Discovery Channel Announces New Series: Naked And Afraid XL

Naked and Afraid Kellie Freeze
Eva and Jeff's brains have been fried by the sun. They are Naked and Crazy.
Naked and Afraid
Eva and Jeff’s brains have been fried by the sun. They are Naked and Crazy.

Naked and Afraid announced a spinoff of one of it’s most popular series that has me happier than a mosquito in a blood bank! The new series, Naked and Afraid XL will premiere July 12 and feature six women and six men who’ve already appeared on Naked and Afraid. But this time, instead of a brave twosome heading into an unrelenting environment to survive for 21 days, a dozen bad-asses will head into Colombia for 40 days of roughing it, naked style.

From a Discovery Channel press release:
(New York, NY) – What do you get when you multiply Discovery Channel’s monster survival hit “Naked and Afraid” by six? A survival challenge unlike any other survival challenge attempted before.

Naked and Afraid
Shane’s back! But is he still crazy?

Twelve of the smartest, most dynamic survivalists – all who have conquered the ‘Everest’ of survival challenges on Naked and Afraid – have been assembled to take on what could possibly be an almost un-survivable situation. The women include: Alana Barfield (Fiji Islands), Dani Beau (Colombia), Honora Bowen (Brazil), Dani Julien (Andros Islands), Eva Rupert (Madagascar) and Laura Zerra (Panama and the Amazon). The men include Chris Fischer (Dominica), Hakim Isler (Himalayas), Shane Lewis (Costa Rica), Luke McLaughlin (Namibia), E.J. Snyder (Tanzania and the Amazon) and Jeff Zausch (Madagascar).

Discovery will air a Naked and Afraid marathon to reintroduce the audience to this dynamic cast of survivalists on Saturday, June 28th beginning at 10:00am ET.

Naked And Afraid
Awesome Alana!

Naked and Afraid XL is a 40 day challenge, making it exponentially more difficult than anything that’s ever been tried in the past.   These six women and six men, all extreme survivalists with their own expertise, will find themselves stranded in a very remote equatorial jungle of Colombia. They will have no food, no water, and no clothing. But this time, there will be 12 survival experts all vying for the same limited resources. At its core, Naked and Afraid XL is both a survival and societal challenge. How will these survivalists respond to each other? Will they band together as one large group or will they break apart into smaller groups to survive? In a challenge this big – the survivalists will need to master the environment to make it out alive.

Naked and Afraid XL is an intense survival experiment that will truly test the limits of human endurance. These 12 survivalists have proven that they have physical and mental strength, endurance, intelligence, a fantastic survival skillset, and the will to survive in some of the harshest environments on the planet. But they’ll need more than that. They will need to push themselves far beyond their breaking point and then some. By the 40th day, will even one of them have successfully proven they have what it takes to endure?
End Release.

So, let’s take a look at our contestants, and if you need a reminder of their awesomeness, find it below.

Did they get the cast right? Who would you have swapped in/out?

Alana Barfield (Fiji Islands)
Dani Beau (Colombia)
Honora Bowen (Brazil)
Dani Julien (Andros Islands)
Eva Rupert (Madagascar)
Laura Zerra (Panama and the Amazon)
Chris Fischer (Dominica)
Hakim Isler (Himalayas)
Shane Lewis (Costa Rica)
Luke McLaughlin (Namibia)
E.J. Snyder (Tanzania and the Amazon)
Jeff Zausch (Madagascar).

Naked and Afraid XL > Discovery Channel > Sundays at 10pm ET/PT beginning July 12th.


  1. Now it is clear that Honora is totally mentally unstable and few in the world could bare her for more than a few hours in a single dose but the one that makes me cringe the most by far is Alana.

    She is by far the most negative person of all time on the show and does very little to contribute and complains about any thing a man does, as it is seen as a macho display. A clear ultra feminist that can not see beyond her own distorted reality.

  2. Broke my heart to see people so bullied, I just hope it was enhanced or faked for TV. Real Lord of the a Flies behavior, only these weren’t children. EJ, Jeff, Shane, and Danni would be my picks for a survival team. You four kept me watching after it turned ugly.

    • Amen!!!Chris needed a boot up his b…..Alana acted like a dyke! Never heard of being lazy being a survivor strategy.

    • I agree with you so much. I didn’t like the bickering and the bitchiness of Alana made me so angry with the way she treated Shane. I wanted to say ” Knock it off you lazy a__& get up and help the man!!” She was to into herself and Dana didn’t stand up once for Shane. I’m a Libra and I believe each person has their side of story, they should get it out and then try to fix it together. Compromising if you have to, but stuck up know it all Alana just sat there & put him down & not once, but twice she got her jabs into him to make herself feel better than him or what? I don’t understand that kind of thinking so we would definitely NOT get along. You know Shane was fine with EJ and Jeff, they had no problem with him at all. I think Alana’s the one with the stick up her but. Sorry, Am I allowed to say that??? I think you get my point..

      • My point was that when EJ and Jeff met Shane it was a miracle, at least in my opinion. That was the best point of the show and those guys just made the show get better. I like how they prayed together and God does listen & deliver when the time’s right. Shane prayed for a miracle and he got one! From then on they were my favorite group, it’s sad they lost Shane, but they made a perfect team, plus I loved their sense of humor.

  3. Alana is the biggest BITCH. She is a know it all that knows nothing. Eva is a close second. Birch wise. Chris and the ladies of the group are lazy. Yes I said lazy. You called Dani was lazy. When you get home take a look in the mirror, there you will see lazy. How did Chris know Dani did not put wood on the fire not even once was he up all night every night. The poor girl was afraid to go to sleep because she needed to put wood on the fire. The whole group is riding on Ej and Jeff.

  4. Yeah. Danni had a great attitude though she was surrounded by such appallingly abhorrent people. Even when being personally attacked numerous times, she always kept a cool head and was humble. She never got defensive or lashed out, even though she was being constantly bullied. I wish I could give her a hug through the T.V. and encourage her to stay strong. I have been in a number of harrowing survival situations and I understand how easy it is to emotionally overreact to circumstances, but seeing how Danni handled everything gives me hope for humanity. The world needs more people like her.

    I just can’t understand why Alana is such a spiteful, disgustingly nasty person. SHE IS A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING!
    Shane may have been a little socially awkward, but Alana made him out to be like Stalin. She ruined his chances and ruined Danni’s chances of making it to the end. If I was Alana’s family or friends, I would be utterly embarrassed by her.
    I don’t wish ill on people, but somehow life will eventually punch Alana in the face. And she will be too selfish and deluded to evaluate her actions and change her behavior.

    • I apologize about my comment I left earlier for Dani. I thought she was as bitchy as Alana because when Alana was attacking Shane’s suggestions and continuously putting him down. I wasn’t there and I couldn’t stand Alana. How did you get along with such a rotten bitchy better than you attitude Alana? You could of at least said something. Now I remember what you said about his mental state. That was being a bitch too, plus you never stood up for Shane for anything. I would’ve stood up for him. He was trying and they kept shooting him down. OMGOSH, even on the show she said NOT to share their game with EJ and Jeff. Wow that really shows her true character and I couldn’t or wouldn’t want anything to do with her.

  5. Holy crap! I can not stand this group of bitch, bitch, bitching ! Just because Danni does not want to be around you…..maybe because you are a group of backstabing wackos. When people keep having to leave your group, maybe its not them…. it is you guys! How anyone could not get along with Danni is beyond me. She seems to be very sweet and never says no when you ask her to get something or do soomething. She also does not put back a FREAKIN’ Turtle because it’s cute. You say she is riding your coat tails? Your whole group have been riding Jeff and E.J.’s tails with all the food he catches. I think the rest of you wack jobs leave and have jeff, E.J., Danni and even Shane become a group. Quit with all the drama!

  6. I cannot believe how horrible a person Alana was to Shane. I feel bad he had to tap out. She is catty and petty and more of a child than contestant. Alana is scatting by on the all man’s team as are many of the others. The vegetarian was also mean and now is in trouble with her dietary requirements.

  7. Alana is a rotten human being ! Shame on her. NO COMPASSION , heartless!!! You get what you put out there Alana!its universal law!!!

  8. Naked and Afraid is a perverted TV show about perverted actors and only perverted people watch the show! Everyone needs to get “un-perverted” and SELL OUT TO CHRIST!

      • I’m sorry, but you are so wrong! I don’t know how old you are. You sound like a teen or younger, but then again, there are a lot of perverts out there and I hate to say you’re one of them. Normal people would not even think of that, I was thinking Man, I wouldn’t go naked if you paid me, but it’s part of the show and there’s no sex in it. They’re stripping down to the days when people lived like this. Have you heard of “Adam and Eve?” They dress like them. I agree it’s weird at first, but the show is so interesting and empowering I couldn’t stop watching it. Awesome show and I can’t wait for the next season.

    • Naked and afraid is absolutely not a perverted show; please read between the lines; the show is sending a message. How we as a human race treat each other. But more importantly, how we truly are inside ourselves. The reason Shane didn’t make it was b/c his two teammates took advantage of his aggressive survival approach, one of his team member stated,” survival has to be lazy.” Lady, if you and your other teammate had helped Shane with the building and all the other work he was performing, he would have had the strength needed to complete his journey. And shame on the other female for being a “follower” and not standing for herself. Unfortunately, Shane never had a chance b/c he used all his strength on two women who showed the world their morals and character; shame on them. Same situation with Dani, her teammates smashed her emotional being but I did notice her teammates took advantage of her mosquito net?! Please use Shane and Dani again. I absolutely love your show and for those individuals thinking its an immoral show, please turn your tv to another show. Thank You

  9. I feel so bad for Shane. He was so excited to be paired up with 2 women and he was taking on the role of being a provider (shelter and mangos). Alana has been nasty from the get-go; always criticizing and undermining everything he has done so far. But my heart broke when Alana was so cold to him when he came back to camp and wanted to “help them”. Just because he didn’t say the words “I’m sorry”. She’s a cold hearted witch! Good luck with life and finding a partner with that attitude.

  10. These girls are beyond BULLIES . I feel so bad for Shane I’ll be praying for Shane’s well being. These girls will get what they deserve KARMA is a witch!!

  11. Why cant those two girls give Shane a chance? I cant remember their names because they
    arent memorable and they are lazy. They shouldnt have as much air time as they do.
    If you are nice to him you might be surprised.

      • I agree. Alana is SO bitchy. Karma will catch her. I feel sorry for Shane and I love that the guys are being so nice to him. It shows his need for grace when he cries after their journey across the savannah. I cried with him. Alana you couldn’t pay me to hang out with you and I can’t even stand watching your air time.

  12. In caveman days she would have been bopped over head and dragged by her hair. Bitches be crazy!

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