me. I like seeing RuPaul in a different role. Even if it’s only slightly different. Is it me or does he seem to be flirting with the woman on the show? I know it’s not real but it seems like he is trying to show a different side of himself.

    I loved Avi’s camouflage painting. I could barely see his model and I was only able to see her when they mentioned the fish and her toes.

    My favorites so far are Lana and Avi.

    What do you think of the whole painter washing off their canvas bit and then seeing the model in the shower?

    • I think it’s cheesy. Aren’t ALL of the models taking a shower once the episode filming is done? And it’s not like the painter is actually washing off the model. Although I think this episode is the first time I’ve seen the artist actually in the workroom while the model is showering. Just kind of cements Rudy’s ew factor. Maybe that was the point.

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