WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 results

Photo credit: WWE

Dean Ambrose left the Elimination Chamber and heads to Monday Night Raw with the WWE world championship.

Photo credit: WWE

However, this doesn’t mean he is the rightful owner.
Let me explain.

At the end of his stellar match with Seth Rollins the referee was taken out. Another official arrived just in time to make the three-count for Ambrose. The original man in stripes awakes and declares the main event a disqualification. Roman Reigns helps his buddy Ambrose fend of The Authority. The “Lunatic Fringe” then exits with the richest prize in WWE.

Raw will no doubt see Rollins on the hunt for his belt, but it could also serve as a victory celebration for NXT champion Kevin Owens. The Canadian defeated United States champion John Cena, and he did it cleanly. Cena deserves a ton of credit and respect for ensuring the future of WWE by elevating emerging talent such as Owens. The two are set to face off on June 14 at Money in the Bank on pay-per-view and WWE Network. If the first encoutner is any indication, the rematch will be incredible.

Daniel Bryan presented the vacated Intercontinental championship to Ryback, who survived five other contenders in the Elimination Chamber. It’s the first singles title for the “Big Guy.” Sheamus tried to be clever by jamming his holding pod, but when he finally joined the match he was beaten by Ryback with his Shellshock manuever. Dolph Ziggler, King Barrett, R-Truth and Mark Henry also participated.

The New Day survived the tag team championship Chamber match with the usual chicanary and taking out the Prime Time Players. Cesaro was especially impressive in this one, showcasing his athletic ability. The Lucha Dragons’ Kalisto pulled a Spider-Man by ascending to the top of the Chamber and landing on his opponents. Los Matadores’ El Torito also performed a death-defying move by using the structure. Titus O’Neil is a powerhouse who oozes charisma. I’m thinking the New Day and Prime Time Players feud has just begun.

Nikki-Bella-WWE-Elimination-ChamberNikki Bella continued her long run as WWE Diva’s champion against Naomi and Paige. Given all the momentum Naomi built, I was surprised the company didn’t give the nod to her. This seemed like the time and place for a title change. If they are going to continue to go with the “Total Divas” twin, it’s time to bring in some new opponents. There are plenty to choose from in NXT right now.

Neville defeated Bo Dallas with the Red Arrow, which is a thing of beauty. The two had the unenviable task of following the Cena versus Owens classic. They did the best they could. Rounding out the action, Stardust defeated Zack Ryder. Maybe Arrow’s Stephen Amell motivated the colorful Rhodes boy. Bryan also appeared on Miz TV with The Miz, saying he expects to be back in the ring. This deserved a big Yes! chant.

Raw will add more details to Money in the Bank and delve into the WWE world championship controversy. Watch it live 7 p.m. CT Mondays on USA Network.

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