On Demand DVD New Releases June 15-21

On Demand DVD New Releases June 15-21

Addicted Zoe has the perfect life with husband Jason. What happens when that perfect life gets shattered because of Zoe’s unshakeable addiction to the temptations that are placed in her path? Based on the popular erotic novel. Sharon Leal, Boris Kodjoe, William Levy (R, 1:45) 6/16 2 Day rental

Chappie_webChappie Patrolling the streets is never an easy job, but in the near future a mechanized police force is in control. But the people are fighting back. When one police droid is stolen and given new programming, he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel. Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel, Sigourney Weaver (R, 2:00) 6/16

The Face of an Angel The Amanda Knox case serves as the inspiration for this thriller, which tells the story of a journalist and a filmmaker as they lose themselves in a notorious murder case they are covering. Kate Beckinsale, Daniel Bruhl, Cara Delevingne  (NR, 1:40) 6/19 Available same day as theatrical release.

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter Oscar nominee Rinko Kikuchi stars as Kumiko, a frustrated office lady who abandons her life in search of treasure. Available On Demand before DVD. (NR, 1:45)  (6/19) English and Japanese, subtitled in English.

The Lazarus Effect A group of researchers bring the dead back to life in unsanctioned trials on animals. After the university that employs them learns of these facts, their funding is removed and their project shut down. Project leaders Frank and Zoe take matters into their own hands, but things don’t go as planned. Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, Evan Peters (PG-13, 1:23) 6/16

Run All Night Mobster Jimmy Conlon will have to run all night, as mob boss Shawn Maguire is having him hunted. Jimmy stepped in and killed Shawn’s son and now must face the wrath of his longtime friend to settle the debt. Liam Neeson, Joel Kinnaman, Ed Harris (R, 1:54) 6/16

Wild Tales The film is made up of six stories about people faced with perceived injustice. Ricardo Darin, Oscar Martinez (R, 2:02) 6/16 Spanish, subtitled in English

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