Power Season 2: A race against time for Ghost to go legit

Jeff Pfeiffer

In Season 2 of the gritty, drug-dealer-who-wants-to-go-legit drama Power, James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) must double down on his drug business to save his nightclub, which is his only path to a legitimate future. But Ghost has betrayed some of his closest allies, including his best friend Tommy (Joseph Sikora). “I think it’s for the first time ever in Tommy’s life that he has ever thought, ‘Ghost might be out to get me.’ … He thinks that he might have gotten duped and dunked. So he’s heartbroken,” Sikora says. Ghost’s conflicting professional life is further complicated with his two women — his wife, Tasha, and his first love, Angela. Season 2 also will see more of executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson in front of the camera.


Here’s what’s coming up in the first two episodes of Power Season 2:

Airdate: June 6th
Ghost picks up the pieces at Truth after the botched murder attempt against him, while redoubling his commitment to the drug game. He has to do this without assistance from Tommy, who’s gone missing after learning that Angela’s a federal prosecutor. Ghost turns to Tasha for support, but soon discovers that the club shooting is the least of his problems

Airdate: June 13th
Tommy agrees to help Ghost expand the drug business under one condition— Ghost must use Angela to discover what she knows about them from her investigation, without Tasha finding out. Kanan’s release from jail is a surprise for Ghost, but not the only surprise as Angela draws closer to reaching her goal.

Power Season 2 airs Saturdays at 9pm ET/PT on Starz beginning June 6.