FX’s Tyrant returns to power: Season 2 preview

FX Tyrant Season 2 Ryan Berenz

High-stakes political thriller Tyrant debuts Season 2 on FX Tuesday, June 16, at 10pm ET/PT. Season 1 saw Bassam “Barry” Al-Fayeed (Adam Rayner) facing treason charges after the failed attempt to overthrow his brother Jamal’s (Ashrof Barhom) brutal rule over Abbudin. In the Season 2 premiere, “Mark of Cain,” Barry awaits punishment for leading the failed coup, while Jamal agonizes over whether or not to execute him.

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FX Tyrant Season 2

Tyrant Season 2 Episodes Preview (May Contain Spoilers):

Episode 1 “Mark of Cain” (June 16, 10pm ET/PT) Barry awaits punishment for leading a failed coup, while Jamal agonizes over whether or not to execute him. Molly fights to secure Barry’s freedom before it’s too late. Ihab and Samira turn to desperate tactics.

Episode 2 “Enter The Fates” (June 23, 10pm ET/PT) On the verge of death, Barry scours the desert for salvation. Jamal grapples with the loss of his brother. The reality of Barry’s death sets in upon Molly’s return stateside as she struggles to adjust to normal life.

Episode 3 “Faith” (June 30, 10pm ET/PT) Barry is taken in by a Bedouin family, who are bound by hospitality and custom. Jamal is distraught over Tariq’s drastic military action. Molly reconnects with a classmate who helps her navigate the Al-Fayeed family trust. Leila’s plans to put Abuddin on the cultural stage are derailed.

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