It’s A Double Crossed Weekend on K.C. Undercover

Zendaya Kellie Freeze

This weekend, Disney Channel’s exciting spy series, K.C. Undercover premieres an adventure that is so massively amazing; it’ll take three all-new episodes to tell it all! And Disney Channel has shared an exclusive clip of one of the coolest backstories in the history of TV.


The fun starts with a one-hour special event, on Friday, May 29 at 8pm ET/PT. In “Double Crossed Part 1,” K.C. (Zendaya) is assigned a new partner to go undercover as boyfriend and girlfriend. “Her parents are give her a new mission and they tell her that they’re pairing her up with the Junior Agent of the Year, Brett Willis, and when they show her a picture, she’s immediately smitten,” reveals actor Ross Butler, who plays the enviable role of K.C.’s partner and love interest. The drama gets real when K.C. develops real feelings for Brett. “I’m there to help K.C. on a few missions; I’m taking her under my wing,” Butler reveals. “Lots of feelings get in the mix, things get complicated, and you’re gonna just have to see what happens!

Also in the first part of the mega-sode, Craig and Kira receive alarming news that their arch rival Zane has resurfaced and is determined to destroy them and The Organization.

To tell the history of Zane to audiences, the show strayed away from using the usual flashback scenes and instead chose to have Kira (Tammy Townsend) and Craig (Kadeem Hardison) narrate the story to an unbelievable shadow box scene that was choreographed by Danny Teeson (Dance Your Ass Off). Check out a sneak peek in this exclusive clip!

I asked Ross about working with Zendaya, the mega watt who not only stars in K.C. Undercover, she produces it! “She’s awesome and so professional. She’s 18 and producing her own show, and she’s the star of her own show. Working with her was really inspirational because when I was 18, I definitely wasn’t doing any of that.”

I asked the handsome actor what it was like playing love interest to one of the TV’s most famous young stars and he revealed, “Playing her love interest it was … (shy laugh) … it was really fun. She knows what she’s doing, so it was really easy and she’s really friendly, so I could open up to her really well. It was a really good experience working with her on that.”

Another part of this weekend’s three-part storyline that Ross was amped about was the huge amount of stunts! “There are a lot of fight scenes that you’ll see this weekend. One of them includes a ballet routine, and that was a lot of fun. There are a lot of crazy, spinning jump-kicks — and I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to tell you — but we spent a few days every week rehearsing the stunts. We got to work with some really professional stunt coordinators and choreographers and that’s a major part of the show.”

When K.C. (Zendaya) is assigned Junior Spy of the Year, Brett Willis (Ross Butler) as her new partner/boyfriend, things het a little tutu crazy when she develops feelings for him.
Disney Channel/Kelsey McNea

A fight scene that involves ballet, that sounds beautifully deadly! We all know how much Z loves to dance, and Ross Butler shares that the Double Crossed Weekend really highlights Zendaya’s strengths. “Zendaya’s fans are going to see the whole gamut of her abilities over this weekend. There’s dancing, she does a lot of her own stunts, and the story is hilarious!”

The suspense builds in “Double Crossed Part 2,” airing Saturday, May 30 at 7:30pm ET/PT. Zane has captured K.C., but her family has no idea because the evil agent has created a K.C. look alike to take her place and defeat the Cooper family. Ooooh, a K.C. lookalike … but also awesome, a K.C. lookalike! That’s twice the Zendaya!

Don’t miss the epic conclusion of “Double Crossed Part 3,” on K.C. Undercover’s normal airtime of Sunday at 7:30pm ET/PT. The K.C. doppelgänger (a.k.a. evil twin) gains access to The Organization, and Kira and Craig must race against the clock to save their daughter and the agency.

Ross Butler guest-stars as Brett Willis on K.C. Undercover.
Disney Channel/Tony Rivetti

Whoah-MG, this could get intense.

I can’t wait to share more of my chat with Ross Butler, the super-talented actor who also spilled deets about the upcoming Disney Channel mega-movie, Teen Beach 2, where he stars as Spencer, the cute smartie who everyone likes; and shared info about his upcoming and very intense drama Perfect High, also starring Bella Thorne, Daniela Bobadilla and Israel Broussard.

Don’t miss a minute of the K.C. Undercover Double Crossed Weekend!
Part 1 Friday, May 29 8pm ET/ PT
Part 2 Saturday, May 30 7:30pm ET/ PT
Part 3 Sunday, May 31 7:30pm ET/ PT