1. I really love the song Ginger Minj lipsynched to and I want to buy it but it’s not on iTunes!!! Please let us buy it!!!

  2. This is a great recap/summary in substance. However, this article needs some serious, thorough editing before publication. There are numerous grammar and punctuation errors. The incomplete or fragment sentences are almost too numerous to count. I’d estimate the article as being at a seventh- or eighth-grade level of writing. I guess now in the age of the internet, everyone is a writer/journalist.

  3. I am in search if a video of Ginger Minj singing the song she sang at the finale. Can anyone help me find it…please!!

  4. my only reply is that non of the queens on season 7 can hold a candle to BIANCA DEL RIO……………………………

  5. Hey guys!

    Logo just released the video of the girls watching last night & learning that Violet won. I’ve posted it on the recap. (For those of you not in the know, they film each of the girls winning & they really don’t know who wins until it’s broadcast.) It’s a fun watch – including seeing their reaction to the Katya psych, which they knew was coming. And I’m loving the color on Pearl!

    • They were all original songs written specifically for each queen for the finale. So we’ll see if they do anything else with them. Kinda doubt it though.

  6. Hey Ruthie Ru,

    I’m happy with Violet wiining, kinda wanted Ginger a BIT more but I understand why she won. You know if it truly is a race, then Ginger was in the bottom more, and even if she wasn’t always a Top she was still safe and that makes up for a lot, plus..her outfits we’re always SICKENING! I suppose I wanted Ginger to win cuz I got more EMOTION from her but just because Violet can hold her stuff together and knows what she brings to the table doesn’t make her not a great winner, I’m not getting the stuffy Tyra “I can even believe this chick won, I know Ru CANNOT see what we see but damn” feel…more the Raja win, where I kinda wanted Manilla to win a bit more than Raja but I understood why and she always brought it to the runway too.

    Like we talked about before…I wasn’t entirely sure about this season, and it’s not cuz I wanted to KNOW who would win like last year, I love a tough fight, but I love the top contenders in a fight, and I’m not sure if we got who we were suppose to have I think Pearl (although I wanna be her new bff) should have been either Katya or Max’s spot, but I’m not gonna complain because with each person I disagree with being sent home, I know Ru is gonna have an even tougher time deciding who is on ALL-STARS, there have been a LOT of amazing contenders since season 4 and I honestly can’t wait. So yay for the show, not the best season but I’m a hooked on this show and can’t wait for more, I mean Ru doesn’t bore me that’s for sure, got your girl on her toes! And I CAN’T wait for the girls to do a total tour, they all bring certain talents, you never know til they’re you get to see, like Bianca sewin a whole dress on stage and singing…freakin impressive, can’t wait to see what the other girls do. And I do want to see Kennedy on stage now, I’d love to see her and Alyssa Edwards , and Shangela battle it out!

    • Yeah. I’d love to know in Ru’s mind how neck-and-neck it was between Violet & Ginger. I’m assuming Pearl wasn’t really ever going to win, because of the interactions she had with Ru early on, but who knows.

      I also would’ve been happy with a Ginger win, but I’m wondering if Ru was trying to send a message – worry about your own race & not about if you’re going to ‘win.’ There were several times where Ginger explained comments to the other queens with ‘well, I want to win.’ If you’re saying something to the judges, it should be because you believe it and not because you think it’s good strategy.

      But I’m WAYYY nit-picking here. Ginger ran a strong race.

  7. I agree that Katya should have won.

    Since she wasn’t in the top 3 I’m glad that Violet won.

    • I think Violet was the strongest if you’re looking at overall drag. If you’d been looking at acting, Ginger won hands-down. Hopefully they all capitalize on the experience & do well post-race.

        • Aw, thanks! Actually, I will be recapping Skin Wars starting next week. I figure it’s a RuPaul show so….

          It’s my job. I take it seriously 😉

  8. The only reason the Katya gag at the end worked is because we all know she should have won…

    • I’m glad they had fun with it – and I have a feeling Ru watched Katya’s Ruflections & Rugrets & wondered how she lost the race.

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