Sprout’s Chica takes on “Game of Thrones”

Sprout Kellie Freeze

Sprout knows that parents are often asleep loooong before the grownup stuff comes on TV. And once I’ve missed the first few seasons of a hit show, will there ever be enough hours for me to catch up?

Thankfully, in celebration of last night’s very grown-up Game of Thrones season finale, Sprout’s beloved Chica has released her own take on the award-winning series. Check out the clever chicken — she makes an impressive Daenerys Targaryen — as she and a pal play “Game of Phones,” “Game of Stones,” and “Game of Tones.”  

This may be the only way I’ll ever have time to watch GOT

Sometimes I wonder if  the people who make TV shows for kids are actually making them for me. Ironically, I went to college to make TV shows for kids.