Recap: Little Women: NY, Episode 10 “The Big Question”

Kellie Freeze

It’s the season finale of Little Women: NY, and our friends aren’t bidding us adieu for the summer without some heart-stopping drama!



The group has gotten back from Puerto Rico and they’ve managed to spoil one of the Earth’s most beautiful places with their bitter jealousy and conflict.

Ah reality TV participants, when will you learn that going on a reality TV vacay is not the answer to ending drama, it always causes more?!? Sharing a bathroom with someone whom you’ve been snarking is never the solution. And this season, the ladies of Little Women: NY went on two vacations! They tumbled down hills on a snowboarding weekend and then fell off of boats in Puerto Rico. And let’s not forget that Lila caused a while mess of drama when she crashed the Little Women: LA crew’s weekend in Catalina. Didn’t her drama-radar give her a secret tingle? My advise for next season, stay home!! There’s less falling and more bathrooms.

On to this week’s Season finale and back to NYC; home, frigid home.

Dawn, Kristin, Jordanna and Jason head ice skating. Misty doesn’t ice skate, she doesn’t want to hurt herself. Dawn and Kristin are trying to rebuild their friendship after an explosive drink-tossing dinner. The group is still mad at Misty. They keep calling her a liar. A liar is someone who says something like, “You look amazing in that poncho!” or “I love that perm!!!” not someone who doesn’t tell you what’s wrong every time you pester.

When you don’t talk about what’s bothering you, that’s called being “aloof.” IN our over-sharing society, some see keeping things private as a negative, but perhaps internalizing things is a Southern thing. Jason chalks her lying past to her youth and inexperience. Kristin is especially mad because Kristin is her roommate, but come on, there is a big age gap, they can’t always relate in every situation. Kristin is thinking babies; Misty’s mind is on parties.

To bring the smile back to Kristin’s face, Jordanna and Jason want to throw her a massive 38th birthday party. Nothing solves drama like a big party where the attention is on one person, and expectations are high, and your friends have to spend money, and buy you stuff. And there’s booze. Because you know, 38, that’s a big one. That’s what I’ll tell myself when I turn 38.

Little Women: NY, Episode 10
I’m leavin’, on a jet plane.
Don’t know when I’ll be back again.
(Actually, I do, It’ll be in three months.)
…I hate to go …

Jordanna’s boyfriend Anthony has great news: he got a new job! He’s been accepted to air-traffic control school. He’ll be moving in a week to commence the three-month training. Don’t you hate it when you find out that you’re leaving for multiple months with only a week’s notice?  Me neither, because it never happens!!

We’re back at the party supply store from the Mardi Gras-party episode (Hello, Penis Beads!) Jordanna, Jason and Lila give Kristin as her ultimate backhanded compliment, “She looks good for her age.”

They settle on a Roaring ‘20’s theme, although I would have totally gone for a bounce-house theme, but I’m glad they put the kibosh on Jason’s bakery fantasy. Lila says, “If Jason has anything to do with it, this party would have puppets and gigolos.”

Misty Skypes with her mom, who’s in Baton Rouge struggling with health issues. We met her wildcard mom earlier in the season when she got boozy and crazy. Misty is worried about her mom and the illness that could render Momma blind. Misty needed Momma’s advice about the Puerto Rico drama but didn’t tell her friends that she was worrying about her mom’s health. She decides to leave the D-R-A-M-A of New York and head home to be with the M-O-M-M-A!

On to another Mommy. Jordanna’s Mom is visiting for a few days (from the far, far away world of Connecticut.) Her mom’s accent is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard, it’s like East coast meets British/Irish. Jordanna breaks down and reveals her fear that Anthony’ll meet someone new. She forgets that she’s a total catch. Mommy gives her great advice and encourages her daughter to support her love as he pursues his dream career. And when he leaves for training later in the episode, she begs him to stay, but knows he has to go. Many, many tear-filled kisses.

Later, Jason takes Jordanna and Lila to taste cakes (I volunteer as tribute!) and immediately, Jason knocks the chocolate cake out of the pastry chef’s hands. Doh! But that’s okay, because I’m not a fan of chocolate. I’m not a fan of red velvet either, and thankfully, neither is Kristin. They settle on a chocolate cake with coconut frosting. Not my first choice, but beautiful-looking.

Lila and Kristin go get acupuncture to help alleviate Kristin’s anxiety. Maybe it’s the tiny needles, but Kristin is relaxing to the idea of a big bash celebrate her birthday. She’s still harboring resentment against Misty for not coming to their defense when Dawn attacked them for their criticism of her charity gala, which they called “Less than spectacular.”

Little Women: NY, Episode 10
So sad … but so pretty!

Jason sits down with Misty to talk about the Puerto Rican drama. Misty reveals her moms’ health struggles and admits that her Puerto Rican problems were caused by her worry for her mom. He encourages her to go be with her mom. I’m sorry that Misty is feeling so worried about her mom, but she looks really beautiful in this episode!

Jazmin and Dawn are slowly moving forward with their sister-in-law friendship. Dawn is o self-reliant that since the death of her parents, she has become used to relying on herself.  She does have a brother, but he’s married to Jazmin Dawn and long-time and long-distance boyfriend Keith are moving at a glacial pace in their relationship. His parents aren’t supportive of her as a potential spouse for their son. Jazmin shows her sister-in-law her beautiful head shots and Dawn’ support of her career change is growing.

Just hours before the party, while Jason and Kristin get their hair did, Kristin’s boyfriend Josh unexpectedly bails on the party. He gives her the tired, “Something important came up” excuse, which smells fishy to me.
“This is a really big deal to me,” laments Kristin.
“Of course, you only turn 38 once,” supports Jason.
Oh I disagree with you there, Jason. I think that some people turn 38 multiple times.

Little Women: NY, Episode 10The roaring 20’s party is a smash. The location is amazing, everyone’s costumes are spectacular, and the cake is lovely, but where is the coconut?

Jason drops the bombshell that Kristin’s boyfriend will be a no-show, but when Kristin makes her grand entrance, she’s wowed by the love and support of her friends. But the party is a bit tense, Misty still hasn’t spoken to Jordanna or her roommate Kristin since their disastrous Puerto Rico trip. Also, while Misty was in Baton Rouge, she and her Boston college-stud boyfriend have broken up. Poor Misty, she needs to let her friends be there and support her through this crappy period.

The showdown… duh, duh, duuuuuuh!

Misty, Jordanna and Kristin take their extra-long cigarette holders and sit down for a chat. Misty spills her guts and shares her Momma’s health drama and reveals that she and Joe have broken up. Jordanna and Kristin feel like jerks for acting like jerks and everyone is friends again. Headband-clad hugs! Clichés galore! Smiles.

One of the night’s highlights is a tres adorbs Charleston performed by Jason and Jordanna. It’s great that these dance partners are together once again. And I”m so happy to hear that Jordanna is going to be a dance teacher! she will do so well (as long as she doesn’t turn into Abby Lee Miller).

Little Women: NY, Episode 10
To whomever invited this guy … thank you!

I must say, Kristin has some very attractive friends. Very attractive.

As the cameras take a quick pan around the room, I see this bowtie-clad morsel with a lady in a big hat and I wonder, “Why isn’t Lila getting all over this stud-muffin? He’s hawt!!! She can take on that girl, and her giant hat!”

I love me a little look at some tasty man-candy.

Little Women: NY, Episode 10Just before Kristin cuts the cake, Josh miraculously surprises everyone by coming to the party. He’s a naughty liar!! And in the biggest surprise of all, Josh pulls out a ring box. Screams and squeals. Because ring boxes turn everyone into dolphins! And people suddenly can’t control their hands, so flap them. Flap, flap, flap, squeel!!!

But, just before he proposes … cut to black.

Curse you reality TV!!! How long must we wait until the start of Season 2?!?

Re-live the adorable almost-proposal below. And re-watch it over and over until a new season of Little Women: NY premieres.

Then we’re treated to a preview peek at Season 3 of Little Women: LA. Now that Terra’s a momma, how will the group’s dynamics change? And will the group have some new members (besides baby Penelope?)


  1. Little Women: NY (LWNY) is boring and seem to lack good story line – maybe because I am used to the antics of Little Women: LA.

    Be that as it may; LWNY needs to work on their story line; it is too chaotic and not streamlined.

  2. When this come back on, Jason needs to be gone. He’s not only so ridiculously in the closet that He may not know he’s gay. Secondly, he lies and rattles all the time. Finally, he assaulted a friend by angrily knocking her in the water. What if they had been standing on a balcony, or somewhere else dangerous? People like him lose their tempers and hurt or kill people every day. He needs to be removed before someone is seriously hurt by him. Surely, the producers of the show will not continue to employ a man whose assaulted a woman on their network.

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