7 Questions With … Max & Shred Star Jake Goodman

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Max & ShredJake Goodman must be hungry. He’s on his lunch break from shooting Season 2 of Max & Shred and the actor is talking about food, a lot! Jake and his co-star Jonny Gray took a few minutes of their break to chat about Season 2 of Max & Shred, shared deets of their on-set antics and talk about what it’s like being actors. Jake and Jonny also answered 7 Questions — a chance for their fans to get to know them a little better. Below are Jake’s funny answers.

1. What the best book that you read recently, that you’d recommend to other kids?
For school, I read a book called The Vindico, by Wesley King, which is about five teens who have to become super villains. It’s really cool; I would recommend that book.

2. What’s a movie that you could watch over and over again?
This might be surprising — because I’m an actor — but I don’t really watch that many movies. I watch more TV. I saw the Maze Runner and Stepbrothers is a hilarious movie — It’s kind of older, though. I don’t really watch movies over and over again.

3. What are some of your favorite TV shows, and some of your favorite TV networks?
Some of the sitcoms I’ll watch are Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers. This one’s kind of embarrassing, but one that I just finished was Gossip Girl, which is so good! I recommend it to everyone, over the recommended age, I guess. Jonny picks on me for watching Gossip Girl, but it’s the best show ever.

4. What has been your OMG starstruck moment?
When we were at the KCAs recently … I saw lots of people on the orange carpet. We saw Kevin James walking in his Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 shirt. We all wanted to say hi, but he was busy.

When we were at the KCAs, I was sitting ten rows away from Meghan Trainor and the cast of Austin & Ally. Also, a year ago, we were at this event at Canada’s Wonderland, and we met Shawn Mendes, which was pretty cool.

5. What have been some of the fun moments you’ve had with your fans?
This just happened a month ago, when I was walking into Subway to get lunch. I live close by, and I walk in, and this girl named Danita says, “Hey, you’re from Max and Shred!” She works there.
I was like, “Yeah.”
She said, “My kids watch it, and it was kind of funny.” Then — I was only getting the sub, I didn’t want a combo — and she was like, “Hey, do you want a cookie?”
I was like, “No, thanks.”
She was like, “I’ll give it to you for free.”
That was like — what?? Then she offered me a free combo!
I was like, “No, I can’t do that.” I was like, “No, it’s okay.”
She’s like, “It’s free. I’ll just give it to you for free.”
I didn’t feel comfortable taking free combo from Subway.

That’s never happened before, obviously. I just bought my sub.
I come into the car and tell my mom, and she’s like, “Jake, what is wrong with you? You should have taken the cookie for me!”

It was funny. Everyone’s going, “Jake, what were you thinking?” You know, free food! In the moment, I was like; I didn’t know what to say.

6. What are your three favorite foods?
They’re all pretty unhealthy … I like lobster. I know it’s unhealthy, but lobster’s delish. I go to Baskin Robbins and my favorite flavors are probably either chocolate chip cookie dough — which is like everyone’s, because it has cookies on it — or I like blue raspberry sorbet. I go there so much.

The guy’s who own that one are Jimmy and Donna, They’re like my two closest friends. My third favorite food has got to be apples. After a long day at set or a long day at school, you cut yourself an apple. We’ve got this apple cutter — because I’m very bad at cutting apples — so I just cut the apple with the apple cutter, and get myself a bowl of peanut butter, and dip the apples in the peanut butter.

7. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I don’t know. I think, once, I wanted to be chocolate, but that’s not really a good career. I think mainly I wanted to be … There was a point in time where I wanted to be a doctor, and then I wanted to be an astronaut. There was nothing that I was really committed to being. It was just things that I would see on a TV show, and be like, “Hey, that would be cool.”