“Treetop Cat Rescue”: Animal Planet series follows duo who save treed felines

If you live in Washington state, home of some of the largest trees in the country, and your cat ends up in one of those trees, who do you call? If the trees are too tall for your local fire department to help with, and if Superman isn’t around, how can poor kitty ever get back down to the ground? Turns out that expert tree climbers and cat communication experts Shaun Sears and Tom Otto are on the case, and a new Animal Planet series, Treetop Cat Rescue, chronicles their adventures in trying to rescue frenzied felines from the canopy.


More from Animal Planet:

“Shaun and Tom, brothers-in-law and certified arborists, are always on call; taking calls around the clock from petrified pet owners who discovered their beloved cat has been chased, spooked, or simply wandered up a tree. After their expert evaluation of the rescue site, Tom and Shaun strap on their harnesses and begin their ascent while the clock ticks away.  On their way up, they face myriad hazards; ranging from buzzing beehives, to dead branches to unpredictable weather in order reach their target. That’s when the biggest challenge of the rescue begins ­ coaxing a distressed and helpless feline into their arms from heights as high as 150 feet off the ground. Each cat is different and no two rescues are the same. Tom and Shaun must channel their inner kitty to persuade the frightened feline out of potentially climbing higher. With patience and a little ‘meow-meow talk,’ Tom and Shaun lure the cat to safety before descending the tree and reuniting them with their thankful owners.”

In the first of the two-episode Treetop Cat Rescue premiere on May 30, Shaun heads out for a solo night mission to rescue Spaz, who’s been missing for three weeks. Later in the episode they encounter a stray cat rescue that might prove more challenging than they thought. Then, in episode 2, the crew is on scene in Maple Valley helping one owner investigate if the animal trapped in his tree is in fact his beloved missing cat. Finally, the guys head west to Bremerton, WA, to battle a brittle tree and less than ideal nighttime conditions to reach one cat that doesn’t seem to want to be rescued.

Treetop Cat Rescue airs Saturdays at 9pm ET on Animal Planet beginning May 30.


  1. Am currently binge watching the first season and loving it….how can I forward this dynamic duo a gas card donation?

  2. kitty cats have always been my favorite animal! Would like to be able to view the show’s that I have missed.
    Thank you C.W.

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