Devious Maids Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: A blast from the past and new beginnings

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On this episode of Devious Maids, things only seem to get weirder and Devious-Maids-Season3-EP2-Blancaweirder — especially when we’re dealing with the Stappord family. For whatever reason, Blanca stays at the Stappord’s house after to clean up the mess after she’s just discovered what looks like a murder scene. As she’s scrubbing hard at the carpet, she’s praising Mrs. Stappord for how brave she is. (Am I the only one who was yelling at Blanca to stop this ridiculousness and open her eyes?) Apparently Taylor told Blanca that a robber broke into the house and she only had a short amount of time to react. She grabbed a knife and stabbed the guy — I think a bit too many times — making him run off. Blanca tries making Mrs. Stappord go to the police with this information in case the guy is still out there, but Taylor knows this isn’t the real story.

Poor innocent Blanca tries telling Taylor that she was defending herself and protecting her daughter so the cops wouldn’t charge Taylor with anything. I don’t think Blanca realizes that the man didn’t have a chance to run away with one leg missing, but maybe he hopped away. Blanca then tries to have Taylor tell her husband Michael, but it seems like she doesn’t want to tell anyone anything. She makes Blanca promise to not tell a single soul about what she saw, which makes me really question what happened. Taylor tells Blanca she won’t call Michael to make him come home and gets defensive when Blanca mentioned his name. Could it be that this blood and that foot belongs to Michael?

But now some good news since everything seems to be such bad news: Remi got into medical school in New York. Yes, this means that he’ll have to be moving to New York that very weekend but have no fear; Remi has this all planned out. He really wants Valentina to go with him and he thinks it’d be the perfect opportunity for her to take the fashion internship she had to turn down when her father died. Of course Valentina is confused about what to do on such short notice but to make her realize how certain he is on wanting her company, Remi gets down on one knee with a ring. Yay! We’re having another wedding, Devious Army!

The two lovebirds go to visit Zoila to tell her the fabulous news since they have almost no time to plan. I’ve always wanted Remi and Valentina to be together, so I’m happy for their engagement just like Genevieve is, but Zoila isn’t climbing on the same happy train. Zoila is not happy at all to find out her 20-year-old daughter is about to get married that weekend. She feels like Valentina doesn’t know everything there is to know about life yet and this would just be another youthful mistake. I somewhat agree with Zoila, because I’ll be turning 20 next month and I certainly can’t see myself being married! But they’re in love!

Zoila is so focused on how big of a mistake Devious-Maids-Season3-EP2-Zoila-JavierValentina is making that she ends up ruining hers and Javier’s dinner date. The entire time she’s talking about Valentina and how no one is going to be getting married anytime soon. Oof. Not only does she ruin dinner, but she also ruins poor Javier’s big romantic plan for their dinner date. Almost. Somehow he still makes it work. Looks like we’ll be having two weddings in the future because now Zoila is engaged to Javier! Zoila has to find a way to take back everything she’s been complaining about the whole night so she can tell Valentina the news about her own engagement and new baby. Good luck with that one, Zoila!

Back at the Stappords, Blanca overheard the cops questioning Taylor about whether she’s noticed anything the past few days, since they’re, indeed, trying to solve a murder case. They mention the leg found in the Powell’s yard and I think that finally hits home for Blanca that something isn’t right. Taylor denies seeing or hearing anything out of the ordinary, sending the cop on his way. Blanca knows Taylor is lying and confronts her about this. After I’ve been yelling at her through the screen for two episodes, Blanca finally packs up her things and leaves. Taylor begs Blanca to not mention anything to the cops because they can’t have them digging into their family’s business. She says that it has something to do with Katy and the fact that the adoption process wasn’t fully legal. I don’t think Taylor is too far off from the truth with that statement, but she’s also hiding another huge lie that’s probably connected to many others. I’d be terrified if I were Blanca!

Zoila has Valentina come over to talk to her about her own engagement and new baby. Unfortunately, Valentina doesn’t take the news like Zoila would have hoped. Valentina actually takes the news pretty hard and becomes furious with her mother. She’s outraged that Zoila would be able to get pregnant and engaged just a few short months after her father died. If only Valentina knew the truth about who the baby’s father was, maybe she’d be a little easier on her mom. Before she leaves, Valentina tells Zoila she’ll never have her support. Ouch!

Luckily Valentina has a good guy like Remi who values family relationships. He encourages Valentina to mend things with her mother by going back to speak with her about how she feels. Valentina realized she’s so upset at her mother because she feels like she’s starting a whole new family without her, which hurts her. However, the feeling is mutual, because Zoila tells her she feels the same exact way with Valentina getting married and moving away with Remi. In the end, they support each other’s decisions but Valentina ends up asking Remi to wait for her. She wants to stay engaged for a while longer before they rush into a marriage. I knew Valentina was always a smart girl.

After leaving her job with the Stappords, Blanca goes to Marisol for some help in finding another job. Marisol questions what happened, but obviously Blanca can’t give out too much detail. All she tells Marisol is that Taylor started asking more from her than she expected, which is a smart way of getting around the truth without exactly lying. Marisol then gives Blanca some advice that she’s learned over the years — if an employer starts to ask more from you, it’s only fair that you also ask more from them in return. With that, Blanca heads back to Taylor and tells her that she’d be willing to work for her again and keep her mouth shut as long as she’d be willing to help out a bit more. Blanca starts talking about how she wants to go to college but she’s not sure if she’ll be able to afford all the costs. Taylor catches on to where Blanca is headed with this conversation and agrees to pay for her college tuition as long as Blanca stays working for them and doesn’t tell anyone about anything she’s seen. That was a really risky move for Blanca to make but also a very smart one. Let’s hope it pays off.

Blanca is cleaning up in Katy’s room when she finds a disturbing painting on her art easel. It appears to resemble a giant blood-spatter mark, which makes Blanca wonder what else she can find. Blanca starts to turn the pages and finds another painting of a little girl in a dress holding a knife. The final painting is of a man bleeding on the floor with a knife stabbed into his chest. I’m not a psychologist but I would suggest that Katy has some serious mental problems if she’s painting pictures like that at such a young age. I would also suggest that the little girl holding the knife in the painting isn’t just a coincidence. In other words, my nightmare has come true and this little girl Katy is the killer. Run, Blanca, run!

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP2-ErnestoAs if that weren’t a huge enough twist for the episode, it appears that someone has risen from the dead! No, I don’t mean Devious Maids is turning into another zombie show — we have enough of those already. Rosie’s husband Ernesto, who was thought to be dead, isn’t actually dead. In fact he looks like he’s in pretty good shape for being a once-dead-guy. He’s shown on a bus heading to the U.S. in hopes of finding his wife, Rosie. Uh oh, does someone else want to tell him that his wife is married to another man because I can’t. This meeting should be entertaining to watch happen.

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What were your thoughts on the second episode of Devious Maids? Do you think Blanca will ever find out the truth? I think she’s thinking the same thing I am about Katy being the killer after finding those paintings. I’m not sure if she has any idea on who the victim could’ve been but I know Katy mentioned she didn’t like her daddy Michael. Would you have gone back to work for the Stappords to pay for college tuition? Do you think we’ll have the 2 weddings in the future or will one get cancelled? I hope we get to see both marriages happen but I want Zoila to come clean about the baby to everyone. What do you think about Ernesto being alive and headed to see Rosie? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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