Hairy Charity: MTV Catfish’s Nev Schulman raffles his chest hair (and more)!

nev-schulman-charity-chest-hair Lori Acken

If you’re a super fan of MTV’s hit show Catfish, then you are aware of the attention that host and executive producer of the show Nev Schulman’s chest receives. It’s not along the lines of anything Magic Mike XXL — think more along the lines of “Chia Pet.”

nev-schulman-charity-chest-hairIf you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m talking about the crazy amount of chest hair that Schulman has. Enough that it has become a celebrity in its own right, with a Twitter following of over three thousand under the account name @NevsChestHairs. Sadly some chest hair has way more followers than I have on Twitter and I’m an actual breathing human being.

The reason I’m bringing this to your attention is because for all of you crazies out there who have ever dreamt of having a chunk of that luscious carpet growing on Nev’s chest, the wait is over! Nev and Max have teamed up with to raffle off prizes in support of raising money for the youth organization Leave Out Violence (LOVE for short). Among those prizes is none other than that magnificent Nev Schulman chest hair, straight from the root.

The youth organization the Catfish masterminds are backing started in 1993 in Montreal with a mission that’s focused on battling the effects of violence on the lives of young kids. Leave Out Violence takes those children effected by violence and creates positive change in their lives to help them become leaders among their peers and community. LOVE provides the children with safe settings, media arts training, social and emotional learning, and leadership-development opportunities, and through LOVE, the youth learn to spread the message of non-violence and engage themselves more in the world around them.

And though the chest hair is quite the score, the grand prize for this fundraising raffle is the chance for you and a friend to fly to NYC to get a behind the scenes look at the Catfish set. Not only will you get to take a look around the set but you will also have the opportunity to meet Nev and Max with this once-in-a-lifetime experience prize. Every $5 donated will give you a chance to be entered into the raffle for this grand prize however, you will get rewarded for greater donation amounts along the way.

Other incentives for donating include t-shirts personally designed by Nev, recorded video messages from Nev and Max, Skype calls from Nev, and of course that beautiful Schulman chest hair. The different prize levels will also get you more chances to be entered into the grand prize drawing so reach towards the goal of the chest hair.

The fundraising campaign runs through Tuesday, June 9, so make sure you go to to donate and be entered in to win the grand prize trip to NYC! Then use the hashtag #Nev4Love on your social media sites to spread the word about this incredible fundraiser and the mission it supports. You might get noticed by @NevsChestHairs on Twitter — which is basically the equivalent of getting recognized by @NevSchulman.

New episodes of Catfish return Wednesday, July 8 at 10/9CT on MTV.

Video/image: Goraff