You got it, dude: Lifetime to air “The Unauthorized Full House Story” in August

unathorized-full-house-story-cast Lori Acken

If you spend your evenings relishing Nick@Nite’s endless Full House reruns and wishing someone, oh someone, would give you a peek behind the scenes of the squeaky-clean series, well, as Michelle Tanner would say: You got it, dude.


On the heels of last year’s The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story (and ahead of Netflix’ all-grown-up reboot Fuller House), Lifetime will present The Unauthorized Full House Story on August 22.

Like its predecessor, TUFHS offers up a cast of unknowns stepping into the shoes — and other questionable ’80s/’90s attire — of the folks who became household names during Full House‘s 192-episode run:

  • unauthorized-full-house-story-lifetime-cast-2Garrett Brawith as Bob Saget, er, as “Danny Tanner”
  • Justin Mader as Dave Coulier (“Joey Gladstone”)
  • Justin Gaston as John Stamos (“Jesse Katsopolis”)
  • Stephanie Bennett as Lori Loughlin (“Rebecca Donaldson”)
  • Shelby Armstrong and Brittney Wilson as the younger and older versions of Candace Cameron (Donna Jo ‘D.J.’ Tanner)
  • Dakota Guppy and Jordyn Olson (also a vet of The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story) as the younger and older versions of Jodie Sweetin (“Stephanie Tanner”)
  • Blaise and Kinslea Todd as the toddler versions of twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (“Michelle Tanner”); Calla and Tyla Jones as the pair at age six and Kylie and Jordan Armstrong as the twins at age 9.
  • Aislyn Watson and Jaime Schneider as the younger and older versions of Andrea Barber (“Kimmy Gibbler”)

Somebody better be cast as Scott’s Weinger’s “Steve Hale” and soon or I’m protesting. And Comet. And Marla Sokoloff’s “Gia.” Reunite the band, TUFHS ! See the sign and reunite the band! Girl Talk! Woot!


Lifetime says the film will focus on the rising stardom of the ABC comedy’s cast and the struggle the group faced in separating themselves from their beloved  characters in the public’s mind (see also, Bob Saget and “The Aristocrats”). No word on whether the family-friendly time slot for the film about the family-friendly series means said film will actually be family-friendly, but we’ll try to keep you posted.

So what say you, Full House fans — or detractors? Are you counting the days? Or would you like to take a page from Joey’s playbook and tell Lifetime to just Cut. It. Out. Sound off in the comments section below.

The Unauthorized Full House Story premieres Saturday, August 22, at 8/7CT on Lifetime.

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